Vibram Fivefinger

Just wondering if this is normal with a first pair of Fivefingers - got some this afternoon, and have worn them about the house. All seems good, other than my big toes are a bit sore - it fades quickly once I take the FFs off, so I'm wondering if this is just "breaking them in", or something else?

Lengthwise they seems fine, I suspect I just have especially bulbous big toes. Anyone else had this?


  • Never tried them, but being a rocket scientist I would guess its the shoes.

    Odds on they are built to fit standard toes so if your toes are bulbous ....

  • If you are getting a "hot-spot" on the outer edge of your big toe then I think that's pretty common for newbie VFF wearers. You could get them in other areas too.

    Your skin will soon toughen up - key thing is to take it easy and not overdo it - don't want to get a blister or overly thick callus.

  • It sounds like it's probably a minor fit niggle, or something to do with your gait (not a problem - just an individuality). Edit* of course, your gait will be entirely different running from how it is walking around the house. You're far more likely to be flexing your toes and using the big toe when walking. Maybe this is the issue?

    I got really lucky with mine (wear women's 42 Bikila - I'm a guy). They give me far less blisters and rubbing than traditional running shoes. I found at first my left pinky popped out of the toe pocket occasionally: that foot is slightly shorter. As I wore them in, the fit got better and better. I've found VFFs to be much more robust than I expected, and I suspect they're going to last me far more than 500 miles of wear. Which is a good job at the price.

    I do coat my toes up with Bodyglide before sliding into the shoes. You'll likely find that the shoes change shape and your feet adjust as you wear them more. As long as none of your toes are too long in the pockets - that rips VFFs to shreds extremely quickly.

    The reason I would never recommend VFFs to another runner is because you have to be lucky enough that your foot and arch are pretty 'averagely shaped' in order to get a good fit. Did you have a chance to try yours on before you bought them, or did you do the arithmetic gymnastics and take a gamble ordering online?
  • I tried them on, but the shop was closing, and it took such a long time to get my toes in that they felt OK, so I took 'em.

    Think you're spot on about the house/run thing - I tried moving about more in them last night and they seemed much better. Right big toe seems OK now, lefty not as bad as it was.

    Don't *think* my toes are too long - the biggies go right to the front, but surely that's the idea? They're not straining to be out, but there's no spare room at the end.

    Going to give them a buzz out sometime soon, starting with the recommended 100m and working up from there. Will report back.


    Interesting link. Someone with classics who wears them casually with a similar issue to you.

    The Bikilas have a soft lining, particularly at the heel, which makes them very comfortable from day one; which type did you get?

    I had exactly the same feeling as you about my big toes. Took me a good few runs to convince myself that they did fit perfectly. They will mold to your feet with wear, too. I can imagine that too big would be just as bad as too small. At least you won't have the worry if you get a replacement pair in the future, although, I've heard that sizes vary not only depending on which type of VFF, but which colour you get image .
  • Mine are just the Classics - nice and simple to try 'em out.

     I think you're right, they seem to be better each time I wear them - haven't ventured out the house as yet - need to give 'em a go on a (short) run...

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