Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Love the Gold, Silver, Bronze analogy B+T image

    For me:

    Bronze - beat last year's time of 3:59:46

    Silver - low 03:50s

    Gold - anything with a 40 in the minutes part so 3:49:59 and below!

  • Get a room!!!!!! image df3-b&t

    Ryan all wind is horrible. Even a tail wind lulls you Into false sense of security!!!

    Gold 3.14.59

    Silver 3.15-3.25

    Bronze 3.25 plus

    But you are right we are blessed to be able to run. Something to remember the next time we moan about the weather.
  • Ryan which weather forecast is saying 22mph winds and gusts of 46mph - BBC weather is saying 16mph winds so I'm believing that one at the moment! image

  • Hello everyone, wishing you all the best of luck for Sunday.

    Can anyone tell me from their own experience how rammed the expo is on Saturday? 

  • It was on metcheck, theweatheroutlook and accuweather. It's already improving though image
  • Gold 2:59

    I have no consideration for Silver or Bronze.
  • SDRR Gax and ViieuxLilleBlonde - I'm with you all the way - Physio booked for every day this week and kinesio taped to within an inch of my life. Physio says if I can walk I can finish  !


    I will not give in and I will not give up - whichever way I finish i will still be in the tiny minority who do a marathon in their lifetime

    Gold- Run and finish in under 5 hours without something going pop and a huge grin on my face

    Silver- Run/ Walk and Finish with a smirk

    Bronze - finish somehow - smiling and with both legs !


    Happy 6 sleeps countdown everyone


  • B&T, what have you started .... image

    For me given my injury problems, I would say:

    Gold - finish with knees intact in under 4:45

    Silver - finish with knees intact in under 5:00

    Bronze - finish with knees intact !!

  • Love the gold, silver, bronze thing. I read an article that had it as 'should', 'could' and 'just maybe' image

    For me :

    Gold 2:50

    Silver 2:55

    Bronze 3:00
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭
    Blockbuster wrote (see)

    Hello everyone, wishing you all the best of luck for Sunday.

    Can anyone tell me from their own experience how rammed the expo is on Saturday? 

    I didnt find it too bad last year (went in the afternoon), but this year I think everyone has to collect numbers so it could be a bit busier, it was pretty efficient re: number collection nd then you cn mill round the stands if you're shopping inclined (I'll be off to get a coffee after a few hellos)...

  • kerrance wrote (see)

    Happy 6 sleeps countdown everyone


     This made me smile and reminds me of my children at Christmas, it is always "6 sleeps to Christmas, 5 sleeps to Christmas ....". I do hope that Father Christmas is waiting at the finish line !!

  • Thanks Curly I think I'll err on the side of caution I reckon and get there midday.


  • Another lurker...

    This will be my 1st marathon and are somewhat scared.Was going to hold back another year until my big 50, however got a club place and decided to go for it.

    I have been running for 3 years after losing 5 stone and have done about 15 1/2 marathons.Training has gone well with a 20 mile race and another 20 mile run, plus a 19,17 and a couple of 16milers.

    My 20 mile race was in 2.45 and my 1/2 marathon PB is 1.37. Struggling to know waht pace to aim for and what time to go for. But...Gold 3.40 Silver 3.50 and Bronze 3.59.59!

    Working 5 miles away from Brighton (near the dreaded power station!). Fingers crossed for the weather. Don't want wind or rain or too hot!!!   

  • Afternoon all

     Well 5 miles done today leaving just one more run till Brighton took it nice and slow and with no Garmin on as it's in my suitcase i have no idea of the time just enjoyed the run

    Bronze anything between 4:15:00 and 4:00:29 really disappointed

    Silver same time as last year but bitterly disappointed

    Gold any time under 4hrs causing me to scream like a mad man when i cross the line

  • Alastair. 20 mile race in 2.45. I would say you should be able to do the last 10k in 55 minutes image go for gold!!!!

    Look out for mad man Toby then!!!!
  • I too have been a bit of a lurker on this thread, but like the idea of Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

    Bronze: 3:09:59

    Silver: New PB (currently 3:07:39)

    Gold: Sub 3:05

    Mind you, I'm nursing a bit of an injury at the moment so might need to revise these or maybe defer if I don't think I can get round.  This is my 5th marathon and anything other than a London GFA will feel like a failure.

