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  • Hi Colin Poohbears doing alright she been getting up religiously before work and do her run she had to do them on the treadmill as the weathers been atrocious down here

    I'll get her to  post when i see her tonight and she can tell you herself

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Colin - I finished in 4:38. I was outside my previous marathon time by 31 seconds image However, the organisers have estimated the course to have been 0.23 miles over-distance (due to a flood diversion on race day). So unofficially, I actually ran my PB image I wanted to run sub-4:30, but I was happy to be able to take part and finish in spite of the atrocious weather. Hopefully the weather in Brighton will be significantly better next year!

    I know what you mean about the long runs. Once I got up to 20 miles I was enjoying getting out across trails to places I don't normally get to, and seeing wildlife I never normally see.
  • Colin - hello, I did the Dublin marathon last year and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend we spent in Dublin. The marathon was well organised and well supported. The expo was easy to get to and getting your number was quick and efficient. If i remember correctly there were a couple of small hills, with one being around the 21 mile mark, but there was plenty of support and music to help you through.
    I missed my long runs, thats why I have started doing autumn marathons as well!
  • Toby - Glad to know Poohbear is doing well. I live in Spain, so lovely weather here. Not trying to rub it in or anything! Heard about your floods etc.

    Tenjiso - How frustrating about the extra distance. There is talk about trying to make Brighton faster next year which I would imagine is about trying to make it flatter. Even if they don't, I'm sure if you keep up the training, you will smash Brighton!

    Hi Charlotte. Thanks for the info about Dublin. The problem for me is that (living in Spain) I have to train through a long hot summer for the Autumn marathons. I suppose it is just about organizing myself and like Poohbear run on the treadmill with the fan going or running early morning or late evening.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    The extra distance was no big deal. I'm glad they did that rather than cancel the marathon like they did at Stratford on the same day.

    I'm looking forward to Brighton already image
  • I can't believe how bad the weather has been. I also can't believe how little I have actually run in the rain in the past year, considering how much I've been running.

    Monday was day 1 of my run to and from work routine, which takes me to about 10.5 miles total. I'm doing the same again tomorrow. I need a more suitable rucksack, but it's not as bad as I would have thought. I go a little slower, so on days when I need to get some speed in I'll have to figure something else out.

    2 months of easy running before I start training for Frankfurt. I'm sure it will fly by!

    Anyone else still feeling a little bit off from Brighton 2012? I am, but happy my toenails are intact for now!
  • I'm finding speedwork a bit hard at the moment and am hoping my legs will ease over the next few days as my coach has lots of speed sessions planned this month.

    I keep checking the countdown timer on the BM app hoping that it will go faster. image 

  • Cat - my colleague and I both live about 6 miles from the office - we take it in turns to drive in in the morning and then run home (not together as she's much faster then me)!  I usually leave most of my stuff in the office and just take my essentials with me in a bumbag.  I've tried with a rucksack, bt much prefer to run light!
  • Hi one and all, been distracted by the new job which I was told about Saturday and started today but I’ve been keeping up with my training. Went running after work today, managed the two mile route I planned out in half an hour which I’m rather pleased about. Mind you it might help that today is the first day I haven’t been a drowned rat by the end of the run.

    Looking forward to getting my first new paypacket, I’ll join a gym once I have then no more drowned rat status for me.

    Toby3: Good luck with the ballot, does that mean you’d be running Brighton and London if you made it?

  • we was all blessed by superb weather in jan feb and march , we never cancelled 1 single run because of the weather in the brighton run up , yes we ran in light winds and freezing temps but not cos of rain or strong wind , so cant complain but weather now , mind you did me 2nd 10 mile run this week

     will we be so lucky next year in training ?

  • Morning all

    Well 3 miles done yesterday the wife need the car yesterday so i had arranged a lift home from work so bearing that in mind i ran in to work

    It took me just over 29 minutes with an Avg pace of 8:53 m/m which was a bit of a shock as i thought i was struggling although having said that the last mile the pace went from 8:17 to 9:27

    Got in alright had a quick swill using the sinks in the toilets changed into the clothes i had taken in yesterday started work

     to then only to find out the driver i had arranged to get the lift from wasn’t in due to personal problems at home so thought Ok weathers not to bad i can always jog home how wrong i was the rain then decided to persisted down all night so jogging home went out the window had to don the water proof gear and walk home so the 3 miles turn into 6 miles

    was a little soggy when i got home more from sweat than wet from the rain well at least i only got wet coming home which isn’t so bad as it was straight in the bath room for a hot shower and then a hot cup of soup

    Snowmaiden more like run Brighton crawl around London

  • (Colin Evans 4) It is nice to see people wondering where I have been and how I am doing.

    Now 11 days into my training and doing well, manage 2 miles most days - although on days when it is too wet to go outside and I do training on treadmill instead it is more like 1 3/4 miles. 

    I get training done before I go to work, though this might need to change once I am on longer mileage.

    (Snowmaiden) Hope the new job is going well

  • Hello all!

    Please can I join this lovely thread?

    I completed the VLM nearly 2 weeks ago and after saying never again straight after, I have really got the bug at the minute and have entered Brighton!

