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    David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    Has no one hear heard of a thing called a gym???

    Never run on a treadmill and only go in gyms when I have to walk through them to get to a trackimage

  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    Gyms are never affected by the wind, by the snow, by the cold ....... and you can train in a consistent environmentimage

    whats not to like?


    The cost! The road I just ran on was free! And the sun's shining...

  • 8.5m VO2Max session completed.  Funny how the weather feels less cold when running intervals image 

    There was no snow, which meant that I could confidently run faster without fear of slipping A over T.  The wind made my speed variable, but I hit the required pace during the intervals.  Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the session in spite of the wind.

  • Starting to panic - since the HM on the 3rd I have only been out once (work and life getting in the way again ) and then I strained my calf within 10 minutes of being out - my own stupid fault as I didnt  warm up properly. I have seen physio and had sports massage  and they are recommending no running for 2 weeks which will take me up to the 22nd March - the pain is improving but running is not an option at the moment - up to now my longest runs are two 15 milers, I was planning on getting in two  18 milers before the 31st March but I doubt that will now happen  

    I am determined to still run on the 14th but realise any time ambitions are out the window - when is everyones last long run??? Does everyone religously stick to the taper ?


  • Kerrance - try not to panic - I'm not experienced enough to advice you on length of runs to be done but I know lots of people who are!! But, RICE seems to be the most appropriate action now for your calf - hope things improve. My last long run is this weekend (22 miles), but I'm new(ish) to this lark so psychologically need to feel confident and can cope with the distance.

    Tenjiso WHAT no snow!!!

    We have snow here - lots of it (anyone see Jersey on the news last night?). Not possible to run outside and the gym was closed due to staff being unable to get there. So, I had a plan B which was to run in the car park - seriously, I ran for 25 mins up to the top and then got the lift down again! Fortunately, because the carpark is on the outskirts of town it was really quiet! Plus the snow has meant many people are simply unable to get in to work etc.

    I can safely add that to the list of 'firsts' for training purposes!

  • Not overly amused with myself today. Had to call my 5 mile run at 2.6 miles and 34mins 12secs because my ankle was playing up. Well done everyone who's runs are going well. Also Gym? I know of this thing, prefer the roads no matter what the weather though.

  • Sorry to hear that Ann.
  • I've had my fair share Jelleybaby! image  I think we may have escaped this time, though the forecasts still seem to think we might still get some.  I quite like running in fresh snow, though it can be hard work through the drifts.  Not so much fun when it's very icy though.

    Jeez.... how tall is your multi-storey car park?  Twenty five minutes to run to the top? image

  • Wow jellybaby that's impressive that you still got your run in. Having seen the photos of jersey I didn't think you would manage anything. My friend was due to fly back to guernsey yesterday but she is stuck here because of the weather. You guys have tons of snow
  • kerrance - certainly don't panic and don't rush back too soon and overdo it.  If I were you I would assess the situation once your calf is ok and decide what length runs to do according to how much time before race day.

    GCE - 2:30 wasn't as bad as it sounds - this time.  I watched the tv and thankfully the secoind half of the footie was interesting and kept my mind occupied.  I was run/walking 5mins/1min and stopped a couple of times for a toilet break and then when my wine gums spilled onto the belt!

    My hip joints start complaining if I'm out running in the cold for over an hour so opted for the boredom and warm environment.

    It was great to 'outrun' other users, in time if not in paceimage

  • No, not that impressive Tenjiso, I ran for 25 minutes up and down lots of times, not just once! Jersey only has small car parks.

    Hoping the snow has gone by tomorrow so I can do 8 miles outside.
  • David, I'm with you tonight. Aborted my 7 mile run tonight, ended up a slow miserable limp. Not good when so cold.

    Ankle very tender; now on my second bag of frozen peas being strapped around it.

    Physio yesterday gave me some tips on rotating the foot, and some stretching. The ankle joint is locking up.

    It's left me really miserable, just taken comfort in a whole bag of Percy Pigs.
  • Yes David. maybe Anne should get a deal with Sainsburys for Gym membership
  • Hey, when greenfairy mentioned the wine gyms, using a gym treadmill took a whole new appeal. David - foot still in the air in bed, Radian making my eyes water and only having just put the peas back in the freezer, your point is valid.

