Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Just a quick one as its late, but I'm so glad I'm not alone with the shoe dilemma!
  • Dave the answer is a resounding No i have run a lot of races with Poohbear and always ask if she wants me to run with her but she is in fact running Brighton with my daughter Snowmaiden this time to keep her company and they both know after the disappoint meant of last year when i missed out going Sub 4 by a few seconds that i really want to have a go at breaking it this year

  • Thanks for the foot tip GCE, will give it a go today.

    Toby, I don't think breaking 4 hours is going to be a problem for you this year. I think you're going to knock a good few minutes off your PB!

    Beautifully sunny day on Swansea Bay - shame I'm resting up today because it's near perfect running weather, and the views are fabulous!

  • Wouldn't it be marvellous if the weather is like today? It's also beautiful in London (albeit chilly) this morning.

    I spent last night planning my food & carb plan, it's turned into a full excel sheet with water intake, supplements, mileage, final massage and even a hair cut...

    8 workings days to go (yep, taking next Friday off).

    Words - good luck with the foot today.
  • Well, I haven't run since last Wednesday. So frustrated and low on confidence now.

    I know I'll get around but obviously not in my goal time of 3:30, which lets face it is half the fun.

    Calf is still dead after five days of rest and ice. It is easing and I have been able to turbo train in my garage without pain so my aerobic fitness is still there.

    Its such an expensive weekend that I feel like i've been robbed of the enjoyment, again (different injury before the Lakeland Mara last July).

    My mileage has been awful really. Jan and Feb were fine but March was a shocking total of 63 miles.

    Has anyone else struggled with injury so close to a marathon and pulled it out the bag? Please say yes.

    Everyone else seems to be doing great on here. Well done to you all.

  • Have you completed a marathon before Gaz?  How did you arrive at your time goal?

    Apologies if you've already said.  There are a lot of posts to go through to find out again image

  • I did Brighton last year and finished in 3:50 after ignoring my sensible target of 3:40 and going for 3:30 on the day. Plus not eating until mile 18.

    I did the Lakeland Trail marathon last July injured at finished in 5:13. That was tough going.

    3:30 should have been achievable for me this year but illness and injury have now killed all hope.

  • Hi SDRR Gaz. I have struggled over the last month and a half or so as well, with firstly a foot, then calf/shin splints, and then knee problems keeping me out of running for a week each. When I started my training, I was hoping to do over 500 miles in training, but in reality I will probably end up only doing 420 or so. However, I think the difference between us is that this is my first marathon, and I am just looking to finish in one piece without any real time goal (under 5 hrs would be fantastic).

    I think you just have to remain positive, and try and keep the positive thoughts in the forefront of your mind. I am raising money for charity following the death of my mother last year, and hence I am doing this for her.

    I am hoping to do 2-3 miles tonight which will be my first run for 9 days .. keep on smiling !! imageimageimageimageimage


  • SalisburyLad, You have the ultimate motivation in your cause and sad circumstances.

    I know you will finish under 5hrs based on that alone. Your Mum will carry you all the way.

    I know this because my Dad died suddenly on Feb 4th last year and he would have been there to watch me at the 2012 mara. I felt like he was with me step by step last year.

    On that note, times are irrelevant and these sad events put things into perspective.

    Have a great run at Brighton image

  • SalisburyLad, positive mental attitude will get you over the line.  Sounds like you have a couple of injuries, try to stay confident and respectful of the distance and I think you will be fine.  It's my first marathon, I jumped up my milage too quickly 2 Sundays ago and now still recovering with a sore knee and generally ache all over when I try to run.  I'm going to stay off my feet I think, maybe a gentle run next week and then go straight into Brighton with the view of finishing as the goal.

  • morning all

    weather here in Bristol is lovely to it would be nice if it was like this on the day i to struggled with injury last year when my left knee locked up when out on a 12 mile run had to pull up at 3 and walk home causing me to miss  a week and a half training last year but still managed to get round

  • GCE - Thanks for the advice on the feet. I did actually try that yesterday but the only ball I could find that was hard(ish) was a cat toy with a bell it it. The cats didn't look to impressed when they were stearing at this ball going back and forth while jingling image

    I'm not saying it would come to it, but would my fitness suffer if I wasn't to run since last Saturday to the actual day (15 days)? I obviously need to rest my foot and in turn that is having an affect on my knee from walking. I just don't want to recover from it, run and then it comes back with no time left to recover.

  • SDRR Gaz and RobertoDuran, thanks for your kind words. Let's hope the sun is shining and that it is a fantastic day all round. image There are so many positive stories on this blog that I can't help to be inspired.

  • SalisburyLad, I would happily take an under 5hr time, see you on the road!

    #9615 and Pink BCC charity Vest

  • I agree Sailsbury Lad, this forum has inspired me to go for my dream and run it next year (am going down to buy my place on the Friday) I also want to do it in memory of my mum who I lost to breast cancer thank you all for your inspiration

  • So many people running this marathon for such good reasons. You all deserve to have a great run image
  • Ok, but don't touch my calf!

  • Gaz. I pulled a pb out of the bag when I was ill for the 3 weeks before and during the race. Circumstances weren't as bad as yours. But I felt fresh!!!!!! A good run may still be thereimage my advice if ya injured or ill during the taper then just rest or you could to more harm than good.

    It's all very emotional today ((()))

    Not getting use to all this free time.
  • MarkD, its healing. Slowly but it is getting better.

    I'm feeling good today. I've even printed out my pace band with slightly adjusted finish time (3:40).

    With a little more rest, more ice, some KT tape at the expo, 2 x Nurofen, some porridge, an iPod and a tail wind in both directions I'm good image

  • Don't forget the massive shot of caffeine too image
  • My belated sypmathies to SDRR Gaz and Salisbury Lad. DF3 - I'll skip the group hug, only because I don't want everyone to get my cold! Since my 23-miler Friday I've come down with a cold. Just hope it clears off soon.

    I've just been checking some weather sites (yeah, I know there's still a while to go!) and it's looking like it could be quite warm. The lowest highest temp I've seen is 13C (one site was saying 19C!). Think I'll just have to pack for all eventualities.

  • I personally think it'll be a scorcer. Its bound to be. image

  • Difficult decision if it is warmish ... keep on the running tights and risk being a bit warm, but keeping the knee high compression socks hidden away ... or go for the shorts and full compression sock look. What the heck, I have long ceased being a fashion icon (image)...

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    SL - go for comfort not look
  • I think it's the one day we don't have to be self concious about what we are wearing as there will be 16,999 other fellow crazies in lycra and other comfy kit.  Around my estate, I don't feel so sure about the running tights without the baggies!

  • I'm gonna buy some tights and cut them up to use as arm warmers. Then dispose of them when it gets warmer during the run. Also a cheap hat from primark again to dispose of. I think I can safely say I won't be at my most stylishimage
  • Good call, I'm going to check out a cheap hat!  Was going with the bin liner look, never tried that but it seems popular at Half Marathons.

  • Dying to bust out a decent run tonight, alas 6 measly miles is all I am rationed...
  • Seven miles completed today with some strides for speed.  Tomorrow I've got some mile repeats.

    Gaz - hopefully your calf will be fine on marathon day.  Perhaps a PB will still be on the cards, even if it isn't all you had hoped for.

    MarkD - I'm wondering what you buy to use as tights? image  Also, I think I came across your name in an older thread for Shakespeare Marathon 2009?  If I remember correctly, you also did MK last year - in which case we seem to be stalking each other image  See you at the VLM next year, then image LOL.

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