Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Afternoon all

    just 5 miles for me today ventured out for a run as the pavements in our road didn't look to bad and on a whole were clear like B&T there were still one or two places that were a bit dodgy but so just slowed down aim for of today’s run just get around in one piece

  • I did my 15miles last sunday in my trail trainers but if more snow looks likely i think i'll invest in yaktrax or similar. speedwork tonight around our local shopping centre car park as its the only snow free zone around!

  • well my icebiters arrived this afternoon just in time for the snow to have melted though secretly i hope i don't have to use them now although i have been told we're supposed to have more snow tonight

  • Gloryboy - if you are travelling from Eastbourne (via Lewes, not along the seafront) you will need the University of Sussex Park and Ride.
  • Just when you thought it was going away, it's snowing lots again. Here in Haywards Heath at least anyway.

    Glad I managed to get in my 10-miler just before it started. Ashamed to say I'm not one of those that braved the ice and slush to keep up my training, although I've also got my head/eye/brain injury to worry about, so this was my first run since Thursday.

    When will it ever end???
  • 4.5 miles in slush with more heavy snow coming down around me - is it wrong to admit I loved it !

  • Thanks for all the info on ice biters and yaktrax.  I'll see how I get on over the next few days, then I might consider getting a pair.  

    I ran 4m recovery on the treadmill tonight.  Tomorrow will be 11m - hopefully outdoors!

  • Very impressed with everyone still running in the snow I have been out of action since Saturday but back on it Thursday (out with friends tomorrow) yaktrax ordered for next time it snows, hate being out of it. Just heard I have to go away with work 2 weeks before my first half so training time severely limited!
  • Well done for those still running in snow - it's all gone here.......

    So 5km race done tonight in just under 24 mins - not a PB but considerings it's so cold I was quite pleased - tried really hard to stay relaxed and use the arms effectively!

    Tillstar - can you run whilst you're away?

    8 miles for me tomorrow morning - hopefully not too stiff etc after tonight's effort!

  • No not looking like I will be able to run when away as long commute both ways is going to keep me away from the gym all the time it's open and will be too late and dark when get in. Have weekends I suppose but got lots on next few weekends with dads birthday so was counting on weekdays doh!
  • Picklelilly thanks

  • morning all

    well it snowed all night her but at the moment hasn't pitched let hope it stays that way weathers supposed to be on the change Sunday there forecasting wet and very windy

  • Morning everyone, managed 8.5 this morning - lovely weather - cold but dry. Hope you are staying safe with the snow everyone.image

  • Got a 5 mile hilly run tonight, 5 x 1mile lap with a biggish hill each time ... how do other people approach the hill runs ... hard up the hill and then gentle the rest of the way, or fairly constant the whole way ?

  • Salisbury lad -Keep my head up, knees high, shoulders relaxed, maintain same cadence if possible, use my arms and hope for the best!

    I'm not so great on downhill anyway - hurts my knees a bit, so has to be gentle. Good luck!

  •  5 miles done today icebiters got there first wearing work a treat i must say rest day tomorrow then 18 on Friday let hope the snow keeps melting

    hills usually take a look at them go Oh s*** and just see how far i can get up therm before slowing to crawl

  • I could have done with those ice biters!  It was like a skating rink in some areas this morning.  With that and the fact that I've developed a mild headcold, I decided to retreat to the garage.  So I ran my 11m MLR on the treadmill.  

    I gradually increased the pace from 10:43 at the start of the run, to 9:50 over the last four miles.  I also gradually increased the incline in the final few miles to push my heart rate up to the top end of my planned range.

    It was a good session, but one that I really don't want to repeat over eighteen miles this coming weekend!  Unfortunately it is a very slow thaw during the day, and the nights are sub-zero, which is making the paths treacherous.

  • Salisbury Lad - I try for even effort, though it's easier said than done (especially in races).  As jelleybaby said, try to maintain cadence regardless of slowing down.  Julian Goater compares it to a shift of gears.

    I have a bad habit of looking at the floor when going up long hills.  Mainly because I try to imagine it's flat, and looking up would destroy that illusion image

  • If anybody is about to buy yaktrax pro - has them for 16gbp plus an extra ten percent reduction until midnight on Sunday with the code JLWTEN.

