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  • Morning all

    Well had a rest day yesterday and have 6 to do today the weathers not to bad at the moment so if it’s like this when i get up hopefully it will be out for a run today

    took one of the chaps home this morning and coming back through the country lanes 2 baby foxes were crossing the road trouble is one of them got starteld  by my head lights and then preceded to run down the road i had to stop a couple of time as he was in danger of run under the front wheels

    Got by it in the end just hope he found his way home again

    Poobear don’t be scared i will help you through your training or that is till i get on your nerves and you tell me to stop nagging

    Snowmaiden hope the new job is going wel

    Welcome Helen we try to encourage but will scolded if needed

  • Good Morning people!

    Poohbear - this is also my first marathon and like you find it a little scary at times but the posts from you and your family (as well as others) keep me motivated.  You're doing lots of training already and its making me get out there too

  • Keep it up Tillstar.

    Sometimes I wake up and think I´m Kenyan. Then I look in the mirror and find out that I don´t look Kenyan, I don´t eat like a Kenyan and I certainly don´t run like a Kenyan!

    It is nice to dream though, and I find my plodding the streets and running the Brighton marathon gives a sense of purpose and helps in my weight control and makes me a healthier person. It´s still early days in preperation for Brighton, but it´s great that people like Poohbear and Tillstar are starting now, nice and slowly.

  • talk about  the Kenyan when i first entered Brighton back in 2009 i was looking for running club i emailed Portishead and the captain emailed me back to ask what sort of time i was looking for

    As he would not want to pair me with some running at 5 hour pace if i was looking to keep up with the kenyans

    i replied keeping up with the Kenyan wouldn't be a problem as they be on the plane home by the time i finished

  • Hi everyone,

    I ran my first marathon earlier this year(London) and after swearing that It would be my first and last couldn't believe that I had entered Brighton within 2 days of completing it!

    I have joined my local athletics club and will be attempting 2 track sessions per week along with my normal runs. Am hoping that I will improve on my finish time (it couldn't possibly get worse could it?) and am looking forward to lots of friendly banter and top tips.

    Can I be in your gang please!
  • I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror. Unfortunately I didn't see a Kenyan this time, but I did see Mr Blobby! I have been eating way too much since BM. Really struggling with my food intake and with the lack of long runs the weight is back!

    Toby - It's funny how seeing baby foxes can be the highlight of the day, but it's great. Something as simple as that can put a smile on your face, or make you worried that they will find their way home. Give me nature over man-made things anyday.

    Welcome Fififava.

  • Morning all

    went out yesterday and did 6 miles took about 59 minutes did struggled a bit legs still feel like to lead weights at the moment then just been out with the Poohbear this morning a nice gentle 2 miles that took us 35 minutes

    Took my Garmin with me to record the run so she has something to look back on and see how much she has improved and she now knows where the mile marks are on her run so she can judge for herself how’s she doing on any particular day

    Race number for Bristol arrived red 8953 so i am in wave 2 which means by the time we get over the start line the winner will have finished if it's any thing like last year but with the way the legs are i may well just run for fun this time as i set a new PB last year

    And i already set 2 this year

    Fififava welcome to the gang

  • Good morning everyone,

    Just returned from a very hilly 6, very hard as seemed to have managed to run with an extra 2kgs of mud stuck to my feet! Must invest in some trail shoes, any recommendations? Is this weather ever going to let up!

    Colin, I too have put on loads of weight over the last 2 weeks and have had to have a v serious talk with the piggy side of me! All crisps and biscuits are now officially banned! Not giving up the latte, need some kind of reward!
  • Morning all image

    toby, nice idea on the Garmin. I did the same with my daughter over Christmas, and by Easter she'd improved her pace by about 30sec/mile over a 3 mile jog / run.

