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  • Some excellent long runs being bagged in here! Well done guys, especially those cracking a new distance and to MarkD - nice pace and longest run of the thread image

    Commiserations to Sarah Marsbar ... just wanted to say dont feel too disheartened, I lost much of last year to injury and illness and am now in the shape in my life. You will come back stronger from this. Oh and try to find something else to do actve while your injuries are healing. Good luck.

  • Hi All,

    I'm sorry to say that I've made the decision to pull out of this years event.

    Two weeks ago I had a fall whilst out on a long slow run and sustain injury to my ribs.  I had to take a week off work but am still in pain despite my GP prescribing me some powerful pills to help with that.  On the plus side, I called the organisers who have agreed to defer my entry for next year.  I had already planned a long weekend in Brighton for the marathon and will still go ahead with that.  Also, I'll now be one of the marshals in the Start Area.  Wish you all the best with what ever goals you have for this event.


    p.s. will definately be running Brighton parkrun on the Saturday morning.  Can't wait.

  • Picklelilly what a good time I’d give my back teeth for 1:44 the best I’ve ever managed is 1:51

    Darren sorry to hear you had to pull out  hope the ribs recover soon but great your still going to be involved as a marshal

    Salisbury lad well done on your first ever 20 miles great mental boost

    great running everybody not long now keep up the good work

  • Had a great 18 mile run today completed in 3 hours image going for the big 20 at some point this week.

    Well done everyone this weekend with the long runs-can't even fathom doing 24 as a training run!!!
  • Some good mileage going on by everyone. Gutted for Sarah and Darren who have pulled out.

    Picklelilly - I normally love running in the cold but I was absolutely freezing after the TW Half. For some reason I was warmer after Tough Guy when it had been -4 and we had to swim through the ice! Great time BTW. The hills were tough but my training has definitely been paying off and I managed a PB of 1:26:30. I still don't think I'm quite there for a sub-3 marathon but at least I'm heading in the right direction.

    I'll be upping the mileage again this week and planned a 22 miler at the weekend.

    I'm also now into my 8th week with no alcohol which is by far the longest I've ever gone (by about 7 weeks!). I'm actually really enjoying it.

    Have a great week everyone
  • Hi everyone, well done on the long runs, my legs are still a little sore after saturday's 18 miles. Had a nice shock when I woke up this morning. I sent the link to my Just Giving page to my friends last night and when I woke up they had donated over £100 between them overnight. image

    Sarah and Darren - Sorry to hear you've had to pull out.

  • Lombster great time. 3hours may be tight but you've still got a few weeks and with a good taper it's definitely possible. Did you run 3.12 at Brighton last year?

    Alcohol. 8 weeks clean. Tougher than any marathon image
  • Good going Lombster - I am in my 7th week with no alcohol, and like you I am quite enjoying it. It is quite a bizarre feeling, going without a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of pints at the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I am really looking forward to that first drink sometime after the race, but it is as if my body knows it needs every advantage it can get to do 26.2 miles, and going without alcolhol for 3 months is just a very small price to pay. Also, I can justify to my wife that money I would have spent on alcohol can instead be spent on running bits and pieces !!

  • Lombster/SalisburyLad - I also join the no (or very little) booze camp when I'm training for a marathon. I had my last drink on my birthday (mid January), and apart from a few beers after Brighton half last weekend, that's my alcohol consumption done until approximately 1.30pm on Sunday 14th April image

    This is the 4th time I've done it and I really do notice the benefits of it...although I'm with you SalisburyLad and that first post-race beer tasting soooo good image

  • Maybe they should have a beer tent at the finish image
  • Mark - Just under 3:14 for me last year. Feel that 3:10 is doable at the moment but definitely need the remainder of my training to be focussed to go under 3.

    Glad I'm not the only one having some time off the booze! Also looking forward to a post-race beer, but I'm certainly not going to have as many as last year and go out clubbing until the early hours!

  • Afternoon all

    8 miles done today run took 1:13:18 with and Avg pace of 8:56 m/m

    had to order a new pair of running shoes as the old ones are now Waring badly were i come down on the outside edge of my heel ordered them from the start fitness web site and with another pair of running tights as i let Snowmaiden have one of mine with the discount code the two items came to less than i paid for my current running shoes from the running shop

  • I had my last alcoholic drink over six years ago image  I haven't got any faster as a result though image

    Eight miles today, with 5x0.4miles @ 5K pace.  First time I've run intervals outdoors (having found out how to setup the garmin) and it was much more fun than on the treadmill.  I was aiming for 7:51 pace, and my actual pace for the intervals was 7:51/7:51/7:51/7:41/7:48 - so well happy with that.  My heart rate readings suggest I can go faster, but that's for the future as I don't want to risk injury!

  • Well done to those of you who have given up alcohol - I had a drink about a year ago to celebrate my 50th and nothing since - I just don't really like it! BUT, I am very partial to diet coke which my OH hates me drinking so I've given that up for lent! If they had a beer tent with diet coke in it I'd be there no problem!!!  On the other hand a hot chocolate always goes down well image

    Tenjiso - I love intervals outdoors even in this cold weather! Good speed as well, but sensible not to push it - the weeks are going past quickly.

    Rest day for me today, and lots of foam rolling and ice on the knee to ensure it's ok. Flat running and no hills for me this week either image

  • I drink, but then I do work in a wine shop... have to make sure the stock is good imageimage

    I have recently, in an effort to shift a few more lbs before the race, given up cakes, biscuits and sweets and as much sugar in food as possible imageimage

  • Just quick question on the hills I keep hearing about....