    Good luck to everyone and fingers crossed for some kind weather conditions!

  • Ryan Snell Today at 12:55

    "Love the gold, silver, bronze thing. I read an article that had it as 'should', 'could' and 'just maybe' "

    Like that just as much!

    Toby - really hoping you get your 'mad man' moment image

    Hello to all the new non-lurkers - welcome and share the madness!

    Good news this afternoon - popped into Oxfam looking for a throwaway fleece. Found just what I was looking for, in my size with zippy pockets so I can stash stuff in there, and was just about to take it to the till when they suddenly announced in the shop "It's happy hour - everything half price!". What good timing!
  • Andyc - with you on the "diamond" analogy. I remember struggling through the last 2 miles of my first London Marathon feeling like I'd never reach the finish line, then got overtaken by some woman who must have been about 80! I thought if she can do it, I can too! Always count myself lucky to be here doing what I'm doing.

    Tilstar - how did PW half go? Did you see my Dad in the stocks? My girlfriend got her PB and I ran with her for the last 6 miles.

    Really got my hopes on a sub-3 but will still be happy with a sub-3:10 for GFA London.

    My cold has pretty much gone so got a few short runs scheduled until Wednesday then I'll be resting up.

    Welcome to all the newbies
  • Hi Lombster!  Absolutely loved the PW Half - still buzzing from the whole experience image Will definitely do again.  I did it in 2.09.09 which I am happy with for a first one.  Finished with a smile on my face and knowing I couldnt have done any better so that was exactly what I wanted and it gives me something to aim to beat in my October Halfs. 

    Yes I saw your dad (although I didnt know that at the time) I didnt through a sponge though as was too intent on keeping my running rythm going as I was going at a better pace than I had expected to.

    Glad your girlfriend got her PB imageimage

  • I keep looking at the malt loaf and thinking "on Thursday you will be mine, oh yes!".  

  • Tenjiso wrote (see)

    I keep looking at the malt loaf and thinking "on Thursday you will be mine, oh yes!".  


  • Malt loaf - now that has got my taste buds going, must get some imageimage

  • I had some before my half marathon but had to buy two loaves because the first one mysteriously disappearedimage
  • I was feeling rather confident, until I had my final sports massage tonight. The masseur declared at the end "ohh, don't panic but you hamstrings are insanely tight?"...

    Need to try and remove this from my mind before Sunday (and a bit of extra stretching....)

    Gold - 3:53 (yippee)

    Silver - 3:57 (PB)

    Bronze - same as last year 3:59

    Well, 5 days, 12 hours to go.....

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    I love Paddock Wood half image Sadly it was a week later this year and too close to Brighton.

    Ran Braintree 5 with a lady from my club in 52:30 yesterday. Helping my club with our boroughs kids training for the Mini Marathon tomorrow. Then I going to sort stuff out for Brighton image
  • BRONZE - don't get to start line as have to pull out because of illness but will have done all the trainingimage

    SILVER - finish by 5:30image

    GOLD - finish in 5:30image


  • Ok gold - 4

    Silver 4.15

    Bronze - 4.30

    Think will be gutted with anything after 4.15 but happy at same time as first marathon!
  • As this is my first full Marathon, I have not set myself a time limit for finishing the Brighton Marathon and my sole aim is to complete it and cross the finish line still standing and with a smile on my face.  My Bronze, Silver and Gold are as follows:

    Bronze - staggering across the finish line

    Silver - walking across the finish line

    Gold - jogging across the finish line

    If I achieve the Gold status then I will be well chuffed! 

    Knowing what I am like though I am more likely to be in floods of tears crossing the finish line than with a smile on my face - as I tend to be over emotional.  Saying that though I did have a huge smile on my face when I completed the Llanelli Half in March and knocked 33 mins off my pb.


  • Logged on to book park and ride yesterday but seems advance bookings now closed. Any tips on where to park on the day? ( I know there is one park and ride site that takes cash on the day)

    Am putting off packing as.,apart from charity vest I am really not sure what to wear/bring with me. Have my ponchos tho!! image
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