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  • B&T - Ive tried two different types of socks some 'skin' ones which are really thin, then some thicker ones from M&S, and the problem occurs with both (maybe a bit less with the thicker ones). I have run about 350 miles in these shoes I think, maybe a bit more though. 

    It sounds like everyone is doing very well this week well done to all! 

  • Sounds like your shoes are a little small Sian... I go up at least a size, your feet swell on long runs.

  • Curly45 - After a bit of a google I seem to get that answer a lot, eugh! thanks for the help, a trip to the running shop next week. 

  • Take your shoes with you - they may be able to confirm or deny that for you image

    You could keep them for shorter runs? Always good to rotate a few pairs anyway.

  • Yay! How great to be running in sunshine today! image

    Great that lots of you doing half-marathons. Halfway!

    My training going ok. My long run today went even better than last week when I somehow thought my cliff blocks were 30g each instead of 10g and therefore hit a mini 'wall' (it was more of a picket fence).  Am still slow (that's ok) and long run today was just under 2 hours so edging up slowly but surely.  Well prepared to be knackered on the day but that will be worth it.  Making sure I get to the start line by not over doing it (after illness and injury).

    Decided this will be my last marathon so have that incentive, also a friend has 'adopted' me to raise funds for an orphanage in Uganda.  Those things and also my bloody mindedness to actually do the Brighton Marathon after 3 drop outs!

    Have finally discovered the joys of ipod/radio on long runs.  Radio 2 kept me company today with a feature on Fleetwood Mac which was great.

    Happy running MARATHONERS. 56 days to go.image

  • Trying to book accom for myself  ( B and B or hotel), wife and daughter  thats not ridiculously expensive . Any suggestions ?  Thanks

  • Some great running going on over the weekend and well to all those who managed a new PB i have 10 to do today that’s after  my weight  watcher meeting hoping I’ve lost the last 3lbs

    Swervin that great news and that’s a very good time for your first H/M

    Kerrance you’re more than welcome

  • Sounds like a good weekend for most. Pretty sure the weather had a lot to do with it. My 20 went swimmingly apart from garmin freezing at 11 miles so had to switch to garmin app on phone. So records show 2 separate runs image

    Sian as said feet swell but also maybe new trainers with a wider toe box may help too.

    Good stuff swervin a sports massage normally sorts it out.
  • Kerrance - Toby's words on long run are spot on. I am working up to doing two runs of three hours before tapering for the last two weeks.  On the day the whole thing will get you roundimage

  • Looks like I have joined this forum quite late but it's awesome to find a thread like this! I'm also training for the Brighton Marathon in will be my first one so feeling excited for it!

    Another first this first official half-marathon! I'd run the distance before but never in a race situation so, as part of my training, I signed up for the Portsmouth Coastal Half marathon! Course was pretty tough going on the beach/mud/path parts but I completed the run in 1hour 47mins and 59secs and was pretty pleased with my time.

    Did anyone else do this run as well?

  • Also meant to say...I'm aiming for a sub 4 hour marathon (hopefully!!)...does anyone know if there will be any official pacers? I think if I could find someone to run with that would be doing it in that time, it would really help and push me on!

  • Hi AJP and welcome image

    Cracking time for your first half image And yes there are official pacers at 15 minute intervals if I recall correctly, so there will be a 4:00 pacer who will get you round in just under 04:00, a 3:45 pacer who will get you round in just under 03:45 etc etc. I've never run with one but in previous years there's always a crowd of people running with them.

  • OK, just got back from my FIRST 18 mile run and I did it in 02:39:09. Not bad I think and still feeling good afterwards. 

    Had a day off yesterday and Saturdday just gone, I did the Gunpowder parkrun (Waltham Cross/Enfield Lock area of London) and did the 3 miles (5km) in 00:21:18 and finished 12th/74. So my pace recently is getting quicker and better. 

    NOW, here is the thing guys I want to ask you. I got another day tomorrow, but I am back at work from Wednesday until next Monday. Do I do another steady or recovery run (of around 10 miles) or do a gym session. I got a lot of time on my hands tomorrow and I would want to know what to do the day after such a long run. Cheers guys. 

  • I'm no expert Daniel but I would opt for the easy 10 miler if your legs feel good.

    Great work on the 18 miles and park run time as well image

    Everyone is absolutely flying at the moment image

  • Thank you Barbie! Really enjoyed the run, felt good to be part of the race was a different feel to the other charity runs I had done.

    That's brilliant, will have to look out for them. Not too concerned about running with them...I think it will just be useful as someone to keep in sight or to give me a push when things are getting tough towards the last few miles!

  • Did my 9 miles last night .. I started off steadily at 10 min per mile for 2 miles, then went to 9:25 ish for the next 6 miles. I was going to do a quick last mile, but then my legs started to hurt (having played an hour's badminton in the morning !) so eased up for a gentle last mile.

    One good difference I am finding now is that my legs are recovering much more quickly than they did a couple of months ago, do others find that as well ? What would have been a minor strain that took 3-4 days to recover now only seems to last a day ... hopefully a good sign image Roll on the 20 miles on Sunday ... image

  • Did 11.5 miles yesterday in glorious sunshine and went to bed last night without any aches and pains. I went to bed feeling very pleased with my efforts only to be woken at  2 am with a sharp pain under the arch of my foot image  It feels much better now but still aches and feels a little odd.  Any advice?  I have a run planned on Wednesday and my legs feel great, but now I'm not sure what to do with this foot as the marathon isn't far away... image

  • Did 19 miles yesterday, in a fraction under 3 hours. I'll be doing 20 miles next weekend and ideally want to do them in 3 hours, so fingers crossed. If I do, it'll be a first! No real aches or pains today, which is a surprise.

