VLM 2012 - how long before you cross the start line?

Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes from the official start at 0945 until you actually cross the start line? I am probably in the 03:30 Red start zone in Greenwich Park.

Also, is it easy to start running at the required pace straight away or do I need walk/jog a bit until the crowds clear.

Much appreciate any info on this - as want to let friends and family know when they can expect to see me.

Thanks in advance. Tom


  • Staggly - I started in the 3:30 pen on the red start last year and was across the line after only about 2 mins and did the first mile at 8:00 min mile pace with no problem, more or less straight into running pace. Enjoy the race.
  • Great thanks!
  • I agree that at that pace you should be off quite quickly.  The last runners might take up to 25 min to cross the red start though.
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