1st marathon - what to wear!!

This is my first marathon and while i've got my running vest for my charity i'm a bit confused over what to wear for the start of the race!  i'm figuring it will get really cold hanging around but once our bags are in - do people still wear a jumper of sorts or jut freeze in their vests?

this may be a thick quetion but would rather not be stood freezing my a** of for an hour or so!!




  • Take an old top you don't mind throwing away a few mins before the start ? And a bin bag over the top to keep you warm. Sorted.
  • I think you get one of those plastic pull on bag things in the race pack at The Excel. Check this week when you collect. But an old top as Cougie says, and it gets recycled for charity anyway so it's a double win!
  • You don't stand around for that long.  The place is so crowded that you keep each other warm, but if you are concerned then an old top or a bin bag is a good idea.
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