    Llanelli half marathon in two weeks, and I'm hoping for sub 1.55.

  • Afternoon all

    well went to W/W down another 3lbs 10st 7lbs  making a grand loss of 3st since i joined back last October so this now puts me  were i wanted to be so i can start the maintenances  whole heartedly instead of the half heart effort last time

    Went out for run afterwards 10 miles done in 1:31:15 giving me an Avg pace of 8:59 m/m

  • Toby that's a lot of will power going on there. I seem to remember you always saying that you weren't gonna run Brighton again and here we are in yr 4 lighter, faster and more determined than before. I have a feeling you'll still be running year 25image

    Good running all AJP hello and super fast 1st Half.

    Daniel Bates excellent speed over a long distance. Go for the 10 miles , I would image

    Wordslinger again good pace but don't beat ya self up if you don't hit 3 hrs for the 20 your pace is still quick for a long run

    6 for me tonight. I deserve an easy one!
  • Just back from 24 , 13 yesterday .  Aching a lot but beautiful sunny day 

  • Lots more great running going on - you're a speedy bunch!

    Slowly Steadily - have you tried freezing a bottle of water, and then rolling it under your foot? Hopefully you've just strained it a little and it will heal quickly.
  • Mark never had a lot of choice this year as both the wife (Poohbear) and the daughter(Snowmaiden) signed up could be out done and i think i would have kicked my self if i didn't give my self a chance to get under the sub after missing it by 28 seconds last year mind you i said that every year since the first one Brighton was supposed to be a one off and i expect your right i get in the Exbo and get caught up in the excitement and be singed up again before i leave

  • Doing 4 (ish) miles up them Salisbury hills tonight .. wish I could go during the day, it is GLORIOUS out there now. One question comes to mind - have got used to wearing running tights during the winter, does anyone wear them all year round, or do they just get too hot when the sun comes out ? They have useful pockets in, so would have to work out how else to carry bits and pieces ... image

  • Toby I hope you do end up sigining up to next year I want to finally crack this one next year and your advice and motivation of your runs would be invaluable.

    Sailsbury Lad I have shorts in the summer that have zip pockets for keys etc - tend to carry as little as possible with me when i run.

    Have to confess I have been a bit quiet recently because I have been a bit lazy.  Work went manic and I failed to run as much as I should have done.  Didnt do the Brighton Half as I hadnt trained for far too long and was away with work for half of that weekend anyway.  Now back on it and back in training so should make my next half on 7 April.

    Very impressive running going on here well done everyone and thanks for keeping me motivated.

  • felt fine this morning and after yesterdays 18 mile run, I thought a nice 10 mile run around Stevenage will do the trick on this beautiful sunny day. Felt fine after the run with a few hills involved. Did the run in 01:26:49. Also tried out a new running belt to put my MP3 and Bottle of Water in, (and of course, the house key), and did the trick. Also enough room to put the gels in when I do longer runs. Wished I had this belt during my 18 mile run yesterday. Oh well. 

    KM's RAN: 16

    MILES RAN: 10


  • Salisburylad - I always find tights way too hot as soon as the temperature rises just a tiny bit above what it is now. Then I feel the call of my capris, which also have a handy pocket image Most running shorts do.

    Daniel - new running belt sounds the business - I have one for my long runs with a large bottle in, and room for gels, phone, key and an ibuprofen! Bit of a pain running with it around my waist, but it does mean it feels fantastic during arace when I don't have to wear it! Good 10 miles after yesterday's 18

    Toby - I'll be behind you at the Expo saying "go on, go on, go on, go on.."!

    Tillstar - that doesn't sound like being lazy to me, it sounds like life swamping you for a while - as it has habit of doing every now and again!

    Lovely sunny 8 miles this morning - bitterly cold when I set off, but by the time i finished I was 8almost* wishing I'd worn capris and not tights image



  • afternoon all

    well 5miles done it's a lovely day here even ventured out in a pair of running shorts for the first time this year have to say though OK as it was for a short run it's still to cold to be out for any length of time in them yet

    Salisburylad i also find tights to hot when it gets warmer i try and swap into shorts as soon as the temperature allows as i find they give you more freedom of movement i tend use a bum bag to Carry my bits an bobs around

  • Haven't been on this thread for a few weeks. Catching up reading posts.

    Great running going on.

    I've had a really good 2013. After a easy December in getting back into running after injury last aut, I have managed to really step up training both gym/running.

    My running has a bit of everything And has got me back to a good level.

    Did the bramely 20mile race Sunday just gone in 2hours 50min. First half steady then second half at MP 8min per mile. So very pleased.

    Gym yesterday nice and easy followed by sports massage last night.

    Easy 6miles for me today in the sun, now I have week off work.

    After Brighton I'm thinking of doing the London to Brighton ultra at the end of may. Has anyone ever done it before or doing it this yr?
  • Stephen -  I'm running my first ultra in May and looked at doing London to Brighton. However, the fact that there is a mandatory charity obligation put me off - I run because I love to run, I don't like being told I HAVE to raise money for a certain charity, if I want to do something for charity I'll do it on my own accord.

    I think it's put quite a lot of runners off as I got a call from the organisers out the blue last week (I think they must have my details from when I first registered an interest) to fnd out what I hadn't proceeded with my application so it would appear entries are down.

    From what I've heard though it is a well organised and supported ultra. There's quite a few similar length races around in the South East though at that time of year so I opted for the Saxon Trails 50 miler in Kent and East Sussex instead

    If you really want to do London to Brighton there is the original London to Brighton ultra which takes place every September There's no charity obligation with this one, although a friend who has done it said that you need pretty decent navigation skills for this one so not sure what you're map reading is like (mine is shocking which puts me off this one a bit! image)

    Let me know which ultra you end up doingimage

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