    I can't see how much they charge for postage, though, so I don't know if this is a real bargain.

  • Thanks all for advice - will let you know how it goes tomorrow. image

  • After all that, the wife's school got 24 hrs notice yesterday that they are being Ofsted'd today and tomorrow, so spent most of the evening sharpening baskets of kids colouring pencils, and cutting out and sticking for wall displays ... plan to do the hilly run this lunchtime instead.

  • No running for me today but my number for Longleat 10k arrived

  • Finally able to get back to the gym tonight :0) hoping to get 6 miles in in the hour but will see how I go its been over a week since I last ran and my legs ache even though all they have done is rest!

  • Hope the inspection goes well SalisburyLad - very stressful things they are too! At least you made yourself useful!! Good luck with the hill. BTW there is a book Tenjiso may have been referring to called How to Run Faster is by Julian Goater - I have found it really useful.

    Toby3 - Longleat with the animals???  Good luck with that!

    Just done speed session - hard work but worth the effort I hope! 7x3mins at 7.15 pace with 2 mins recovery inbetween and a mile warm up and cool down. And I did pilates before that - not such a good idea -all leg based stuff....... 

  • That was very hard work - did 4 trips up the hill in the end instead of 5, partly because of time constraints, but partly because I didn't think it worth over-stretching myself, given it is the first time I have done continued hill work. Managed to keep the leg speed going up the hills so thanks for the advice.

    Toby3, I have been to Longleat many times with the children but never seen any runners ... good luck !!


  • Jelleybaby wrote (see)

    BTW there is a book Tenjiso may have been referring to called How to Run Faster is by Julian Goater - I have found it really useful.

    Yep, that's the one.

    Rest day for me today.  I still have the head cold, but it isn't any worse than yesterday.

    Why do I always feel starving hungry on non-running days?  Currently snacking on oatcakes to stave off the hunger pangs.

  • Help! Advice needed.  But first, glad to see you are all training well. Toby 3 good luck on Longleat and great news on trim you!  Curly that is a serious core workout, going to give it  a go.

    I have been doing average 20 miles per week pre Christmas, longest run 8 miles. Just as training plan kicks in I start to suffer from old injuries on left leg. Last 2 times it was torn achilles, this time it is lower back, hamstring and upper calf. Had physio on Tuesday which has eased pain considerably. Now debating whether to continue as I am behind on upping the miles. Any suggestions? Dropped out last year as injury from first marathon was playing up and again put me behind. Very frustrated!!

  • Forty - if you are saying your longest run so far has been 8 miles, and haven't run since Christmas, then it's a big ask. There are 11 weeks to go, three of which would ideally be taper.  So that leaves eight weeks to get to 20 miles.  It's doable, I suppose, if your intention is simply to get round in whatever time is necessary.  Be very careful how much you increase your mileage each week and let your body be your guide.  There are some 12 week marathon plans you could google.  Have a look at them and see whether you think it is within your capability.

    I'm taking an extra rest day today to try to ditch my cold, and also due to work.  Tomorrow I'll run 7m, then 18m on Sunday - when hopefully the rain will have arrived and washed away the sheet ice (I can't quite believe I'm hoping for more rain!).

  • Fotry sorry to read you injured but it really depends on how badly you want to run it if you not bothered then there's always next year and if you want to and just wouldn't mind getting round then there's always run/walk so really the question here is do you really want to run it or will dropping out not be the end of the world

    the plan MY O/H (Poohbear) is using only had her doing 10 miles this week but it's designed just to get her around

  • Hi, Thanks for replies. It is only this week that I haven't run. Weeks after Christmas were between 15 and 20 miles but nothing longer than 6.5 miles. I am looking for sub 4.30 and plan says 10 this weekend. I think I will head out tomorrow for  a run and see how the leg feels. If it is still complaining, I will drop out as I made the mistake for continuing the year before last and was out for the rest of the year! I really enjoy running and in the end being able to go out each week is more important than getting round the marathon.

    Hope the cold eases Tenjiso and Pooh Bear, well done for joining Toby in his marathon quests. It will be a real family celebration for you all this year!

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