Brighton Marathon 2013



  • 1 hour and 13 mins for a five mile run tonight. Well pleased with that. Passed the Leicester City grounds just in time to hear the crowd roar and start singing. Most likely a goal from one of the teams, though I couldn't work out who.

    Toby3: £225 now. Had to phone up and ask for more sponsor forms. image Those running tights, gloves and hat you gave me were a blessing tonight. It was bitter out when I went.

    Black And Tabby: Unless running by the canal counts, I haven't done any seaside running either.

    SalisburyLad: Good luck.

  • Good running everyone!

    I did 2 miles warm up followed by 3x10 mins tempo runs (managed about 7.55) then 1 mile cool down - knee reasonable and done 3 lots of foam rolling in the hope of preventing current niggles become more severe.

    Probably need to do more seafront running - not a problem here though, I just don't like it as I find it really tough going and need to shelter behind people - which I can't do when I'm out on my own obviously!

    ajp87 - do you use double layer socks?

  • morning all

    5 mile recovery run on the treadmill yesterday just 4 today my new running shoes and running tights arrived yesterday will have to give the a go today as it's only a very short run

  • Hi all. I just found this thread- booked today off work to get in a 16 mile run. Its longest run so far and am One week behind schedule..Setting off is the hardest bit I find! Now I am trying to plan what I need to eat/drink on marathon day and make sure it doesn't make me feel sick. Not sure the gels are for me. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing by! First marathon and first visit to Brighton image
  • the only gel i have ever managed to not want to gag on is the powerbar gels. had one on my last half marathon and it was yummy!

    on my longer runs at home i have some jelly beans half way and thats great also!

  • Catherine - welcome to the thread - hope your 16 miles goes well today! The only way to find out if you can stomach gels is to try them out on a long run. Try taking one near the end of a run, so if it disagrees with your digestion then you're close to home!!! I have found the more natural one I can find the better - High 5 Isogel is good because its very watery and you don't need to take extra water with it and its not too sickly. I also like Cliff's ShotBloks which are like chewing blocks of jelly (so hard if you're tired!) - they give these out at the marathon. You just have to try and see!

    Toby - hope the new shoes & tights are good. Trying to get a new pair of shoes myself, but of course the shoe has changed, I can't get my size in the 'old' style so I 'm waiting for he shop to get the new ones in in my size so I can go in and have the expert check they're okay for me. Sometimes its hard to spend money!

    Jelleybaby - all this talk of running in windy conditions, I think on marathon day I shall be adopting an 'echelon' style of running, like cyclists in the Tour de France do!

    Snowmaiden - actually I've run by a canal as well, so hopefully that will all help! Glad your run went well and that you can move again after your 18 miler!

    Just under 5 miles for me today - felt tired, probably too much birthday celebrating yesterday image However that's it for this week, until my Half Marathon on Sunday. Its in the wilds of the New Forest so I now have 4 days of dithering about what to wear, how many layers? Jacket, or just top and goosebumps? Too many combinations!


  • Afternoon all

    4miles done and dusted took me 35:50 Avg pace of 8:14m/m like B&T that it now this week till Sunday s H/M at Llanelli

  • Rest day today.  It's tough, I know, but somebody's gotta do it. image

  • It's all gone mental. 16.7 miles Monday, 6 yesterday, 8 today, 9 planned for tomorrow and 20 Sunday. Never done so much running.

    At least I will deserve my visit to Hove Town Hall on Friday night for the beer festival.

    Week 8 update -
  • Had a very long day yesterday visiting London taking Mrs. GB to a show & meal. Got back late only to find youngest daughter who had been on a schooltrip wasn't being dropped loally but 1/2 hrs drive away. So having finally got to bed at 2am my 8 miler this morning was delayed until 11am even then I'm sure I was asleep most of it. Fortunately I had the foresight to book today off.

    Silverstone half for me this Sunday. 

  • B&T so nice to read that someone else spends days wondering about what to wear!!! I have to confess that I already have ideas/concerns for Brighton despite the fact it's weeks off,  image but some of that is because we're flying and only taking hand luggage so limited space (well it sounds a good excuse!).

    Fantastic running by RunningGuy - well done indeed! Gloryboy - have a good night's sleep tonight. Tenjiso - hope you enjoyed your rest day - mine isn't till next Monday now!

  • Running guy - that's a lot of running! Reckon you'll have earned that beer on Friday!

    Quite a few of us at half marathon-ing on Sunday - Best of luck to us all!

    Glory boy - that sounds like a long night. Hope you had a more restful day today.

    Tenjiso - hope you enjoyed your rest day!
  • Morning all

    talking about what you’d like to ware I’d like to be wearing a guide dogs for the blind running vest as part of my outfit that’s if they ever get their act together first they were out of stock and now the sent us T-shirts instead of vests i have to say there the worse organised charity I’ve ever run for  i just hope it’s not because when they asked how much we could raise we put down £100 and they just can’t be bothered with us as it turns out between the 3 of us were up to about £400

    Tenjiso your right it a dirty job and someone has to do it so that will be me today

    G/B good luck Sunday

  • Giving my sore foot some more rest, going to leave it until Sunday so it will have had a whole week's rest, it wouldn't dare then cause problems would it ... image Good luck everyone on their long runs this w/e, I will probably keep it to 6 miles to check that naughty foot isn't going to be a pain.

