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  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    Buddha, I think you'll find Brighton is a fairly fast course. Now if you were taking on something like the Neolithic, you would probably have to add at least another half hour to your estimated finishing time.

    Just saying .....

    sadly DF3, I'll shall have to ignore your knowledge of Brighton marathon as I've already done it twice....and even at my advanced age I do recall that it mght be quite quick...

    but thanks anyway  image



  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Really good of you to give Dave the benefit of your experience DF3

    he's all heart eh???  image

  • Temperature wise- and wind wise- do you think short sleeves?? I will be out there over 5 hours! Thanks for advice
  • First time posting - and first marathon too. Have been excited all week and now the fear has set in. This thread has been great anyway, thank you all so much.

    Can someone tell me if I need to print out any paperwork to collect my number etc?

    Thanks! image
  • Londonsarah

    Yes you do!!
  • LS99 - yes

    printo out the e-mail that you were sent which gives you your race number and take that along with you with some form of photo ID (DVL or passport)

  • Apparently people are coming out with kit bags and numbers depspite not having a printed out email.
  • Cheers guys, will have a look

  • Yeah they prefer u have to the email but the guy did say they can search for your name if you don't have the email
  • LS99 - You need to print the email that was sent out on Mar 21st with your running number and reg. ID. You also need to take photo ID with you but I don't know how strict they are on this.
  • Nearly finished work, spent most of it accepting the wishes of good luck from work colleagues .. found out one lives just round the corner from Fat-Boy slim, albeit not quite on Millionaires Row .. image 

    Wasn't really nervous at the start of the day, but have got progressively so today, simple things like printing out maps and directions for the family have made it seem much more real. Just think in less than 48 hrs will be back in the car on the way home ... seems quite unreal to imagine the marathon being talked about in the past tense.

    If I don't post any more before the race, massive best of luck to all contributors .. has been a ball !! imageimageimageimage


  • CatherineP. As regards clothing, it's very much a personal thing, but I plan to wear a singlet and shorts. If the temperature is 16C, which met check predicts, that will be quite enough for me. At 12C, which the BBC predicts, a Tshirt and shorts is more like it.
  • I'll be wearing long sleeves and long tights I expect. I'm usually cold and I'd rather be a bit warm than too cold. It's going to be around 10 degress at the start, with the wind too - for me that's still pretty cold! image

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    nearly done at work - nervous this morning but feeling better now - still not run since tuesday on this dodgy hamstring - if i do not post again Good luck everyone and remember how lucky we are to be at that start line in the first place. See you all after the race with PB's everywhere (wind allowing). 

  • It's my first marathon on Sunday, as well as my wife's birthday. Is it optimistic to think I'll be enjoying crisp white wine on the sea-front all afternoon? Or will I be holed up in pain in my hotel room? To me, that is as important as my target time!! (sub 4 BTW).


  • Shorts and vest all the way for me. Hate being too hot whilst running and generally only takes about a mile or so for body temperature to rise so would much rather freeze for half an hour or so pre-race, then feel comfortable once it gets going.
  • Definitely Barry - the post-race drink is a mandatory part of race day image

    If I haven't got a pint in my hand by 1.30pm then something is seriously wrong!image

  • Liking Barbie's style but for me probably just after 1400! its the beer that will keep me going ...


  • Just remembered the cut up tights for temporary sleeves tip- think I will go with that!! Drinks around 2.30 for me i hope image
  • It's ALL about the post race beer!

    I've taken this afternoon of work, kind of wish I hadn't now. I've been bored sitting around.

    RunningGuy, I've drawn the same conclusions, it's definitely time to expose some flesh.

    BarryLee, good luck, you've picking a cracker of a marathon for your first.
  • Fortunately the alcohol relieves post race pain. At least til monday morning
  • I'll be visualising a pint of Harveys on the finish line to get me through. Unfortunately I expect it's unlikely they'll be handing them out with the goody bags. More likely another bottle of Gatorade, the last thing I'll want.

    (sudden panic: 'shit, I haven't trained with Gatorade, only Powerade!')

