Brighton Marathon 2013



  • It probably is Barbie. The do tend to change it around slightly now and again
  • I certainly don't feel GFA anyway! image

  • Barbie - I'm with you - I dont feel GFA at present - not walking down stairs anyway!!! image

    Not as bad as normal though, which is strange as i run this one quicker to qualify.

    Problem i have is that i really wanted to do a sub 3hr marathon and that would be asking too much (if possible in the first place) doing 2 in one week - unless i did do the first one as a sub 3hr and then crawled round London! -

    Yep cheers Barbie - I will do the same as you Brighton fast and London fun!

  • I'm in 2014 too, that'll be 4 in a row. The sub 3:15 will be mine! Actually just occured to me a sub 3:10 would get me in London, never get in through the ballot. If I get in next year I think I'd do both.

    According to RNIB website it's on 20th April so there'd be a 2-week gap next year?
  • Daniel - thanks for the post. Really interesting. With your 10k time you should be looking at sub 3hr not sub 3:30.

    I do 39 min 10k and 1:28 half and 3:13 marathon so you should be 2:55 marathon time (if trained for properly) - you have given me hope to get my 10k time down (although i dont do many 10k races).

    Not sure 10k classes as a short distance in my book! Still long distance.


  • Running guy - cheers a 2 week Gap would be good between London and Brighton! -will check this out.

  • Yep - you are right Sun 6th April Brighton and Sun 20th April for London. Looks like it will be a busy April next year image

  • DJ8,

    I am 36, and this was only my second Marathon, my previous best was 3:49 (London 2010)

    My 10k and 5k are similar times to yours.

    I initially though, I'll go for 3:15, then thought I might as well shoot for a GFA at 3:10, then though sod it, I'll go for sub 3.

    On Sunday I somehow ran 2:58:58.


    I am still in shock...

  • Love that Neil - AMAZING achievment image

    I hope you are milking this one for months to come! image

  • A bit of well calculated self belief can go a long way, I know that for sure.

    Aim high !

  • Neil - Well done, superb time.

    Paul - Cheers, looking at your times, you've just confirmed I should be able to go under 3:15 (38:45 10k, 1:27:47 half).
  • Neil - That is flipping awesome! There is a massive gap between 3:15 and sub 3. Will you do London and brighton or only London?

    Daniel - 41 to 37 mins is great. How did you "hone" your 10k skills? (hills or intervals etc). your times at the marathon will tumble

    I think i can get 37-38 min 10k (only really ever done 1 10k race) and a 1:25 half . and will shoot for sub 3hr. You guys have given me hope and inspiration. image


  • Neil well done you on the Sub 3hr great achievementimage

    went to start a 2014  thread only to find i had been beaten to which saved me a job  here's the link to it

    Brighton 2014

  • Running Guy - You are quicker than me - so yes i think you should be aiming quicker than me for the marathon - 3:05 - 3:10

  • I just love reading your amazing stories guys, thanks for sharing them. For me it has been a bit of a funny running experience. Started back in 2008, walk/run to gain some fitness post uni. Did first ten km in 1h05 ish.

    Did my 1st marathon in 2009 in 4h33, one in the autumn at 3h50 then one the following year in 3h41.

    Decided to try and concentrate on shorter stuff, got my 5k time down to 20min but really miss the long stuff. Trained for Gloucester this past jan which was cancelled but got my mileage up to 22 and kind of maintained it and now readying myself for Edinburgh in may. I just seem to feel fitter and more focused when marathon training.

    Entered now for brighton next year and really looking forward to it!
  • So addicted to posting on here I have to do it again!!

    Had a good run this morning but only 3 miles legs fine though quads are a bit tender when foam rolling.

    Neil fab time!! You must be delighted.

    I'm not doing Brighton next year but i will do the local marathon over here in October and aim for my sub 4! Perhaps at home where it's quieter will suit me more - not used to running with so many people - only ever done the GSR for the past 2 years so not very experienced in how to keep focused.

    I've loved this thread and got so much out of it, thanks to everyone who commented/contributed etc it's been wonderful!

    well done to all of you PB's or not you're truly inspiring!  image

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    It has been great sharing the experience with you all.  I may enter the Brighton Marathon again in the future, but in the meantime I'll be trying out new venues.  Next year will be my first time at the VLM, so I still have much to look forward to.