    Colin, it's a common problem(!) I'm really struggling, with the food at the moment and seem to be eating cake and chocolate like there's no tomorrow (I have a very sweet tooth!) But This week has been a little better, as Ive booked a half marathon tomorrow (3 Forts) I was going to do the full marathon, but the legs aren't really up for it, and it's one of those races where you can choose whether to do the full or half distance on the day. 

    fififava, in terms of trail shoes, a lot depends on where you are going to run. Trail shoes for predominantly rocky terrain are not necessarily the same as those for predominantly muddy. Personally, I quite like the inov8, but as with road shoes, it's worth looking around and trying different pairs on. There is some good info here 

    Waves to all imageimageimage

  • What happened to the format of the thread? It's all gone weird! 

    Another PB for me at the park run this morning, and finally > 70% age grade. I can't believe it - a couple of years ago I was doing all I could to run 9 minute miles. Excited!

    Finished up the run with 6 miles to make 10 in total, so starting to get back to normal. This week I managed 2 runs to/from work, and it felt great. I really enjoy it, and I can feel my speed slowly coming back. 

  • Im glad im not the only one struggling with their diet!!! image I to have been eating a few extra cakes and goodies and then realise im not actually running enough anymore to work it of in running energy!!! Which has resulted in a 5 pound weight gain over 3 weeks!! yikes !!! So today i have vowed to work those 5 pounds off again before it gets to 10 pounds!!! So had a nice little 4 mile speed run ...and have snacked on fruit, so far so good today, and one day at a time it will be ...

    Have started a new job which is 7 miles away so may in the summer run too and from work once or twice a week we will see....

  • I've not been getting notifications and just spent 10 mins catching up! You lot have lots to say!!!

  • I am glad I have nearly a year to train for this as I think I will need it. Some speed work - lol - in the park with my three little dogs. They may be small but boy can they move.

    Nothing for me tomorrow as watching hubby's race. He is running the Race The Train in Aviemore. It's 5 miles and seems it takes the steam train 45 mins to do its 5 miles. Will be fun to watch as I believe we spectators get to ride on the train.
  • well doing the 3 forts half tomoz , all them lovely hills and wet muddy grass going to be fun , then hopefully onto bewl for their 15 next month so keeping up me running  as so want to do me 2nd marathon , just want to make it a big one like brighton was , still think of it lots the memories image

  • Question for you: how much training should I be doing at the moment / how many miles should I put in a week? I can currently run 10 in just over 90 minutes but that's about it. I obviously have just under a year and I have a couple of halfs lined up as practice nearer the time but now the novelty of signing up has worn off and the weather is so bad I'm finding it hard to get myself out the door. Don't really know what I should be doing for training as most of the training plans start 16 weeks before the marathon so wondered if anyone had any advice? Thanks image
  • long way to go as complete novices can start in nov or later and do the marathon , so just get out there do as many races as can or want to as they good to do and enjoy your training and gently build up your distance and speed times , we trained for 17 months for brighton marathon our first and did a 3 :48 :45 and didnt go through the wall or struggle at all

  • Hi Tillstar. There's no hard and fast rules about what to do of course, as you probably know(!) but at this stage iof the game, just getting out for a run at least 3x per week is probably the main thing. As you have a couple of halfs lined up, look to train for those rather than thinking about marathon training. The only other point I'd add (wish I'd done this for my first marathon image) is to build up mileage slowly using slow easy runs. It will pay considerable dividends when it comes to marathon training and the marathon day itself. It also reduces injury risk. You can think about building it up nearer the time. How much mileage per week / number of runs have you been doing to date? And when are the halfs?

    Yvonne, it's probably also good to have a few weeks of relaxing and "enjoying the benefits" after all that training for Brightonimage

    Adam A, you can enjoy flying past me at the 3 Forts half tomorrow. image

    Waves to all imageimageimage

  • Hi thanks for advice so far, I have been doing two days cross training at the gym and that includes 4 miles on the treadmill (once on hills once flat but fast) then running 6 miles on a sat and 10 on a Sunday so I do about 24 miles a week. I don't want to do too much training and get fed up with it at this early stage but I would love a sub 4 hr time.
  • Tillstar 10 miles is more than enough at the moment if you out to many miles there a greater risk of injury but it’s down to you i have to say all i am doing is running the mileage to suite the race i am training for so as the next ones only a 10k the furthest t I’ve run is 6 miles

  • Tillstar - all of the above seems very sensible advice.

