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  • Hope you come to a decision you're happy with soon Forty image

    I took a rest day from running today and instead tried a Body Pump class- I like! Am going to start trying to go regularly to strengthen my muscles and supplement my training image

  • Hi All,

    Does anyone know where the best place for free parking near the start is please?  

    This the fiirst time I'm running brighton and would prefer closer free parking as alternative to £10 park and ride from the Uni.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Evening all

    well 20 very cold and depressing miles for me today it was getting dark by the time i got home and have to say never been so glad to get home in the warm

    going out with Poohbear tomorrow as she has 13 to do once she back from here firms do she traveling up tonight for it and coming home tomorrow so once she back will be out for a run

  • Hi DYU, lots of Brighton streets are Residents' Permit only or metered parking, so ??10 Park & Ride is actually pretty good. If you want to give it a try though, you could drive around the residential streets North of Preston Park. Probably more luck turning left off the main London Road before the park, rather than heading off to the right. Have a look on a map and you'll see the residential roads in that area.
  • Hi everyone image some good running going on here. I however have failed. First the snow and now work has gone manic and very stressy. Means I'm going to be unlikely to fit in much training for the 3 weeks until my half. I know I can do the distance just won't be as fast as I wanted. Should I still do it? Feel like everything is getting on top of me at the moment would love to run and just forget it but just don't have the time. I really admire the people who weren't runners before now training so hard like poohbear and snow maiden. You guys are my inspiration, I will crack this marathon next year guess this work rubbish is only a temporary blip :/
  • Tillstar...keep at it. I find that work is very very busy then a short 20-30 min jog helps clear the mind and makes me feel better. Try and fit one in when you can you feel better for it. 

    Super long running Toby. That tough 20 will make the race a lot easier on the day image

  • Good running Toby, I always think the race is the easiest part its the miserable cold training miles that take the effort!

    Weight watchers & training now starting to pay dividends, 7 lbs lost this week & tomorrows 15 miler holds no fears, after running the same route last week in the thick snow & freezing temps. 

    I love getting/being fit! image

  • Well done for getting 20 in the bank Toby.

    Tillstar - I'm with AGF.  The more stress I'm under, the more grateful I am to get running.  Getting a few miles in here and there will help maintain fitness without taking up too much time.  I've never been sorry that I made time for a run.

    After two days of rest, this morning I ran 7m on the treadmill, including 8x100m strides.  It's still snowy/icy outside, but it's above freezing temperature at last and a strange yellow orb has appeared in the sky (wtf is that? image).  Overnight rain is predicted, so I'm looking forward to 18m LR tomorrow morning.

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭
    DYU wrote (see)

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know where the best place for free parking near the start is please?  

    This the fiirst time I'm running brighton and would prefer closer free parking as alternative to £10 park and ride from the Uni.

    Thanks in advance.

    LOL you paid circa £50 to enter the race and you dont want to spend £10 on parking...

    Why not park in Burgess Hill and train into Preston Park?

  • Thanks guys feel a bit better about things now image you cheered me up
  • 20 Miles done and dusted. Used the treadmill as its icy and cold outside + I have a headcold. Please to get my second one of the campaign out of the way !! image

  • Out for 5miles today, all off road across the snow. Not the easiest of conditions. Leg felt fine so will test it again tomorrow with a longer distance, hopefully on road if the thaw sets in. Beautiful morning, sunshine, blue sky. Popped into the gym and there were lots of people on the dreadmills. Hats off to you AGF, I can't stay 4 miles on one nevermind 20.

  • 13 miles down today - outside instead of on treadmill much better and less boring.  Took 3hrs 24 mins which was good for me, considering I was very tired, having just got back from firm's do in kent and had to push myself out of the door before I fell asleep.

    Fortysomethingandfit - the longest run that the training plan I am following has is an 18 mile run, but the training plan is just meant to get you to finish the marathon and tells you not to focus too much on the time it takes to do so.  If it would help I can post what mileages there are left for the weeks up to the marathon.

    Some good running going on by everyone - I dont think I am quite up to a 20 miler yet though.


  • evening all

    what a difference a day makes went out with the Poohbear today as she had 13 miles to do and didn't want to do them on her own  the sun was out and it was warm but it wasn't to last as i see the rain they promised had arrived

    great running everyone epically AGF on the 20 miles on the treadmill did one of those last week so know what it takes to keep going

  • Well done pooh bear fantastic running! Lots of good running from loads of you despite the weather. Did 10 miles steady pace for 8 miles then last 2 miles were 8.30 and 8.10 pace respectively, so pleased with that,

    Spinning for me tomorrow - really enjoying the different exercises I do - Pilates on Thursday and weighted workouts on Friday - hope it helps to give me general strength and suppleness etc........
  • Lots of great long runs going on, and pleased to report I finally managed a proper long run. Schedule had 14 miles, but due to a miscalculation I ran 15.2M. Was delighted, as the longest run/walk I managed in last year's training was 14 miles.
  • Thanks guys. Well done on your training too Toby/Kelleys/ pooh/ b&t

    An hours jog with the dog this morning... Happy days.
  • Well today I learnt that too much wine + too much rest + too much food + not enough sleep + 10K in 57 minutes = PAIN!! Still at least the dreaded first run after being lazy for too long is out the way
  • Good running all. The mileage is starting to get serious now, apart from those nutters already doing 20 mile long runs!

