Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Yes Brigette amazing amount. I love that he still puts in the 1/2 lb on top of the already impressive 3 stone loss.
  • They generally try to pace it evenly Salisbury lad but they are human so they can get it wrong sometimesimage There PBS are normally a lot quicker than the pace they are setting so they've always got something in the tank.

    Toby that would take a lot of Guts!!!!!! Maybe somewhere in between the 3.45 and 4 hr pacers but closer to the 3.45. You can spill ya guts next year when you've cracked 4 hrs image
  • Salisburylad..the pacers run a consistant pace..if you slow you just fall off the back of the pack.  Why not stick to a consistant 10.52 secs too?  Actually i think there might be a 4.45 paces which would suit you. I need to recheck that one.


  • i have absolutely no idea what pace to go for!

    i did 21 miles in 3:25 in training but slowed after 19 miles by 30 secs before hitting the wall completely. although no water and only one gel may explain that.

    i'll try stick to a 9.30 pace as long as possible i'm guessing but i would secretly die for a finish of 4 hours

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Toby I'm sure you can beat 4 hours - why not go out for 3:55 and speed up a little after 20 miles if you are still feeling fresh?

    Whilst a pacer can be useful - I would say you are going to have peaks and lows throughout the race when your pace will vary slightly and running with a pacer can put added pressure on yourself when you are struggling nd the crowds they attract can cause problems of their own. I wont be targeting one but running my own race, I know tey can be useful but frankly I want to be able to zone out from the pain and thats more difficult with someone chatting and too many peeps around!

  • I'm waiting to see what happens with the weather before I decide my race day pace.  If it's a lot warmer than it has been over the last few months (and lets face it, it should be!), then I might scale back my target a bit.

  • The 4:30 pacer at Milton Keynes last year finished not too far behind the 4:15 pacer image  For this reason, I won't be relying on a pacer in the race.

  • Maybe he forgot to use the toilet brake

    Seriously though. How did that happen? Was the 4.30 too fast or 4.15 too slow or a bit of both?
  • A GPS watch is indispensable for working out your pace. Well worth the £100 or so.

    My Half / 10k times point to a sub 3h, so 6:50's for me all the way baby.

    If I fail, it wont be without me giving it my 100%

  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    No guts no glory toby3 ......... go for the 3.30 pacemaker and just hang on as long as you can!


    This is my plan. I'm not sure it's going to work though.

    What I need to know, is where the cameras will be? because I don't want every picture to show me behind the marker. Lol.

  • toby3 (12574 RED) wrote (see)

    talking about pace

    for i missed out on a sub 4hr by 28 seconds last year (dam that toilet brake) so i was looking to just take 29 seconds of my time this year but i ran the Llanelli H/M and got around in 1:43:36 taking just over 8 minutes of my personal best

    and this year i have been 26 minutes quicker over the same 20 mile route as i used last year mind you i am now 3st 0.5lbs lighter than last year which helps not surprisingly
    so now I’m not shore what time to aim for

    i was going to try to stick with the sub 4hr pacemaker and see how i got on but i don't know now if i should try the next pace maker down

    have to say I'm with Dips on the hot cross buns with a nice cheese slice

    FYI. I went through halfway bang on 1:43 last year and finished on 3:50.

  • Hi its my first time on this forum but its great to read people's accounts. It helps me get up to go running at 6am mos morning. Its my third Brighton Marathon, while I did the London last year.

    I don't follow the pacers but its good to know where they are. They are quite often giving out good advice and encouragement. Marathon running is a lonely business so I occasionally run along or behind another runner to keep the pace and rythm going. So I think that we can all be pacers to one another.


    However I find it really helpful to have a race watch to keep a check on the timings. Keeping a sensible and steady pace its what gets me around a marathon!


