Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Lombster

    Well done on your time, I am sure you will get your 3 if you stick at it.

    I thought that was probably you shouting my name, but I couldn't see you!

    Well done to all on their times and thanks for the camaraderie here and memories which will last a lifetime.

    Aim High !!!
  • Daniel Bates 2 wrote (see)

    Whilst on the south coast, the day before Brighton, I did the 5km parkrun in Eastbourne as a warm up, I said I will do a steady run, but instead finished 5th out of 94 runners and got my second fastest time of the season, 00:20:27!!!! Opps, but still, great preps for the marathon.


    At parkrun do you remember a marshal being helped by 2 small children? That was me and my kids! I chose not to run the day before the marathon... image

    Congrats on your 5th place! image

  • sleaver  the videos are up

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    I really enjoyed Brighton marathon, and the spectators were great and supportive. It made it more special beacause of this thread and meeting some forumites. So thank you to everyone. Snowmaiden and Poohbear were especially inspirational beacause of injury, they still did the marathon and were not defeated. They even signed up for next year with the target of vastly improving their time.

    This is in contrast with some mocking I read on another thread, and juvenile writing (mentioning no names image).

    I have decided that I definitely want to 'run' another marathon, but not Brighton next year. There are plenty of marathons all over the country, and I want to try out a few. But I will probably do Brighton again as it was great.image

  • Kathy H - Brighton is always a special marathon, so try others round the country AND Brighton !!!!

    Brighton is one of the best....,,,,
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Poohbear and Snowmaiden, I forgot to add my congratulations to you both. I'm also glad you have decided to have another go to improve over the forthcoming year.  There must be beginners who will take heart from your account of what it is like to be at the back of the pack, and who will be encouraged to give it a go in spite of their fears.

    The thing about running for 99% of us, is that it is about improving ourselves and becoming the best that we can be.  Good luck with the next step on your journey. 

  • All of me now feels pretty much normal physically, apart from the fact that I can hardly put any pressure on, or bend my right knee. So the way I look at it, 95% of my body is great, but when I walk I look like only about 10% is working properly ... image

  • Neil - think you said a few days ago that you do lots of work at 10K pace during the week, do you do them as a single interval at that pace or do you do split them into two lots of say 3 miles with a few minutes recovery inbetween, so a classic threshold type workout?

  • SalisburyLad, that's probably to be expected given the issues you had beforehand.

    Really undecided about doing a 3rd year at Brighton in 2014? I'm definitely going to do Edinburgh and its a month later. I'm running the Bewl Water marathon in 2 weeks, so will asses how I feel after two in succession.

    My 10k and half time seems to have no coralation to my marathon time. 10k 0:38, half 1:38 yet I'm stuck on 4 hours (PB 3:58:24, achieved 4:00:25 last weekend).

    Thinking I may get a running coach? Does anybody have experience of a coach, it it worthwhile?
  • Oops, just started reading 2014 thread, which was enough to spur on an entry! I'm in... It'll be marathon #10
  • Ha Ha DF3 you crack me up

    GCE ha ha knew you couldnt resist image

  • Has anyone got experience of running both Brighton and London and how the two compare for times. I'm fairly crestfallen about my time at Brighton (just over 3hrs) as i was expecting to be comfortably under 3. Just seemed to go backwards from 14 miles onwards. It should be good enough for a GFA place at London so i can either go there or try to crack Brighton again. Not sure if at London you get caught in a very slow start ??

  • SGB1953SGB1953 ✭✭✭

    Red Nine - I've never done London, and can only dream of the sort of time you're interested in.  However I have spoken to people who've done both, and one mentioned that Brighton is likely to be faster than London for the reason you give.  That said I'm not sure a slow start is always a bad idea.  On Sunday mainly because of congestion, my first five miles were on average approximately 25 seconds per mile below my target tempo.  However, I think because I'd started slowly, I then kept it up for the rest of the race, doing a negative split.

    Those who have done both, and are closer to your speed, should be able to help more.

  • I was on the elite start (although i'm really not that elite) but that was excellent, i was over the start line in maybe 10 seconds. I think Brighton is a quick enough course but its obviously at the mercy of the wind direction / speed. the last 5 mile stratch was very tough into the wind. maybe i'm over analysing why it went wrong for me but its these marginal things that help 5 mins one way or the other. had i been 2 mins quicker i would probably have been slightly happier. i wasnt sure if at london if it takes you 5 mins to cross the start line and you get caught up in big crowds than you can forget about a good time before youve even started.

  • sgb - well done on the negative split though !!! a skill i need to master


  • chutneylocker,

    Like everyone, I had to make my training plan work around me. I did Zero running in the evenings, so I would run a 10km / 14km loop every single lunchtime at full on 10km speed, which gave me enough time to get showered and back to my desk.

    If I ran any slower than 4min per km pace , I knew I would not be clocking up enough miles per week to make sub 3.

    I decided to stick to thinking in Km pace for the marathon and completely ignored the regular Mile markers.

    After the first 10km I thought right, thats Monday done, Tuesday next , then Wed etc.


    Well, it worked for me...

  • Red 9 I have started London from GFA start and it is still congested, from what I saw Sunday (I started red pen) of those who got the elite start they definately gained benefit of clear streets. On the plus side for London there are far more people running at the pace you are looking to run, so if you run better in a group it may be better. Personally If I was looking to get a pb I'd not consider London.

  • Neil that is quite a regime, surpised you didn't get injured with all that running at 10k pace!  I think I was lacking in threshold work which you clearly got plenty of!

    Love the Monday, Tues, etc.. approach on race day.


  • Gloryboy - yes, i saw lots of people still queeing up to start when we had already done a mile or so. Running in a group definitely helps, i felt like i was out on my own for the last 10 miles. mmmm not really sure - maybe i should do both image


  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    chutneylocker wrote (see)

    Love the Monday, Tues, etc.. approach on race day.


    I got as far as Wednesday - which was a rest day image

  • been out today for my first post Brighton run did 8miles along the sea front made a nice change to be able to enjoy the view as it's the last part of the course i  don't usually have time to take it in

  • So, first marathon done. I loved everything about Brighton, but as a Londoner it will probably be the VLM for me next year. I haven't registered for BM 2014.

    My silver target was sub four hours. Gold, 3'45. Thanks to the crowds, clement weather and a conservative start, I managed a negative split by over ten minutes and came home in 3'37. I think I can go under 3'30, and am looking at my next challenge.

    Has anyone done the Chester Marathon?



  • DF3 we have for the past couple of years had a weeks holiday down here afterwards

  • 10k jog along the seafront in Brighton this morning - first pre-marathon run, felt really good to be able to jog all the way back from 23 mile mark to finish.  A lot cooler today than it was on Sunday, so a nicer run along this section.


  • I still can't walk properly. Last year I was able to chase my son around the beach all day on the Monday.

    Obviously the time off my legs with illness and injury played its part, but I'm still suprised how much agony I'm in. Mind you I was suffering with cramps badly from mile 18.

    I can't wait for next year, I wish it were sooner.

  • Wow, people running already?! Yesterday my left knee was still refusing to bend, but it's a bit better today. I'm hoping to run parkrun on Saturday, and I thought that was maybe jumping the gun.

    I won't run further than 3miles for a couple of weeks - the risk of injury is too great for me (having learned the hard way...)

  • DF3

    wow really sound like you know your stuff, is this ITBS disease contagious ?

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