    Is it hilly and steep for the first half or are people exaggerating a little? Need to incorporate some hills in training if so
  • No it's not hilly Louise, more a case of a few gradual inclines in the first half as you go out of Brighton. It's beneficial to do hills as part of training but if you haven't you'd still be ok as they're not by any stretch tough hills.
  • Sorry for those who've pulled out due to injury: recover soon, folks, and hope it's not too long before you're back to full strength.

    Some good advice about hydration a page or two ago (this thread moves on quickly, doesn't it!) - I got by on about 500ml over 20 miles yesterday, but felt like I could have done with a little more by the time I finished. Had a gel at the ten mile mark but honestly couldn't say whether it did me any good or not!

    It was a lovely (yes, really!) 20 miles though. Parked up at Pembrey country park, which is a huge site full of pine forest trails. So did some trail running before heading our along the coast, then back into the park for more trails. All in all, it took about 3.30 so I took advice from Curly to slow my LSRs down!

    Happy running, all.

  • Louise D - Toby3 put a video up a while back and it shows the course (I think on a bike?) but it shows the incline and it looks ok! I don't mind hills as long as the go up and not down (till my knee it better!!).image

  • Thought it didn't look too bad, had a look at the video and seemed ok to me. Think some people like to scare the bejesus out of others image
  • They took the only hill of note out last year to make the course even more PB friendly! The first half certainly isn't as flat as the second half but by no means hilly, mild undulations at the very worst.

    Like the sound of your long run wordslinger.

    Curly I'm not really a drinker but I could never ever give up my sweets!!!!!
  • You abstemious lot! Well done if you've given something up -' hope you feel better for it! For Lent I decided to try and drink at least 3 big glasses of water a day. Good when I remember image

    Sorry to those who've decided to pull out - hard decision to make, but if you're injured best to heal up and live to fight another day.

    This thread moves fast - hard to catch up if you miss a couple of days!

    I had an easy week last week, so Friday's long run was only 12 - felt very short! Then rearranged this week's schedule as I'm running a HM on Sunday and ended up running 10.5 today. Was feeling quite cocky about it, as my legs were feeling fine. However my shins have been grumbling this afternoon so our with the foam roller again. Pah - hoped the compression socks had magically cured my pesky shins!
  • Morning all

    Had my last alcoholic drink 26 years ago had a real problem with it when i was younger got to the stage it was the drink or the marriage

    Snowmaiden that’s great news on the sponsorship well doneimageimage


  • Due to do 3 miles tonight, but my left foot (no Oscar pun intended) is still a bit sore after the 20 on Sunday, so the one thing that the past 5 months has taught me is that there is absolutely no point running on it until it feels 100% better, as a few missed miles will make no difference, whereas I could just make it worse and perhaps miss out on a week or more of training. I shall just have to stay in and console myself with drinking orange squash all evening image

  • The front guys certainly thought it was hilly!

    First place: ???I was very happy with the course,??? said the 21 year old men???s winner. ???But I found it very hilly, there were a lot of undulations.

    Third place: Kelai thought ???the course was really hilly and it was windy, but I felt very strong and I was pleased with how it went.???

    I'd say mild undulations in the first half and flat in the second. I'm more worried about it being windy. I don't remember it being all that windy last year so imagine the quick guys are just used to training on flat terrain with no wind!
  • Yep wind is definitely a much bigger problem - the 2 years I've run it there's been virtually no wind, I do a lot of my training along the seafront and if you get a strong wind coming from the east, then that home stretch will be brutal image

    I shall be on a very close wind-watch the week of the race!

  • I seem to remember the wind being a bit of a problem last year on the return back from the marina. I was running with one of the pace groups and used them as a buffer. image

    I would imagine if we had strong winds then that would be a much bigger issue than the undulations!

    I've got about 6 different weather apps on my phone and am constantly looking at them all 10 days out image it becomes a bit of an obsession.
  • Good to hear all about the runs people are putting's really inspiring! I'm still getting out for my long runs at the weekend and desperately trying to fit my midweek training round some gruelling work hours at the moment. It's tough to find the time but on the plus side, when I do get out, it gives me time to clear my head and escape which is definitely enjoyable!

    Looking for a bit of advice though...whenever I go on runs of about 10m+ I get blisters on the ends of my toes which, although not painful when running, do ache afterwards! I know I have some problems with my toes where they curl over which obviously would put more pressure on them than normal but was wondering if anyone had any magic tips to ease the blisters? Friends have recommended putting vaseline on the toes and around the outside of my socks but I'm a little sceptical...

    Before anyone asks...I'm off to the running shop this week to buy new trainers (although I'm 99% sure this isn't the issue)

  • Just got my number in the post for the Salisbury 10 mile race in a few weeks time - I had forgotten about having to put a big cross on the front if you have any medical conditions, so due to my mild asthma, I am now a marked man !! Also, I managed to register v early, so I have no.7 ... I doubt anyone else with that low a number will finish that far down the field...imageimage

  • SalisburyLad - you'll either look very keen, or like you're one of Elites. Make sure you line up at the front on the Start line! image I've done that before as well - I was number 6 in a trail run in 2011, and number 3 in last year's local 5K!

    ajp87 - hope the running shop / vaseline can help with the blisters

    Hadn't thought about the wind at Brighton - shows how much 'seaside' running I do! Just another worry to add to my list for the day!

    I hope you notice I'm being VERY restrained and *haven't* suggested the wind problems may be due to tummy upsets from the gels.image

    Editted to add - great TOTP post - very classy, B&T!

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