    Keep on running and improving image

  • Sorry for being away from this forum so so so so long!!! But I am back.

    Did my first marathon in Brighton, and surprised myself - 03:53:40!!!! Could have done a lot faster but got stuck in the last wave and got slowed down by a lot of other first timers and donkeys, man with tiger on back etc etc. :P I didn't hit the wall, drank loads (which was good as the sun came out and the heat was on towards the end) and because of this, I have entered for next year as well!!!! Whoop Whoop! 

    Whilst on the south coast, the day before Brighton, I did the 5km parkrun in Eastbourne as a warm up, I said I will do a steady run, but instead finished 5th out of 94 runners and got my second fastest time of the season, 00:20:27!!!! Opps, but still, great preps for the marathon.

    The only disappointment I felt from Sunday was the bus organistations from Mill Road car park to the start, and when I arrived with 15 minutes to go, I needed the toilet but had to wait for ages and very little warm up. I allowed myself plenty of time for this, but still, the buses was the biggest let own. Think of plan B for next year. 


  • SGB1953SGB1953 ✭✭✭

    The "full results" on the Brighton Marathon website are great if all you want to know is results of yourself and people you know etc.  However it's not great for more detailed analysis.  

    Does anyone know if the usual data is to be supplied to power of 10, so they can add it to their website?  I wouldn't have thought it was a lot of work.

    That said it was a great day, the nicer weather arriving just in time.  I thought the crowds were better than ever.

    I've entered for next year.


  • RunningGuy - my 10K & 1/2M this year were seconds short of 40 and 1:30 but have just done 3:12 - you can go sub 3:10 surely.

  • chutneylocker - Yes I've been told I should be able to. Just struggle with legs so much in final 5. Need to work on strengthening before next year and then getting some fast miles in early on I reckon. Cheers, you've made up my mind to go for it, just got to wait a year now!
  • Fast miles early on will only make the last 5 worse!! As close to even pace as possible will give you the best chance. 20 is halfway and if you're working hard before then, you've gone too fast image
  • sleaversleaver ✭✭✭

    Does anyone know if the site will have any video from the finish? I've only got photos on mine at the moment but I have had a video of the finish from another race I did that they covered.

    Also, when are the copies of The Argus that we could pre-order likely to start arriving?

  • Tillstar wrote (see)
    Congrats on the PB lombster image and fantastic time swervin mervin enjoy your beer :0)

     Cheers Tillstar.

    Picklelilly wrote (see)
    Lombster - as predicted, I missed #themerge. How was it? Any sign of the red mob coming down Preston Drove when you got to the park? 
    Not overly eventful. I was probably in the middle of the 'elites' and there must have been the same number of reds ahead of me at #themerge.
    Was glad to get off to a good start from Withdeam Park but there was absoultely no atmosphere at that start. Really surreal for a marathon.
    Neil Spicer (301 white) wrote (see)



    On Sunday I somehow ran 2:58:58.


    I am still in shock...

     Great time Neil. I did pass you a few times on the out and back bits (obviously you were coming back as I was still going out!). I did shout out as I remembered your number (plus you had 'Neil' on your top which helped!).

    Paul Went wrote (see)
    Hey lombster, I followed you for first 10 miles (well miles 1-9)
    You had lombster written on you back and a massive wig.
    Well done you beat me by 6 mins!!! Damn

     Cheers Paul. The wig did come off after 7/8 miles as was getting way too hot!

    Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Ok lets make a list for Beachy

    Fat Buddha
    Stubborn Dogged Mrs B
    Tracy G?

     Count me in. I was going to give it a miss this year but seems as my Mum has already entered I may as well too.

    Extremely saddened by the passing of Sam and the events in Boston. Really put a downer on what should be such a positive event.

  • Daniel, I have totally cut out alcohol and am almost a nutritional nazi! And agree those 2 make a big difference. Belief is probably the most important, thanks for the tips as you sound a very motivated guy.

    Chutney locker - that is an impressive marathon time !!! Well done!
  • mmm never thought of 20 as being halfway before...interesting!

    2 years ago tried negative split, last year positive split, this year tried experimental fast run/walk strategy. Maybe even pace would be sensible next time, just need to work out what pace, maybe around 7:12 for a sub 3:10.
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