Brighton vs London

OK - Well I am a beginner but have made good progress in training for a 2013 mararthon with realistic targets. Now as the entries for the 2013 are coming up I wanted to know peoples opinions on London vs Brighton ?? I am fully aware of the liklihood of getting into London via ballot is slim but do have a local charity that would be able to provide a place and I would be prepared to fundraise. However have had a few mates do the Brighton marathon who have really enjoyed it. As a first timer I am not too concerned with congestion and getting a PB ! ! Thoughts and advice or any other 2013 marathon suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • This is not a serious suggestion, but what about doing both? I've not done a marathon yet either, but it's my aim to do both next year.

    If you want to hedge your bets, enter both and if you get into London, you could defer, which would mean 2013 Brighton, 2014 London.

    Sensible answers to follow...
  • Will definitely try the London to be in it to win it! Will probably enter Brighton too. See how things pan out! I hear good things about Brighton and am thinking whether to not bother with the added stress of raising money. i Will raise money for charity it just means it doesn't matter if its 3 quid or 3 grand.
  • I opted for Brighton for my first. I decided that while I liked the idea of London, I really didn't want the uncertainty of the ballot nor the money raising pressure ON TOP OF the training and running pressure. I think for the first the added pressure to reach a value might make it all far too stressed.

    It's not like I can compare the two, and the way I feel now I never will.

  • So how was Brighton then Helen?
  • Done both, Brighton twice. London for the experience, Brighton for the race. London is a buzz, but my pb is with Brighton. Crowds are great at both and you will have a sense of achievement no matter which you go for. But is hard to beat crowds of london, and Brighton has horrible route between 20-23 miles.
  • I love both of them. I think I actually prefer Brighton, but London does have more of a buz about it. Can't go wrong with either. Each have pros and cons. Finishing Brighton on a warm day and heading straight for the sea at the finish is quite special though.

  • I'm a Brightonian living in London and I've done both. I'd say London all the way.

    If you do London you are aware that you are running a very major event, the crowds, atmosphere, support and build up are incredible and the route for the most part is interesting.

    Brighton is still big but low key build up, less crowded, some magical bits in the first half but a really painfully dull stretch through Shoreham Harbour with no support exactly when you need support and something to keep you going. It's a great second best and the benefits of just being in and not worrying about ballot are huge (you can snag a cheap hotel for starters).

    I'm going for London next year and if I don't get in maybe Manchester.
  • Totally agree with CM. Brighton is a fantastic race, London is very special.

  • There is one more way of getting into London - join your local running club. They (nearly) all get some places and usually put these up for ballot. That's how I'm in this year (damn them).

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