    Did a slow 8 miler in the Spanish countryside, but it was also in the heat. It was only 25 degrees but still warmer than I'm used to. Will I ever be happy with the temperature? Oh! to run in the temperate climes of the U.K.

  • Hi guys! Did a slow 7 this morning which I was disappointed with but at least I got out there, thank you so much for all your advice I really appreciate it cheers image feeling a lot happier about it all now
  • Hello all, just saying hello and identifying with the constant eating, looks like all the early training is going well. Had a few days wobble re signing up again for next year but stuck to my decision, done it twice and want to try others.

    Entered the ballot for London cos its one you just gotta do, but having been down there for marshalling its a bit of a circus and would enter for the fun value only. Got my eye on Milton Keynes next year as my proper marathon as well - maybe I will get to do both.

    Back up to monster mileage again, just 3 weeks training left then the ultra then a proper rest in the Spanish sunshine.

    Happy running everyone

  • Hi Karen good luck with your ultra....i too have resisted the sign up for Brighton next year and am in the ballot for london as you say its the one you have to do...only cos its still saving some money to enter 2 marathons i have my eye on this year one in july and another in saptember they are only small ones but sound lots of fun though....have bristol 10 km 2 weeks time so just been doing speed work for that and cross training...

    Hope this rain isnt getting everyone to dispondant i wish it would dry up though its not leaving me many places to go...

  • Bit stiff and sore after spending most of the weekend on our allotment. Still making steady progress with my running, started back with speedwork sessions with running club. Entered a 5k later this moth and then a few 10k's over the summer before Cricklade and Cardiff half's in October.

    Hope everyone enjoys the Bank Holiday and doesn't get too wet.

  • Hello everyone

    I am not getting much time to pop in here...great to see so many here!

    I have onlt done two short runs since VLM, have a problem with my foot and also come down with a lurgy! I seem to be suffering the same issues with post marathon eating as other on here! Going to try really hard and cut down this week!

  • Not allowed to run today as family day, am being made to watch Avengers Assemble instead!

    First track session tomorrow evening, at the moment am just aiming to get back to somewhere near my marathon fitness. Have signed up for the Windsor half in October, someone told me its quite hilly! Anyone on the forum done it? Will probably look for a couple of local 10k races to do over the summer.

    If your running today, enjoy.
  • 8 Miles today. Longest run since brighton. Plan 30 Miles this week and then build again from there. I need to sort this big fat belly !!!!!

  • Another undulating trail run yesterday - but thankfully a bit less muddy.  Only doing short runs (5-7 miles) over the next few weeks to enjoy the feeling of running unpressured (although am thinking about the Stockley 10k in a fortnight as have never run a race at this distance - 10 miles is my shortest as I am not the fastest thing on 2 legs!).

  • Gloryboy glad to see your fit and running again ..enjoy life eh x... myself and toby 3 also doing cricklade half if you fancy meeting up to say for another run in a mo have been interspercing a run day with a fitness dvd and cross training and this is day 3 of no chocolate!!!  ive even just made cakes for kids lunch boxes and didnt even lick the bowl...having read that each pound lost equates to 10 seconds with the 5 pound ive gained im aiming for nearly a min go faster speed..image

  • Hi everyone.  Did my longest run so far since Brighton - 9 miles - ran 2 miles to my friend's house who's also doing the Bristol 10K, quarter of a mile warm up with her, 4 1/2 miles with her, another 1/4 mile back to hers, then 2 miles home!  Felt good though and my leg is feeling a lot better.  My physio sister says it's just wear and tear after the marathon, and to be honest it was already feeling better when she looked at it. 

    In other news, my other sister may have been persuaded to run Brighton as well next year - I've told her to sign up quickly!  She's entered the VLM this year, after 4 unsuccessful entries, so she's very keen to do her first marathon!

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