    I love having something to keep me motivated and am determined to be much more prepared this time!
  • hi guys, sorry to trouble you all. I was looking at Brighton Marathon for 2013 not really heard much about it before . If you pay the £55 entry is that you in the race guaranteed no ballot places etc?

    Also can anyone tell me where it starts from?

    Thanks image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    MM - once you've paid the fee and got the e-mail confirming your entry, you're in - no ballot required. there are (I think) 20000 places and once they've gone, they've gone, although quite a number of these will already have been reserved for charities

    next year will be the 4th event - I ran the 1st 2 and will be doing next year's as well. it really is a well organised, well run event with a course that is good to run on.

    it starts at Preston Park which is about a mile north from the seafront, and finishes in Madeira Drive which is on the seafront - your baggage is transferred between the 2 sites so need need to worry about going back to PP to collect anything. it all works like clockwork

    the weather for each race so far has been good but it's about the only proviso I have about this event - if there's a SW gale howling up the Channel then a lot of the course is exposed to it and there's no hiding from it. fingers crossed for another fine day in 2013!!
  • Thanks for that Fat Buddha image Im in two frames of mind as Ive put my ballot in for the London Marathon which im guessing by date will the weekend after Brighton. By the time I find out about London, Brighton will have sold out image can you defer on Brighton do you know?
  • MaratonMorris yes you can defer
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    MM - as toby says, yes you can defer but why not do what a lot of people do (and what I did in 2011) and do both??

    if you train well, you can race Brighton and then have a more gentle run around London (which, being more crowded, will be slower anyway for mid-packers). it's no big deal and does offer a good challenge to get your teeth into

    alternatively, if you don't get into London, then you have Brighton in the bag

    and finally, if you do get a VLM entry you could always defer that if you prefer to run Brighton

    all options are possible!
  • Bellabee - Hi there and welcome. I have run London a few times and this year was my first Brighton marathon. Although London is a wonderful experience, I found Brighton the more practical marathon. It´s better for spectators in that they can normally see you a few times round the course whilst it´s often difficult to catch even a glimpse of loved ones in London because of the congestion etc. So what i´m trying to say is: You´ve made a good choice!

    MarathonMorris - Yes  to deferring, but you have to pay the entrance fee again, don´t you Toby3?

    Snowmaiden - hope your new job is going well. Great you are still able to find the time to train. 

    Poohbear - Wouldn´t it be nice if we didn´t have to work and all we had to do was train for the marathon? 

  • yes you do have to pay again
  • It seems silly you have to pay again? image Also do you get a medal? image

  • Hi, Can I join you lovely lot please?

    I ran the VLM in 2011 and as I live in Eastbourne, Brighton was always next on the hit list! I'm not speedy, my 2011 time was 5:19 (it was bloomin' hot mind) but I am determined!

    I really found the forum fab in 2010/11 so I'm looking forward to sharing the thrills & spills of training with you lovely lot if you'll have me!image

  • Hello all,

    Been a while since posted but been reading. Still not running after Brighton as still waiting on the calf to heal. Hopefully not to much longer so I can start getting ready for Beachy head.

    Hello to all the new guys joinging the thread.

    Waves to all

  • Welcome Helen. Yes it is a pleasant forum isn´t it? I´ve only just recently hijacked it, but i was reading the forum religiously before the last BM. I found it was so beneficial following the stories from Stig109 and Toby3 ( to name just two) and it was real motivation for myself. To know that there are people out there doing the same things I´m doing and worrying about the same things I am, is sometimes comforting.

  • helen bainbridge there is a name i know...pardon me for asking helen was your dad called john and mum mary??

  • Nope, wrong one I'm afraid.. I married a Bainbridge!image

  • We've got a Tom & Mary with a daughter called Helen. She's my hubby's cousin.. Small world eh!

  • i knew a helen growing up but bainbridge is her maiden name...and i knew she moved away to the coast but couldnt remember where... welcome to thread.. i ran brighton from the first one in 2010 and 2011 and this year not doing it next year but will be hopefully cheering you all on and helping out...gonna put my name down to volunteer on the day  doing whatever i can do ..also entered the london ballot for the third time and while i may relish the thought of back to back marathons not sure i could afford it ..

  • Welcome to all newcomers to the thread.

    I am looking forward to doing the marathon next year - a bit scary as it is my first one, but I have a year to prepare and lose a bit of weight.

    (Colin Evans 4) I agree, it would be great not to have to work, I keep hoping I will win the lottery one day and be able to afford to do what I like all the time, instead of working. 

  • Brighton was my first marathon Poohbear.  Don't be afraid - I found the whole experience fantastic.  Great scenery (even enjoyed the power station) and even better support.  There are pacers to run with if you wish (I only ran with one for a couple of miles as I was comfortable running at a slightly faster pace).  This forum was really informative - I only posted a couple of times but am now more confident in joining in. And don't worry about losing weight - you are training for a marathon, and if you follow a training plan and eat sensibly the weight will drop off.  So eat what you need to fuel your body for the challenge ahead, not some crazy diet that won't sustain you.  

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