Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Piclelily, not mad at all. It's what they call addiction!

    Despite having another marathon booked in August and a 31mile ultra ultra in October, I panicked myself into thinking I needed more. I'm running the Bewl marathon on the 4th May now.

    Panic has created panic, and I'm now thinking odd numbers aren't good, should I find another marathon to run this year?

    So it's officially, less than 2 weeks to go everybody.....
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Last few years I've done 2 spring marathons, either Brighton & London or Brighton & Halstead. Two a week apart was scary but possibleimage
  • Well I'm glad this week is over. After feeling like I hadn't done enough longer runs I squeezed another 15 miles in last night. Bringing me up to 50 miles for the week.

    Gonna ease up a bit now.

    Birthday boy got a Garmin Forerunner 305 today...looking forward to having a play with it. image



    Still waiting for my number too....please tell me I'm not alone? Had an email back from them saying they can't confirm however they are going to resend emails...otherwise it's a case of turning up at the exhibition beforehand with a printout of my confirmation from when I booked it......not very professional imo.

  • Happy Birthday Swervin Mervin. Great pressie getting a garmin 305. Make sure you play & test it before the big day.

    I'm trying to be rational today, and confirm in my head my marathon pacing. It's funny to think with the VLM the following weekend to Brighton, all those folk running LSRs over the weekend. I'm looking forward to playing spectator, the start line is outside my front door.
  • I done brighton, London and Mk three Sundays in a row last year. Word of warning it took me months to fully get over the effects of it. It was great fun tho image

    11 degrees, sunny and 5mph wind on race day according to accuweather. If only we could rely on that!!!!!

    Happy birthday swervin enjoy your Garmin. What would people buy us if we didn't run???? image
  • MarkD - so true a question. I often receive massage vouchers for Christmas now, which are always great for spring marathons.
  • Wowzers mark D that's impressive! Happy Birthday Swervin Mervin! Happy tapering and planning guys image
  • Swervin Mervin - Happy Birthday! Enjoy the 305! I also had the email telling me they'd resend the emails with my number and pen on, and to complicate matters I'd changed email addresses as well in the meantime. I finally got the email late last week! I think it's a pretty poor do if they can't look your number and pen up individually for you. If you can download the Brighton Marathon app you should be able to see your details on there, (Name and number at least) which would at least confirm that you are actually entered!

    Next marathon already? You guys really are hitting taper madness! Talking about madness, tell me is to late to get a new pair of shoes for Brighton??? Have been waiting for sweatshop to get my size back in stock, and waiting and waiting. Took my eye of the back and was away last week, now back, they have them in stock online, but should I get them note for after the marathon? Or get then and wear them on the short runs we have left to break them in? Out just stick to my old and trusty shoes which I now have to wear players on my held with as I've worn holes in the padding and they now rub my heels?

    Reading this back it sounds like I've been very stupid about my shoes so you don't need to tell me that, but sometimes family, life (and holidays!) Just have to come first
  • Black&Tabby, I've done similar. Was upto 700 miles on old shoes, bought the new ones a few weeks back, but have put off wearing them. Now panicked its too near. Plan on wearing them on the remaining 4/5 taper runs in next 10 days and making final decision the day before race. I often throw away trainers after a marathon, feels very symbolic.
  • Black & Tabby....thanks a million! I've got the app and found myself!! Well I assume it's me, could be someone with the same name I guess.

    Cheers for the Birthday sentiments....turned 42 and probably in the best shape I've been in for twenty years. This time last year. i was 2.5 stone heavier and would've struggled to run for a bus.

    Best bit of the birthday.......chocolate cake!
  • B&T - where did you download the android app?  I keep getting the message "the requested item could not be found" when I try to download onto my smartphone image

  • Tenjiso....i got it from google play store.
  • Thanks Mervin, I'll give that a go.  I downloaded it onto the wife's iPad okay, so at least she can track me on the day.

  • First and foremost HAPPY 42nd BIRTHDAY Swervin' - I imagine accomplishing a 50 mile week and getting a Garmin probably wasn't top of your list on previous things change eh? Thank heavens there's still chocolate cake involved though. BTW, I've had no emails from BM team at all....with or without news of my number image, but I have found myself on the BM app image so I'm crossing everything and hoping that's enough to count me 'in'.

    Jelley, GCE, MarkD, Tracey, thank you for being equally barmy. I trained for an autumn marathon last year having run Brighton in the Spring, but I found myself right back at the beginning in training terms. I'm thinking more along the lines of MarkD and Tracey's approach - one training cycle, multiple marathons. Don't think I'm hardcore enough for back to back Sundays (yet) but with a 3-4 week gap ........could be?!

    GCE has already succumbed to the temptation and booked 4 May - respect Bro! What kind of training will go on between Brighton on Bewl?

    B&T - you're not alone, I've got the same problem. Had planned to wear my current trainers for marathon, but the last two long runs have knocked the stuffing out (of the trainers, not just me), and the uppers have split open across the forefoot on both shoes. Little toe is not hanging out as yet, but the hole is letting small stones in - ouch! Plan A = break out the emergency-purchased new shoes for the remaining taper runs and take a chance on them for the race; Plan B = duct tape. What a pickle!
  • Hi

    I've been reading this thread for a while but I thought it was about time I posted as I am running this marathon.