    I'm gutted, my ankle has swollen like a balloon??? Dreading waking in the morning and no improvement?
  • Morning all

    Well just 5 miles for me well i say 5 ran into town and got the wife’s name put on her running vest by the time i got back it was just over 6

    We had order the name the week before so went in Saturday to have then done but the idiots had spell her name wrong so had to go down again

    We now both have our names on the front and i have Toby3 on the back and the wife has Poohbear so to all you speed runs say hello as you pass us


  • Fab - some old friends of mine are going to be running this too...image FB, and P - no way are you guys 60, if you were you would be retired from all this nonsenceimage  Tracey, I haven't seen you and B for years.  How are you both? Redhead too...  who else I wonder? 

    To FB's point, I am not sure whether I will be running in pirate kit?  It's a bit weather dependant to be fair.  But you won't miss the Pirates if anyone wants to come and say hello.  image

    Using treadies is great in this weather, but remember to elevate them 1 notch to simulate being outside, and vary the pace.  Running for hours at the same pace on a surface that never varies can, ironically, lead to overuse injuries.

    Those of you with injuries (which includes me at the moment).. take it easy.  Don't stop just because someone tells you to stop... be your own judge.  Run if you can, if it hurts slow down, if it still hurts then you should stop and rest for a bit longer.  Tight muscles should be stretchedmassaged, iced and rested.

    Plenty of time folks, don't panic!

  • I'm guessing they spelt Alison's name Poobear instead of Poohbear. I guess they missed the excrement humour LOLZZZZZ...
  • Good advice there PSC.

  • It took me two days to recover from the half marathon (a bit longer than expected) but back in the gym today to do some treadmill work and put a few miles cycling as well as well as a light weights session. Hoping tomorrow or Friday morning to get some miles in before work. Not sure what to do yet, maybe a 10-13 mile run and leave a 18/20 mile run on my day off next Monday. Tough descisions................ Hope everyone is enjoying the training so farimage

  • I respect anyone who can run on a treadmill for any length of time. I just can't bear it!!!!!! Bit like watching a kettle boil, time stands still. I appreciate that sometimes it's the only option tho image

    Running is a slog this week. Very heavy legs.

    10 days to taper!!!!
  • Am I the only one who has never been on a treadmill in their life ... I wouldn't know what to do !! image

  • Back to serious things - gentle 5 miles tonight, legs are a bit tired (seems to be quite a lot of that going around) .. as per MarkD, I am also doing my longest (22 miles) run in 10 days, so looking forward to the taper also !!

  • Afternoon All! Just thought id join in on the whole treadmill debate lol! I run a lot on the treadmill in the winter as where I live its just not practical to run outside after work but I hate it! Its boring and you are surrounded by people having a chat or even reading a book while going for a leisurely stroll and looking at me like I am mad for actually running on a treadmill and looking shattered.  I also find when im outside i almost forget that i am running and can plod along for miles but on the treadmill its hard to even do a short number of miles without pressing the end workout button.  Off to the gym tonight to hopefully get some more miles in - bring on the sunshine and light evenings! image

  • LOL! I started a treadmill debate! image I only use them during the cold weather (like today) but the gym I goto in Stevenage, a lot of people are actually doing serious stuff on the treadmill. I used it last week to do ONE HOUR running on it, and had an incline of around 10% so I got some sort of hill training. But during most of the winter, it has kept me fit, on track etc. But now I need to do more outside training.

    If I can get 30 minutes done at least on the treadmill today, I be happy as I have been up since 4am and about to finish work now. By the time I get on the treadmill (after traveling home from train from London), I will already start feeling tired so I take any sort of training today. (and the gym is next to Stevenage train station, so straight in there).

    Anyway...onwards and upwards.

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    PSC - Bernard is training for VLM image His run 4 Beachy Head marathons so far. Kierrah is 17 and at college doing IT & Graphic Design course. Haven't seen you seen Le Mans. Did see you wife at Paddock Wood half the year you was riding there and see lost her mobile and used mine to ring you.
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