VLM sub 4 hours - how quick should I start?


 I am particpating in my first VLM next week. I am hoping to finish in under 4 hours. I have trained well and been lucky to escape injury. I have completed up to 21.2 miles. I am not sure what pace to start the marathon. I have done a half in 1:42 so am able to keep under 8 min miles for half. I am not sure whether to start quicker around 8:15's for the first half and then this will leave me more time in the second half to get under 4. Or do I start even slower and try and keep a steady pace. Please help?!



  • Tony I'm planning on 9 min miles all the way. Might even start slower than that.

    But I can't really answer your question other than to say - get to 20 in one piece then pick up if you can.

    Don't wear yourself out with a quick half, it's not LIKE that, the marathon will have you!

  • Yep - what reiki said. Doing 8:15 you might feel great at halfway. I suspect you won't be feeling great by mile 22.

    With a 1:42 you should "easily" do sub 4 but its a common marathon mistake to go out too fast - why not do 9 minute miles to halfway then try for a negative split?

    Or try for 8:45 start to finish?

  • I'm going to try for 1:59 to halfway then hang on for grim death!
  • You'll see me then!!!

    At least I HOPE you will JB.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Ice Man I just looked at my first London time - 3:57...it was 2:01:23 at halfway. I started nice and slow, andhere are the splits.  Do your work in the second half, not the first. 

    KM10: 0:59:09 
    KM20: 1:55:27
    HALF: 2:01:23
    KM30: 2:52:09
    KM40: 3:45:20  
    FINISH: 3:57:05

  • Impressive!

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