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  • Cracking time AGF image

    Mark D, another race report for you image

    We ran Steyning Stinger off-road marathon this morning, a hilly 26 miles all off-road on the South Downs. I can't praise the race enough (somewhere here actually recommended it to me (can't remember who now image) so thank you to whoever it was) - it was a bargaintastic £18 to enter, brilliant organisation at the start (the start was close to Steyning school so they used all the school facilities pre and post race), fantastic marshalling and checkpoint stations, really friendly crowd (lots of real racing pros - saw quite a few 100 Marathon Club Tops, a few SDW100 tops and someone had even run the WS100 but they were all so welcoming to the likes of little old me)....and you got a free breakfast at the end image

    Waiting for official times but chuffed with unofficial times of around 04:57 for me and 03:57 for hubby. Defiitely a race I shall be partaking in again image

  • Great race reports so far! (I love reading them too, Mark!) Full race report to follow from me, but as a quickie, New half marathon PB of 2:15:54 image image image image image Took another 2 mins 27seconds off Bristol's time. Very pleased, as it was pretty breezy today, and at least a couple of miles were straight into the headwind. A few unexpected hills (okay - undulations!) in the last couple of miles meant I finally overtook a group of people who'd had to walk up. Feet up now ' ready for my post race snooze image
  • Fantastic PB B+T, especially with an evil wind to contend with!
  • AGF/ B & T - Well done on the Half Marathon PB's. I got one in Brighton two weeks ago too.

    First 20 miler of the year for me this morning, well 19.7 anyway taking my weekly total to a PB of 42.45 (59.17 if I include last weeks LSR which was actually done on Monday).

    Relaxing now with a beer and Spurs v Arsenal
  • Pb mania and just a crazy run from barbie!!!!!???!!!

    Congrats to all.

    I believe the word for Sunday is smugimage

    Proof that Training and hard work really do payoff

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭
    AmGettingFitter (AGF) wrote (see)

    Sorry I havenot been around much. Have been on holiday for the wifes 40th. 

    Today was the silverstone 1/2M.  

    So chuffed.  Official time = 1:29:58 ( Sub 1:30 and a 7 min+ PB ) image

    Off for a beer !!

    Whoop nice one. You've got the 3:15 in the legs no doubt about that!

  • AGF - great result and a well earned beer!

    Well done all the others who have had good runs this weekend.

    I've felt a bit 'funny' all week so decided against the 22-miler this weekend and did half marathon distance on the Pilgrims Way. Was loving the weather today but as soon as my jacket came off the sun did a vanishing act!

    6 weeks to go!
  • Great runs everyone and well done on all the pbs.
  • Well done everyone, and you can add me to the PB list image

    My target was 1:50 today at Silverstone and I finished in 1:50:04 (crappy pacing, I know image).  I'm really chuffed with that, especially since the garmin persistently registered short miles and made pacing more difficult (0.25miles out at the end!).  It's my PB by 4m 54s and is in line with my marathon target.

  • Congrats on all the PBs folks - and I'm joining the list.

    I was hoping to knock a couple of minutes off my PB to get below the 1:55 mark at the Llanelli half today - and ended up knocking nearly 8 minutes off to come in at 1:49:27!! You have no idea how chuffed I am! That's nearly 12 minutes' improvement on last year.

    I haven't looked too closely at my splits but I know I covered 10k in 50:57 (a PB in itself) and the 10 mile point was at around 1:22 (previous PB was about 1:30. Waiting for the official results to be published but hopefully there won't be too much of a discrepancy between Garmin and chip!

    It was a cold, cold day and a chilly wind at the half way stage didn't help, but it was a cracking run. Also pleased to meet Toby and his misses before the race - nice to put faces to names at last.

    Hope you've all had a productive weekend.
  • More stonking runs by Tenjiso and Wordslinger, well done both - everyone is on fire at the moment!
  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    I was going to have a race to report on, but unfortunately didn't get to the start due to navigational errors image image

    So I came back home, and took about 4 1/2 hours to run 20 miles by myself. image


    Luckily Mr H will be going doing the driving to Brighton.image

  • Tenjiso... I had the same issue. No blue line and zigzags I think. Well done on your pb.

    Thank you for kind comments guys. Made up.

    Thanks Curly. I see from fetch you had a great weekends training too... May see you near front of the pen in Brighton image
  • Oh no Kathy, that's the saddest story of this thread so far! I can't imagine how stressed you must have felt trying to reach your race in time.....then 4.5 hrs running on your own, sob!

    Everyone else has been posting cracking runs (just to rub salt in the wound Kathy, double sob!). Well done, fantastic PBs rolling in - hope everyone has felt very smug all afternoon.

    No racing for me this weekend, just an 18 mile LSR that ended up as 19 miles. First half at a very relaxed, slow pace, second half at MP and whole thing d&d in 2:46. Garmin says 880, I don't think so!! No idea what's wrong with the bloomin' thing. Who runs for nearly 3 hrs and only burns 800 cals??

    Anyway, tried a different gel today - GU mandarin orange - from last week's goody bag. Very thick, sticky and sweet. No idea if it helped coz no way of knowing how I'd have felt if I hadn't taken it. It didn't make me feel sick or anything like that but, boy, there were some very unpleasant side effects an hour or so later. I won't elaborate in case you're eating your tea. I'll be sticking to Shotbloks from now on.
  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the sympathy, Picklelilly!

    The 20 miles gave me an opportunity to try the Clif gels, as they will be given out on the day. They weren't bad to taste and went down OK. Quite sweet, but thinner than what I have tried before. I did have a slight stomachache an hour later, but that may not be down to the gel.

    I'm not sure if it improved my energy very much!

  • Picklelilly - That's a great run today. What's your MP? I did 0.7 further in 8 minutes longer and my Garmin said 2929 calories.