    A mere 13.72 for me this morning measured on after the initial panic of realising my Garmin battery was flat has subsided. Also pleased to do it in under 2 hours after a trip to A & E at 3.30am with OH who is 20 weeks pregnant and suffering from severe muscular rib/chest pains.

    By the time the race comes I'll only be two months away from becoming a dad, what an exciting time!

    From the runner formerly known as thegiantelf!
  • Pooh bear - running for 3 hrs 24 mins is just awesome! You really are giving this your all and are an inspiration. Bloody well done.

    B&T congratulations on your proper long run. Always so satisfying to feel able to run further than you'd planned.

    Tillstar - 'too much wine'? Really? I didn't realise that such a concept existed. Well done getting back into it after your little rest period.

    And managed over 13 miles after the delights of a midnight flit to A&E? Maybe you need some of Tillstar's wine after that little scare? Hope all is well now.

    As for me, I had a rubbish long run this morning. 13.5 miles with the training group through the thickest mud you ever did see. I needed hosing down when I got home. Combine that with long, draining hills and a blood donation just two days ago and it's safe to say it wasn't my best. Had to resort to a shotblok at mile 11 to keep myself running; my brain thought maybe I should walk for a bit (shut up brain!), or have a little lie down on that bench (SHUT UP BRAIN!!). I'm now tucked up under a blanket reading everyone else's posts to keep my spirits up. Thank you forumites.
  • Southern Trains have advanced  tickets to Brighton from Victoria for a fiver at the mo.

  • Picklelilly - wow - well done on what sound like a really hard run. Well done on ignoring 'the voices' image hope you're enjoying your well deserved rest.

    Runner guy - great running after such a disturbed night. Hope your OH is okay now.I had terrible rib and back pain when I was pregnant with my two, as they both grew 'upwards' rather than 'outwards'.

    Tillstar - great time after 'too much wine'! Hope the pain doesn't last for long...

    Jelleybelly - what a great range of different exercises. Sure to help with all round strength image

    AGF - thank you. Hole the dog enjoyed it too!

    Just 3 for me tomorrow. Legs feeling fine after Friday's run which is fantastic - I'm so paranoid about .

    How's everyone's weather now? Snow just about all washed away here, but windy and some heavy showers. Hope its called down a bit by tomorrow!
  • B&T fantastic run you must be delighted! Good running everyone - Running guy hope all is well with OH.

    Picklelilly - are your shotbloks the same brand as the ones being given out during the marathon - I want to try one beforehand but not sure where to look - not many shops over here with a huge range of sports things.....?internet

    Thanks for the info re trains Loftus RR I'm going to have a look now.

  • Picklelilly/Black And Tabby/Jelleybaby - Thanks for the good wishes. As I type she is sleeping soundly on the sofa. Still in pain but I think it's just considered as general pregnancy pain. B & T - It's good to know that she isn't the only one, I mean obviously it's not good that you experienced pain but, you know what I mean...I hope!

    36 miles planned for week 5. Here are my thoughts after week 4:
  • Today's 18m run caps off fifty miles for me - which is my highest ever mileage week, so far.  

    Although the overnight rain and thaw had cleared most of the snow and ice, there was still a long stretch of ice down the trail for me to edge around. Then I had a fair bit of flooding to deal with, and very heavy winds.  As I went up a 6.5% incline into into a fierce headwind (gale force? - it was bad), my pace dropped from 10:00 to 14:15 and my heart rate still hit it's peak for the run!  Remind me not to choose roads with the word "Hill" in their name in future image.

    Pacing was tough work, but I managed to keep to the plan most of the time.  total run time was 3:04:47.

    Next week the mileage increases further and I have my first 20m run.

  • Amazing runs from so many people - I did 16 miles (I did walk for the last 0.75 miles), and that is by over 3 miles the furthest I have run in one go without stopping, so although I felt exhausted at the end, I felt like perhaps, just perhaps, I may be able to run the 26 miles in 11 (oh my gosh, it really is 11) weeks time. Jelly babies every mile after 9 miles, plus 2 bananas and a cereal bar for breakfast obviously did some good!!

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    It was a difficult week for training. I even missed out a six miler image but did my five,four (instead of the planned six) and eight mile runs, and ran my LSR of 17 miles today.

    I tried the Clif shot blocks, and they weren't bad. I certainly prefer them to gels, but not sure if they helped me very much. I found the long run hard, but really pleased when I had finished!

  • Managed to get outside for a run today cause the rain washed away all the snow and ice overnight. Managed ten miles in 2 hours 58 mins, which isn't too bad. My ankle and my knee are playing up now though so lots of rest for me tomorrow I think. Ran out of gels as well so will need to pick some more of them up.

    Was a bit naughty afterwards, was spending time with a friend and she took me out for a cavery dinner afterwards. Very tasty and I definetly needed it, but it wasn't good for my diet.image

  • Snowmaiden - well done. A good run deserves a good feed image

    Well done Kathy - I think you need 6 Blocks for about the same calories as a bar of chocolate !

    Good running Salisbury - sounds like you were fuelled. 

    Excellent running for 50 Miles Tenjiso - Well done sir !!

    Good running everyone else too !!!

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Thanks AGF for the encouragement image


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