Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Sleaver - loved the cat ball story! Last year I injured, and my taper was more a turn off from running. Still managed a sub 4 PB. You are best to rest the foot than further aggrievate it. There's no real physical benefit from training at this stage.

    Robert - try a plastic poncho from poundland, more to wrap around you than a black sack. Thank goodness I bought them for the start of Toronto marathon last year, it's the coldest & wettest I've ever been. Luckily had the poncho!
  • Poundland waterproof for me too image If its going tobe warm, I'll be rocking the knee high compression socks and tights look as well image Trouble is, its been too cold to try it out up to now - maybe I'll try it underneath my running tights image

    Short, speedy 3 miles today, with son on cycle accompaniment. After no running last week (a week's skiing instead - good cross training I thought!) it felt good to be out in teh sun. Oh, and I managed to find an online shop selling my favourite (and now discontinued) trainers in my size - must be the last pair in the UK. Bought them, even though they cost more than they my last pair did (when they were the current model image) At least I now have a pair of trainers on the way that I know will fit and be comfortable and won't rub my heels raw!

  • Tenjiso. Maybe I'm stalking youimage. I'd love to to VLM again but I'm at the mercy of the ballot image

    I loved the Shakespeare marathon but the second lap was tough. Didn't love MK!

    Wife's popping into pound land for me tomorrow. What colours do they have?

    8 miles tonight 3@mp. Legs are soooo heavy at the moment.
  • Mark - That was a hot day in Stratford - hardly a cloud in the sky.  I'm dreading similar at Brighton, because I will soooo unprepared image  And Milton keynes was a polar (pun intended!) opposite.  It's hard to imagine two so completely different days of weather on virtually the same date (different years, obviously).  Hopefully, Brighton weather will find the middle ground somewhere.

    The top-of-the-range poundland waterproofs are blue image  

  • I also found a two pack of plastic ponchos on Amazon. They were ??1.89, and you get a choice of colours.

    Ohh, I so love the depth of conversation that taper drives. Lol!!

    I think it was this time last year that Toby3 started a conversation with people's personal mantras, those you'll be madly chanting beyond mile 24...
  • In depth conversation continues........I have one pink and one yellow pound world poncho! Probably wear capris with compression socks then charity t shirt, but still not worn it as it's freezing! I'll pluck up courage and wear it on Friday on my 10 k run. And I'm having my hair done next week!!!!!

    Quite odd not running a lot isn't- not done a proper taper before now, just stopped running in the past and hoped for the best!

    Glad to be back at work it stops me from worrying too much, though next week I'm doing a cake sale as a fundraising event!

    Hope everyone's niggles clear up, keep positive!
  • Mark - I'm also wondering what kind of tights you use as arm warmers - just ordinary tights? And how much warmth do they provide?

    Haven't sorted out what top I'm going to wear yet - not have I got any iron on letters for my name. I'll add it to the list image
  • Is very annoying - after 9 days off to help my right knee recover (back of my right knee), I went for a gentle 3 mile run tonight, and within a minute the outside of my right knee was hurting, and fairly soon afterwards, the outside of my left knee started hurting as well. It didn't stop me running, but was far from ideal.

    I saw reference to KT tape, does anyone advise the use of that this close to the race, I haven't tried it before ? I am just looking for anything that helps, as it seems unlikely that my knees are going to be 100% better before the race.

  • Well I'm not gonna cut up a good pair of fish nets !!!!!

    Just a thick pair of wooly type tights. You know sort of like leg warmer material.

    I'm kind of wishing I didn't go down this road. Something's are best kept to yourself image
  • Salisbury Lad.....I had what sounds like the same thing that you're suffering from for about two months recently. I kinda self diagnosed it as my ITB and nothing helped me until I saw a physio who told me that the source of the pain in my knee ultimately lay with tight muscles elsewhere.

    I dropped my mileage for a fortnight and rolled the outside of my thighs and most importantly....did the following on the roller

    and the difference was AMAZING. may sound far fetched but I had a nagging pain for two months that simply wouldn't went within a fortnight doing that rolling and hasn't returned.


    Cheers for the birthday messages all of you. On my birthday last year I hadn't even considered running at all and was oblivious of the madness that would befall me! Honestly though, I have enjoyed this long slog to the marathon more than you would ever think possible.

