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    Good luck everyone with your runs this weekend, especially with the cold weather thats in store. I have the joys of a 50km run this Sunday as per my training schedule so it could be a long cold Sunday morning for me.

    I got my email and I am in the red start pen. I agree with previous postings that this does seem like a very broad group of various abilities to be in one pen. I wonder what the thinking is behind this?


  • 11m MLR completed.  I was running easy and nearly forgot to turn around at halfway.  When I turned around I realised why.....   the wind made the remaining miles feel like running through treacle!  I enjoyed it, though, and ran a little faster than planned in spite of the wind.  Perhaps it might have taken a bit more out of me in advance of Sunday's 20m race.

    The snow hasn't arrived here so far.....

  • 22 miles for me this weekend too. Best plan my route.

  • Looks like we will avoid the snow, just get lots of rain instead image I have just about had it with all this rain and freezing cold over the last 6 months !! Doing 4 hours on Sunday, at very slow pace to try and protect those sore shins, so not quite sure how far that will be. When I did my 20 miles a few weeks ago, the first 19 miles was great, with just the last mile being very sore. I would take that on Sunday like a shot !!

  • Sailsburylad, best of luck luck on that.

    Treated myself to some new ''Ashmei'' socks to help me thorugh what looks to be a bit of a nasty final long run...simple thinigs in life...

  • Took the plunge and signed up for Sunday's 20 mile race - the one with a six mile gradual climb. I'll let you know how I get on, assuming I can move afterwards. Managed to persuade a friend to do it with me - he's also running Brighton.

    We've got the rain. No snow forecast thankfully.

    Good luck to everyone planning their last long runs. image

  • I'm running Hastings Half on Sunday and it's supposed to cold (fine with that) and windy (not looking forward to that!). 39mph gusts which thankfully are ENE at present so should mean it'll be pushing me along the seafront at the end!

    Got one last 22 miler which I'm planning to do Good Friday and then I'll begin the taper.

  • Met office report for my long run Sunday. Feels like -8 snow and gusts of 31mph!!!!

    What the!!!!!!!!!!

    Slowly does it I think. Enjoy all and good luck to the racers. Look forward to lots of PBS!!!!!!
  • not got my email with race number- has anyone else not received theirs yet?
  • not got my race number emailed yet. has anyone else not received theirs?
  • One of my work colleagues kindly pointed out that with a pink number on a yellow bib on a black running top I would look like a licquorice allsort image

  • Ha ha thats a good look SailsburyLad you should be easy to spot on the TV coverage image

  • mano79 wrote (see)
    not got my race number emailed yet. has anyone else not received theirs?


    Not got mine as yet....glad I'm not alone!

  • Weather forecast is for wintry showers as from Monday. 15 miles for me to do tomorrow long runs winding down now, hill reps etc continuing although yesterday's hill reps was rudely interrupted by the emergency sirens going off which we couldn't ignore, as we were running around the power station/fuel farm where the sirens were coming from! The area was evacuated.......

    Hope everyone manages to run this weekend, keep safe in the snow etc!
  • Very disheartened managed 21 miles in 3:25 but had to power walk last mile and made me wonder if I can do it image I think 2 20+ runs and 2 race half marathons have perhaps taken it out of me but I do feel deflated and a little negative after that run
  • Don't panic Louise, you need the bad runs to make the good ones more fulfilling. It's inevitable you'll have a few bad ones en route.

    Remind yourself of the good you've done, you'll be ready. The crowds will lift you. A friend of mine said once, when your legs get tired, swing your arms forward further and your body will follow....
  • Aww this is why I love this forum. I've never run a marathon before so I guess the fear of unknown of those 5 dreaded "hit the wall" miles are starting to scare me!
  • Wow Louise.....21 in 3:25!! and you're negative??


    It's my first marathon too and so far I've ran 2 13's a 15 and a 16. Hoping to get out and do a 20 on Sunday morning but it looks like you're well prepared.