  • How do you guys keep yourselves motivated?? I really want to do this one next year after pulling out of my charity place earlier this year as I couldn't raise their target but I struggle to make myself go to the gym after work to run 4 miles so wondering how I can motivate myself for this in time?!
  • Tillstar - I always tell people that I think training for a marathon is as much psychological as it is physical. In a way the running bit is the easy bit, it's the psychological bit that can be harder - getting yourself out of bed on cold, wet winter mornings, missing nights out so you can be up early for your long weekend run, etc etc. I think you have to really WANT to run a marathon to keep yourself motivated through a long winter of training.

  • 8m easy pace run today.  I've got some pain in my right ankle, so I'm giving it some RICE and have taken an anti-inflammatory tablet this afternoon image  If I have to, I'll can tomorrow's run and rest up to the half marathon on Sunday.  

  • My slow 16 miles took just over 3 hours yesterday but managed to get up and out to work today with no real aches and pains. Work colleagues think it's bit of mad way to spend day off!! Problem is fitting in 4 runs. Always feel I earn a couple of days off but I end up running Friday, sat and Sunday to get miles in!

    Had a fig roll (!) and some ribena as fuel yesterday and was ok but have ordered a few gels to sample for next time (including gu chocolate one,which I am very hopeful about!)

    Good luck to the half marathoners this weekend. Hope we can all stay injury free or recover from aches and pains to get thro these last few weeks!image
  • SalisburyLad - hope your foot mends soon. Take it easy - better to be resting up for a week or two than for five or six! Ditto Tenjiso.

    AJP - not sure what to suggest really. I've used Vaseline, body glide, plasters (a huge mistake), twinskin socks but in the end went for a running shoes a half size larger, and that's done the trick. No more toes banging the end of the shoes. Take advice from the running shop though.

    Tillstar - my motivation is 1) controlling my weight and 2) the feeling of satisfaction and (sometimes) exhilaration I get after a long run! Not always easy when you're facing a 6am 10 miler... In the rain...

    Looking forward to Llanelli half this weekend. Determined to set a PB - will keep you posted.

    Good luck all.
  • Salisburylad you're doing the right thing resting that foot for now. I think someone already suggested freezing a plastic bottle with some water in and rolling it under your foot. You can also try rolling a tennis ball around under it.

    Any one worried about windy seafront conditions, at least there'll be plenty of other runners to tuck-in behind on 14th April. I do lots of running on Brighton seafront and taking it in turns to take the lead spot with other runners really helps get your breathe back - it is exhausting though. My least favourite weather for running as most of you already know; I've moaned about it non-stop in most of my posts!!

    12.8 miles for me this morning and at last I'm seeing a small improvement in my speed. I've also found warming up my shins and calves properly before running is really helping with recovery for the next day's run.

    Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. Two more days to agonise over what to wear - enjoy it!
  • Picklelilly - the weather forecast keeps changing so my planned racing outfit keeps changing! I've discovered my shin pain is linked to tight calves, so am really trying to warm them up / stretch them out / compress them!

    SalisburyLad - hope the foot's okay. Frozen water bottle under the foot for sure.

    Can't read over the page now - but sound like it's a real half marathon weekend coming up. Best of luck to everyone
  • Good morning everybody! Good luck to all those racing this weekend and hope those with injury niggles recover quickly. Happy running image
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    I've still got ankle pain, so I'm going to bin today's run.  Making the start line on Sunday is the priority right now.

  • Good luck everyone on the weekend races. Managed a 5 mile run in 1:06:32, a new pb for me on that length. Mostly, admittedly, because I was worried about getting back in time to get ready for work but I managed it.

    Tillstar: Know what you mean about motivation, took me longer than it should to drag myself out of bed this morning. I battle it by setting myself a goal before I go. For example I get a desert with my lunch today instead of just a yogurt.

  • Remember the hardest step of any run is the one to get your self out the door and i so know I've thought of so many reasons not to go out i could wright a book

    it to cold

    it's to wet

    i'm tired

    it to late i won't get back in time

    I Just can't be a**ed

    I'ts to hot

  • as I'ts now March and Brighton's  just over a month away i thought I'd start that meet up list if anyone's interested we can a just the time to suite

    travel lodge Preston park 4.00pm



  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Toby - is that meet-up on the Saturday?  If so, I'll be staying at the Travelodge, so you can count me in.

  • Thanks Snowmaiden and everyone else for the motivation tips.  I like your idea Snowmaiden - I have a huge sweet tooth and was going to give it all up after my birthday but perhaps that is a better idea - it can be a little reward for when I have done a good run.

    Id love to meet with you guys but although Im coming down on the Friday to sign up for next year I wont be around on the Saturday but will be thinking of you all and wishing you lots of good results for the next day :0).

  • yes meet up will be Saturday

    travel lodge Preston park 4.00pm Saturday




  • have a look at this


    hope this helps to inspire you and motivate you when the day is cold and wet and the settee beckons

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