    Managed a 14 miler on Saturday and a short 4 miler on Monday......the Garmin's still in the box though. It looks kinda complicated!

  • Morning all

    Was supposed to do 5 yesterday but it was such i nice day took the opportunity to get the 6miler out of the way which leave s me just 5's and a 4

    GCEdon't remember that but if i was going to chant a manta it would be pain is temporary but pride is for every but it blood well hurts at the time

    or chocolate is the answer i don’t give a dam a but the question

  • Must have been somebody else Toby3? I remembered the conversation a few weeks back when a chap running the Brighton half kept chanting, whilst running the final 2 miles "follow the line, follow the line..."
  • I think I need a miracle now image.

    I did a little jog to the shop last night, managed about 50 metres before the pain was too much.

    I'm pretty sure i've torn my calf now. I've got it all strapped up now, banging nurofen down my neck like they're sweets.

    So pi**ed off with myself for going out for that short run last week. I didn't need to do it.

  • Mark - well you'll be easy to spot on the day image. Is a really good idea actually - I expect I'll look out for a charity shop fleece to wear at the start, but I haven't done that yet (something else to add to the list!)

    Salisbury Lad - was it just your knees complaining because they thought you'd finished all this running nonsenseimage My physio put KT tape on me last year. She didn't seem convinced it did much, but I was desperate to run so she was trying everything and anything! I think you have to know exactly what the problem is so you can work out exactly how and where the tape should be applied. Fingers crossed your knees are fine by 14th

    Jelleybaby - I was only thinking yesterday I need to dye my hair before 14th!
  • Gas - so sorry to hear about your calf. Fingers crossed for a miracle cure for you. GCE - I'm looking 'follow the line'. Might pinch that for myself! I like the very simple 'I am a marathoner!'
  • I think my mantra may be "what the hell, lets get this over with and celebrate at the pub..."


    SDRR - don't panic yet, still time to rest, massage, rest, ice, rest etc etc....

  • Salisbury lad - I use KT tape on my knee - it seems to help and certainly from a psychological perspective if it seems to help go with it! The jury seems to be out at present, but worth a go. For my ITB problems I also swear by a foam roller and stretching exercises - good luck hope it improves.

    Gaz - hoping things improve.

    Like the idea of tights as arm warmers.......what a mine of information this thread is!!!

    Just got some more Kendal Mint Cake to keep me going on the run - easy to eat and cheap to buy!

    Weather seems to be warming up for next week........

    Nice speed session for me last night - despite the wind and (another) rest day today!

  • Ah the myth of carb loading... Why restrict yourself to just the evening DF3? Sure you can manage lasagne for breakfast and lunch too?

  • Nearly... Carbs are the same thing as sugarimage

    I think you will nail your race if you can continue eating at that rate. Good work!

  • Argh to predictive text. Gaz - didn't mean to call you gas, sorry. GCE - loving your mantra. Apparently we all get a free beer as we cross the line image
  • Booked in for last ditch therapy on Saturday. Final throw of the dice I reckon.

    Hoping to come out well oiled and looking like a pink mummy!

  • Already started on the stretches and the rolling ... let's hope lots of that over next few days will start to help that pesky (by the looks of it) ITB.

  • I'm glad not to have it! But do feel left out that I have anything to nurse.

    OMG, just googled it, a Mars bar contains 38g of Carb...

  • GCE (8357 Red) wrote (see)

    OMG, just googled it, a Mars bar contains 38g of Carb...

    And every one of them yummy image

  • .... also ordered some KT tape as well .. at this stage may as well give everything a go. image I reckon that it is unlikely that I will be doing any runs now before the race, don't want to risk anything, although perhaps a trial short run with the KT tape when it arrives will be sensible, to check it isn't making things worse !

  • GCE, I reckon you must have a niggle somewhere to nurse, if you have got this far with no niggles that is blooming good work !!

  • SalisburyLad, me neither. I really want to run too, even a short distance at slow pace will do.

    I feel like i'm losing fitness and gaining fat.

    This will be my third marathon and the third I'll be going into with an injury. And I do build up my miles slowly and pace my LSR's correctly.

    So frustrating to see friends continue with their running with zero problems. Not that I'm wishing injury on any of them.

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