    Reading thru this thread it would seem like the last 6 miles are tough whether your a noobie or a veteran!


  • Think it's more about how I felt and had to stop more than timing.

    But I'm only thinking positive from now on, at least if that was my bad run it sets me up for a good one race day image

    Good luck with the 20miler!! I think the only thing we're unprepared for is the sun!
  • Yeh, I know about having to stop....seriously upsetting. I've been thru the mill with knee pain this last few months and it is so frustrating when the mind is strong but the flesh is weak.

    God help me if it's boiling got sunshine.....90% of my training has been done after dark when the kids are in bed.

    'twas funny running the half back in February....I had a crisis of confidence regarding what I was wearing (running tights!) as I'm so used to going out after dark and being invisible! image

  • Louise really!!!! You should be celebrating the 20 miles you completed. 20 miles!!!!!!!

    Come race day that 1 mile won't mean a thing. Swervin Mervin is correct. The race starts at 20 miles. Last 6.2 is tough regardless. Your training will determine how tough along with a bit of luck!!!! Don't panic that's 20 miles banked not 1 lostimage
  • Louise - I've had times where I've struggled through eight miles, never mind twenty.  There is a lot of accumulated fatigue during marathon training, which makes the runs feel harder.  After a decent taper, plus the support of the crowds, it will feel different on race day.  

    4m on the treadie for me today.  It's the easiest way to make sure I run it slow enough.

    The snow has arrived, so tomorrow's race will be in doubt image  I hope they make a decision today, because if it's cancelled, I'd like to go out early tomorrow to do my 20m run.

  • Louise, imagine how many miles you'd run this time last year?? Then be amazed by what you e achieved this year. Down worry about the fatigue in your legs, taper will sort that.

    It's going to be interesting deciding what to wear this year? But then what ever our weather challenges, I think our spectators get it worse??! Imagine standing around cold & wet for half a day??

    Still, what will be, will be.

    Good luck with LSR everybody. 22 days, 1 hour and 35 minutes to go!!
  • Being unable to sleep, I've just checked out on the BM app who the runner was last year wearing my number. Hello Jessica!
  • Louise, my training was going great until 4 weeks ago when I got a foot injury, and once that recovered I then got a calf injury, possible shin splints ... but I tell you, I am still SO looking forward to the big day. I will finish, whether walking or running, whether in 4:30 or 6:00, and I will be exceedinlgy proud of what I have achieved. Big marathon runner hugs and let's all look forward to the next 3 weeks !!

  • Snow snow go away!!!!!!!

    If we all do our long runs in this, race day will be a breeze. image
  • Wow thanks everyone you have given me a mental kick up the ass!

    After reading it seems I hit the dreaded 20 mile wall.

    Will carb load, rest and most importantly think positive that on the day I can do this!!!

    Never failed before definitely won't fail for my charity image

    Good luck everyone in the last few weeks... We are so near and should be proud of what we are doing where so many people can't
  • I've really felt like I've neglected my marathon training this year for my ultra training - virtually all my long runs have been off-road and I've been doing quite a few back to back weekend runs. Great for ultra endurance training but not so sure how beneficial they've been for marathon trainingimage

    So I took myself down to the seafront this morning and ran a flat 20 miles on road - Garmin died about a mile from home but was on track for about 02:53/54 (probably a bit fast for a final long run but I wanted to prove to myself that I could still run on road!image) NOW I feel ready for Brighton Marathon image

    Louise 21 miles in 3:25 is fantastic - some runs are always easier than others, it's the tougher training runs that will definitely get you through on race day image

    Hope everyone elses final long run finishes on a high image

  • Big Whoop Whoop to you Louise. Welcome back to positivity!!

    Not sure of exact figure, but I recall its less than 0.5% of the population that've run a marathon.

    Just shadowing MarkD comments, after final LSR this weekend, it'll be easy. Weather looking pretty gloomy.
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