    Currently in my taper but also trying to fight all the niggles which is getting me down a bit. I seem to get over one and then another pop's up image


    Anyway, enough of the bad stuff. This will be my first marathon so does anyone have any tips on the best way to tackle Brighton? I ran the half back in Feburary so I know that the road out to Ovingdean isn't hilly, but it not flat either. I've also read about the "Road to hell" and the out and back along Church Road isn't filling me with joy either!

    The other thing I'm still trying to decide is my pacing. Going by my half time, I've been told I should be around 3:30-3:40 pace, but as this is my first marathon I'm going to respect the distance. As my pacing goes up and down like a yoyo, I've been thinking of sticking with the 4 hour pacers and then see how I'm feeling later. However, does anyone have experience if sticking with the same people for hours on end and if so is it easy or tough? My longest run was 21 miles, so at the worst case I've just got 5 into a head wind to tackle image


    Sorry for all the questions, but the challenge of it is starting to hit me!

  • Fairly gentle 8 miles in 57 mins today.

    Next week the real taper starts, along with a bit of beetroot-loading.
  • Sleaver - personally I will not be relying on pacers, though if they are around then I might keep a casual eye on what they are doing if it helps me along.  However, if your own pacing tends to be pants, then they can be a help.

  • Swervin Mervin hope you had a great day and enjoy playing with the Garmin!! Make sure you are happy with the display settings - I always used to use just 3 now I use 4 - time; lap pace; lap distance and total distance. Lap distance is the one that I sometimes remove and replace with lap time depending on what training I'm doing, but that's what I'll leave it on for the marathon (I think).

    Neil S with you on beetroot loading especially beetroot hummus - not sure where to get some in Brighton though???

    Sleaver -  I've never run with a pacer, so I'm relying on my Garmin, but I'll keep an eye on them every now and again- but as Tenjiso said in an earlier post they can be too fast or slow, try to go with what you feel comformtable with.

    Rest day for me which means gardening and ironing!!!image


  • Afternoon all

    well last LSR done nothing over 6 miles left for me now welcome all the new comers to the thread hope your trainings gone well

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday Swervin Mervin - glad you got Garmin you wanted and the chocolate cake too!

    Last 8 miler done now, so mainly 3's left before the race with one 5.  It sure feels good to know that I have almost a fortnight to get over my tiredness again before the big run on 14th.


  • Picklelilly, if it helps, had same shoe conumdrum (mints the duct tape). Have just run 10 miles in my newies. Decision made, they felt great, with 7 short runs to go, I'm absolutely sure they'll be fine, (just a bit embarrassing at the start to be wearing such new looking shoes).

    As for pacers, they're not for me, just like to consciously make sure I'm in front of them. It's so demoralising when they overtake you. Bit beat staying clear in my opinion.
  • Will get out tomorrow to do a couple of gentle miles - has now been 8 days since my last run, my right knee (back of) is still a little sore, although massively better than it was. If it wasn't for the fact the race is in 13 (yikes) days time, I would go running on it like a shot. I had hoped to do 14 miles this weekend and then 10 next weekend, but have had to scrap that. I am hoping to do the 10 miles perhaps Friday, then at least if my knee does get sore again, at least I have 8 full days for it to get better. If it is okay, I would then plan to do 6 miles on the Sunday, then 2 lots of 3 miles next week.

    Very jealous about the app - my phone is far too old and basic to download the app, will have to see if one of my children's phones is compatible !!

  • SL - is that pain on the top of the calf?  I had that earlier in the year and sorted it with some stretching (heel drops on a stair are good).

  • Re second marathons - I am attempting a second one this year too, 7 weeks after Brighton. I think this will enough time to have recovered and do a couple of weeks of good runs, but basically be using the same set of training to do two instead of one. I think I would prefer this to starting all over again in June to train for one in Sept/Oct. I've found some Hal Higdon schedules online for this type of break and am going to try and follow one, but not worry about time too much for the second marathon. Time will tell if I'm being foolish!! Already starting to think about next year's races...

  • Stuck in all week with horrific cold. At least it is now and not in 2 weeks.

    Will try a mini run tomorrow but haven't run for 8 days now-need to get back out there!!!
  • Hi all.

    Last long run (well, 12 miles) done and dusted, so it's short runs all the way to Brighton now. The only niggle I've got is that the ball of my left foot feels bruised. Hopefully it will ease over the next day or so.

    Happy birthday, Swervin! Hope you had a good day and enjoy playing with your new toy.


  • Words (12223 RED) wrote (see)

    The only niggle I've got is that the ball of my left foot feels bruised. Hopefully it will ease over the next day or so.


    I've got a similiar thing as well but on my right foot. I was fine after a 14 mile run on Saturday, fine yesterday morning and then just as I was going out, my foor was painful to walk on and stayed like that all day.

    It seems to be getter better now as I'm not walking on it, but going to play it safe and miss todays run.

    Never had a problem like this before.

    Tenjiso/Jellybaby/GCE - Thanks for the advice on pacers. My problem is that I gradually keep speeding up so that I was I was thinking of using the pacers, however, as has been said, they can go to quick as well.

  • Sleaver. Advice for the foot, 1), edge of step foot stretches, 2), whilst sit roll your foot over a tennis ball to massage your long plantar, then finally some good rotations of each toe (give 'em a good pull) along with ankle rotations.

    You've put your feet through a lot, so they deserve a bit of TLC. Hope that helps.
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