    West Quay on The Marina for post-race beer followed by Cafe Rouge for steak and chips and extra chips!
  • I took advantage of my day off today to get to the Exhibition today to avoid long queues.  Didn't quite work out as when I arrived at 11:35am the queue was already about 80 yards long and within 5 minutes had doubled and gone around the corner up West Street! Wind was quite chilly and stronger and colder when I came out at 1:30pm.  Bit of a scrum initially inside at registration what with the big rush and a queueing/exit system which needs just a bit of tweeking.  The queue for the bags went right behind those getting their numbers and through all the queues behind them!  You'll see what I mean when you are there.  After the initial rush it went much more smoothly.  Some people were just soooooo tetchy.image

    As I left the registration area I overheard one of the voulnteers say to another that the queue outside was still up West Street.  I stopped to mention how quickly it had formed earlier. As one of them had a headpiece I assumed he had some authority and mentioned that the registration queueing could be tweeked and suggested how.  I said to him that I hoped he didn't mind me saying that and he looked like someone responsible and he told me that, in fact, he was the marathon organiser!image

    If anyone is hoping for a good finishing line photo then try to remember not to be close behind someone, or worse a group, at the crucial moment.  Anticipate this about 100 yards out even amongst all the euphoria you will be feeling and either drop slightly back or nip in front.  Because the second option can cause a mini-sprint finish, best to opt for first option.

    Good luck to everyone on sunday especially the first-timers.  As Troufaut said to Dreyfuss as he went to get on the alien space ship, "I envy you".  You only ever have one first time and it will forever be special.

    Hope to meet up with some forumites at Travelodge tomorrow.

  • Went to the Expo at about 1.45 pm no queue and picked up number in a couple of minutes.

    Need that wind to drop mind you!!

    As we were leaving we saw what looked like a dozen true elites run along the seafront- doubt I will see them on Sunday!!!! 

  • Is it a bad idea to have ONE beer this close to the event? I can't get my mind off Sunday, and fancy a nice ale with a film tonight.


    Dreaming of that first post-marathon beer on the beach front. I hope I am of sound enough body and mind to enjoy it.


  • green fairy we must have been very close to each other in the initial queue as we arrived at the same time image

  • Well I'm in Brighton with Toby3 and Poohbear, half frightened out of my wits. It feels too close for comfort until the run now. Not going for any set time this year as it's my first time and any time I set will be a PB.Have signed up for next year so my goal then will be to beat this year's time.

    Have nigh on £330 in sponsership money now so there is no DNF (Do Not Finish) option on Sunday, especally since some of that has already been paid to the charity online. Have to get all the way around even if I have to walk across the finish line.

    Can't believe how the thread's exploded since I was last on here. Note to self for the Brighton 2014 thread, 'must keep a closer eye on it.'

  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭

    Replying to a few points, people were going in today with the email on their phone so you don't need it printed but you should know your race number.

    People who didn't (somehow, I have no idea how/why anyone could possibly enter a marathon and train for months but not manage to do this) know their race number but did have their registration number could go to the information desk (sharp left as you enter the registration hall) and were told their number. This meant queueing twice though. You do need photo ID although people were picking up packs for their friends.

    I wouldn't recommend registering at the moment the expo opens (10am), as someone above said there was a massive queue outside and then queues inside. Have a leisurely breakfast or a wander down the seafront and go in later, there were no queues at all today once the initial rush died down.

    Preston Park station is nearest if you are coming from north, but not as many trains stop there, Brighton station isn't too far to walk. London Road is closest if you're coming from the East.

    TGF - Brighton is still a young event and is gradually changing, I don't think you'll upset Tim (race director) by suggesting things. He's very hands on - last year on Sunday eve when I thought he would be in the hotel with VIPS he was at the lock-up unloading vans! 

  • Barry Lee, they'll be mixed opinion on the ONE beer. My problem is that one often leads to a second. Personally I'd resist, it'll taste all the better Sunday.

    Good luck snowmaiden, lovely how you are running as a family.
  • Evening all

    well as Snowmaiden has already said were here in Brighton and have been to the Exbo and collected our numbers well you guess it never made it out of there without signing up for next year well had no choice as Snowmaiden has signed up again

    So will be back on the Brighton 2014 thread when it gets started

    F/B no competition my money would be on you and Petal as Poohbears looking at 6 to 6.30 or even just finishing image

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