  • I have a place in the brighton marathn and cant fdo it now.  Anybody interested to uy the ticket

  • I don't think you are able to sell your place. Well I suppose you could if you went to the Expo and picked up your number the day before but according to the web site you are not able to transfer/sell/give away your place.

    they are kind enough to let you defer and have the luxury of paying again in a few weeks time for a guaranteed place! image

  • I won't be relying on the pacers. Last year the 3:15 pacer overtook me a couple of miles before the end. I didn't catch them and I finished in 3:14. That aside I guess they can be useful for some people although you do often get a wall of people following each pacer. I know that as last year I had to pass every pacer up to the 3:15 one as I started so far back (I was supposed to start in the below 4:30 coral and even blagging my way into a front coral I was still way back from the start)!

    Neil, we may well be running together as we're both starting from White and looks like we're both aiming to scrape a sub-3. Like you I'll be rigidly trying to stick to 6:50 pace making sure I don't go out too fast as I have done in the past. I need to get to midway feeling comfortable, not like last year where I felt I only had about 5 miles left in me!

  • I'll ignore the pacers and stick to what I've been doing in training so much of my training is done by myself not sure I would want to run following someone else! I use my Garmin to keep a check on where I am pace wise and i'll just hope for the best!

  • It appears that the majority on this forum wouldn't be too fussed if we didn't have pacers. Interesting?
  • I used to plodding along on my own and have never run in a group.  I'm not sure I would want a pacer, but if it was described as a coach/buddy/motivator then yes, lots of those please image

  • Mark..let's face it the majority on this forum don't make up the majority of race entrants. For some, pacers work, for some they don't...but they are there should you want them.

    One caught me at mile 19 last year and I actually found him useful to hang on to when I felt like giving in,  I then ended up going ahead of him at mile 22 but I am sure he helped me secure the PB I wanted.  There wasn't much chat going on as we were all focussed on keeping going. image

    I have started with a pacer at London before and found it stressful trying to keep him in my sights so let him go at 17 miles but London is jam packed, Brighton has more room for shuffling about. That said I still find the thought of hanging on to a pacer stressful in my head!

    Anyway...I know most of the Brighton pacers and they will be doing their level best to get those who want to go with them round in the alloted time. image

  • Dips our 3.15 one was great last year til he left me at 18 milesimage
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Was the 4.30 too fast or 4.15 too slow or a bit of both?

    The 4:30 pacer came in at somewhere around 4:17 (from memory, but it was too fast in any case) image  This was in atrotious conditions too with a quarter of a mile extra added to the distance due to a late course change.  I guess he was in a hurry to get warm and dry, laying waste to the 4:30 hopefuls in the process.

    I can understand a minute or two leeway to get safely inside the time, but ten minutes or more is a killer for anyone on the edge!

  • I bet people who gutted it out and hung on to him were pleased though image

  • WiB wrote (see)

    I bet people who gutted it out and hung on to him were pleased though image

    ... while recovering on ventilators image

  • It seems like I shall instead rely on my Garmin, some real horror stories here !! Ultimately, I just want to finish in one piece !!

  • MK 2012 worst weather ever! Wet windy cold!!!! The lake flooded hence the extra 1/4 mile. My wife came to watch and spent the whole race in ikea image

    Accuweather will be giving us race day weather from Monday, oh no!!!!!
  • I did MK half in 2012 and the weather then was awful, does the sun ever shine there?

  • Lombster

    Best of luck buddy, breaking 3hrs is going to be darn tough but I am sure we are both ready for it !!!
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Weather is the one thing we can do nothing about so I am determined not to look at any forecasts and tke what comes on the day, if its too hot or windy I will scale back my time targets.

  • Just had a look at accu weather for marathon day it says 8c with a little rain, so much warmer than we've had recently but not too warm! As Curly says we can do nothing about it, but 'be prepared 'and cope with what we're given! Just as well I was a girl guide eh!!!
  • Out of curiosity, what Garmin device do you guys use? I've been using Strava on my phone for ages but as it's my birthday this weekend, an upgrade might be on the cards!

    Being new to this running malarkey, I've been happy just keeping going however being aware of pace looks like an interesting aspect I'd not really considered.
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