    Always the SIS GO Gels for me. Never had any problems. Was amazed to find 4-packs of Lucozade Sport for 99p in my local, er, 99p shop today.
  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    I have just measured the route I took today as it was a little different to my planned 20 miler. It turned out to be 23! I presume The Good Run Guide is accurate.

  • Eastbourne half had a horrid mile long hill from about mile 2 and a stiff cold headwind back along the prom for about 5 miles.  Otherwise ok!  Had lots of good banter with spectators because of costume.  Did get called a greenfly, green elf and even a chicken!image.  He must live close to Sellafield....

    Finishing time wasn't important and would have been quite happy with 2 and a half hours.  Chip time was 2:29:58!image AND I beat Peppa Pigimage

    Quite achey now and to double that distance in 6 weeks time is a bit daunting.  But as long as everything holds together I'll keep at it.

    Doing a half marathon race beat plodding the local streets for my LSR today so happy.

    Lots of good runs today by forumites, well done!



  • Goodness, what fantastic running from everyone! Great work and some wonderful PB's!

    Kathy sorry to hear about the navigational problems.

    Yesterday I did a 'time on my feet' session of 90 mins very easy then 10 mins 5km pace then 60 mins easy pace again. Did it along and back on the seafront form home so nice view but a bit boring! I also tried an gel - don't usually bother but thought I'd give a SIS a go, but it made no difference! No improvement in stamina strength etc, so will revert back to what I am used to! Anyone else found a lack of energy after using one?

    Today was 30 mins beach run, bit windy but not too bad. Looking forward to rest day tomorrow!
  • I see a few people completed Silverstone today? I think of it as good practice for a breezy brighton marathon! Just 20 secs short of a PB at 1:39, stopping for a quick 'call of nature' wouldnt have helped. Good event though.

    Anybody doing the New Forest Festival of Running 20miler next weekend? lets hope less disastorus than last year??

    Left timing of swapping shoes over to a critical point, old trainers at 600 miles, need to ease in a new pair in next fortnight in prep for Brighton.



  • Amazing stories from so many people, big congrats to all those PBs ! I contented myself with a gentle 6 mile run to check my foot was better, and although it was a bit sore at the end, I am pleased that I have woken up this morning with no pain at all, so I am hoping that it is on the mend.

  • Kathy - so sorry you didn't make it to your race. What a disappointment image

    Salisburylad - glad the foot is feeling better - just take it easy and keep stretching

    Picklelilly - my Garmin did this a while ago, and when I investigated it had 'lost' the details I'd put in about weight, resting HR etc - worth checking to see if that's what happened to yours! Oh yes, and the after effects of some gels image know that feeling well! I just had 1 High 5 isogel yesterday - I often think the results are as much pyschological as phyiscal - and I managed to run up the last couple of hills, passing a group of people I'd been following in the distance for most of the race image!

    More Well Dones to all the PBs yesterday imageimageimage - amazing how running slower for a long time in training makes you run faster in races!

    I'm feeling liek I'm going down with a cold today - a very kind lady was coughing and spluttering in the loo queue telling everyone how she was full of cold but was still going to race (Thank for that!) Hopefully lots of Vit C will put paid to it.


    Just a quick report

    Well Llanelli H/M done weather was cold and blowy which was good as we ran down the coastal path right by the sea good training for Brighton if the weather turns bad well i have a new PB according to my Garmin i got around in 1:43:36 beating my old time by 8:08 but was out done by Poohbear but I’ll let her tell you


    Travel Lodge Preston Park 4.00pm Saturday




    Lombster + 1

    Kathy H probable


    Mark D


    The Green Fairy


  • Nailed on sub 4 Toby. Think you should be planning a bit quicker for Brightonimage
  • Llanelli Half Marathon completed successfully.  I decided to try for a negative split taking it steady until the turn around point at 6.5 miles and then hopefully having enough in me to be able to do a faster second half.  Got to the 6.5 mile turnaround point in just under 1hr 30 mins and thought to myself well, if I try hard enough I should be able to knock some time off my pb and perhaps maybe get just under the 3 hr mark.

    Coming back along the seafront there was quite a strong wind, so I decided to jog all the way along instead of reverting to my usual run/walk method and continued to jog slowly until I got to the other end of the seafront and through the nature trail.  I looked at my watch at the 11 mile mark and realised that to beat my pb I only had to complete the last 2.1 miles in under an hour - a sub 3 hour half was looking promising.  Got to about 12.5 miles and could see the finish line, nice downhill run to the finish and I knew if I could just keep going I would get under the 3 hrs.  Toby3 was there on the run up to the finish line cheering me on as he had looked at the clock time and wasnt sure that I would be aware how close to the sub 3 I was. 

    Crossed the finish line with 2hrs 51mins 52secs on my watch and still only 2hrs 53 on the clock time from the start of the race.

    Well pleased with my time as that is a massive 33 mins off my pb set at Swindon Half last October.  I am sure that the almost 2 stone weight loss since then and the marathon training helped, but I am really pleased!

    Havent had a chance yet to read all the other posts since we have been away - but hope everyone else did well too.


  • WOW WOW WOW Poohbear - that's fantastic image Really well done - have some image for that fantastic PB

    And Toby as well of course!!!

  • Fantastic Poohbear! Well done!! You are such an inspiration!

    Well done everyone some amazing results this weekend you are all going to have a PB smashing marathon at this rate, so pleased for you all :0)

  • I'm definitely going to have a PB at the marathon imageimageimageimage





    [it's my first one !!]

  • Well done Toby and Poohbear on your race times - testament itself that hard work really does pay off image

  • Ha Ha Sailsbury Lad perhaps I should have made that a PB or expectation smashing marathon Lol image

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