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  • I use Moremile (they have a sale on at the moment as well), but I also have some saucony which are ok, but not as firm as the more mile ones. Did 22 miles wearing the more miles then afterwards used the saucony ones - legs fine yesterday. Seems to work for lots of people so what have you got to lose really? image

    Goodnesss, we have sun here love to be out running,but it's my rest day and I'm on holiday so I've dug in some Jersey Royal potatoes instead and taken the dog out walkies!

    This running stuff seems to be addictive - I'm already looking at what to do after Brighton - much to my OH's dismay!!

  • Morning all

    well just 2 more MWLR left to do did 11 miles today ran at M/P went out in a pair of shorts for only the second time this year hope the sun stays only the last time i ran in shorts we lost the sun for about a month the whole run took 1:37:05 with an Avg pace of 8:33 m/m if i can keep that up for another 15 miles a sub 4 will be mine

  • Well done everyone who ran / raced in that awful weather over the last few days! Lots of extra hardcore points to you image

    Not so many fo rme, I only managed to get 2 runs in last week, andneither of them was a long run  image A combination of working and not finishing until late, and having to wait in for the British gas man to mend the broken boiler, our son's birthday treat at Go Ape, and then husband being out at a Sportive put paid to that! Midssed running today as I'm waiting for another British Gas man to come & quote us for a new boiler ... hopeful I can get at least one last long run on Wednesday or Thursday before the kids finish for easter. Would love to do a 20 as I haven't done one yet.

    Repeat to self do not panic! do not panic!

  • Had a nightmare couple of weeks with illness and work stress leaving me doubting myself and whether to run Brighton 2013.

    My last big run was on 3/3 and was over 20 hilly miles. Since then all I've managed is 7 miles.

    I was close to pulling out but have today decided to go for it.

    My question is, will I have lost too much ground now? I was hoping to run 3:30 (Ran 3:50 in 2012) and am hoping to hang onto the 3:30 marker and hang on for dear life.

  • Gaz my last long run was on that day too and I'm not panicking at all. I planned it that way. I've got a heavy week this week ( although I woke up with crappy cold) culminating in a 25 on Sunday.

    If you've trained for 3.30 then you should be ok still, after all the 3rd was only a fortnight ago image
  • %^$&£*" weather! image


  • SalisburyLad, 1000mile are good for post training.

    Toby3, Funny isn't it, a bare glimpse of sunshine and it felt fine to go back into shorts (although was mighty cold)
  • 10 miles done today - 5 miles outside and then it got too dark to stay out so finished remaining 5 on treadmill.  Much nicer to be able to run outside than on the treadmill, but better to be safe.

    2hrs 20mins for 10 miles so not too bad.

  • Thanks GCE!! Feeling much better today and had a wonderful sports massage so I'm itching to run again tomorrow.  It's only been four days that I have had off due to an ear infection, but I've really missed the training! 

    Look out hills, here I come!! image

  • Still lagging behind you guys. I did my longest run yet on Saturday night managing 16 miles. I could have carried on but boy was I shattered the next day! Went out tonight for a fast 4 miler. Well fast for me....6.8km in 33 minutes which meant I managed 5k in 23:48 and a 7:13 mile. I don't normally do the 'fast' runs but thought I'd have a go....quite enjoyed it!

    Nice to have it over and done with in 33 minutes rather than the 2 and a half hours the other night.

    I'm really getting worried about how I'm gonna fit in some decent longer runs before the BIG day!


  • Cheers MarkD. Fingers crossed, at least I know what's coming up this year.

    I think its common for the less serious amateur runner to start to worry nearer the race.

    I'm planning 22 this Sunday and then ease back on mileage, increase intensity.

    Last year I bonked at 14 miles due to not eating a single thing (a result of a nervous tummy), so I'm hoping that'll make the difference this time.

  • I've also done less long runs this year, still a fair few, but not the seven 20 milers, 10+ x 15+milers I did last year.

    I'm hoping that i'll be less burned out come the 14th April.

  • Sounds like panicking about lack of long runs is a common problem! I'm sat here again in an icy cold house, waiting for the British Gas man to hopefully come and kick start the boiler. If he comes at a decent time I can get out for a run afterwards...... drums fingers impatiently on desk ..... still waiting ....

  • Lady's and gents. It's really not worth stressing now with only a week possibly two before taper you can only do what you can do image

    Only you will know how well prepared you are come race day. Pace yourself accordingly. Not every race can be a pb. If you haven't been able to keep to plan then adjust your ambitions. Completing a marathon is a testament to hard work whether you pb or not.......
  • Thanks all - stopped on the way home from work and bought some Karrimor compression socks - I have their running tights and they have been good, so I thought I would try. Plan to do a gentle 2 miles tomorrow night to test the calf, will have been 7 days complete rest, so I reckon they should behave themselves. Regarding the long runs, I was due to do a 22 mile this weekend, but due to the injury my plan is to run for 4 hrs VERY SLOWLY, which I reckon will be around 20 miles, given that I did 20 miles in 3:35 previously.

  • B&T - hope the Gas people come soon!!!

    Salisbury lad - good luck with the run - what about a cold bath afterwards - I atempted it after my 22 on Satruday but failed miserably - it was soooo painful!

    Keep positive all of you with niggles etc, roll, stretch, rest, ice whatever works keep working on it, and you never know the enthusiasm of the day may be enough to get you around in one piece!image

    Just done a very pleasant hill session - we have nice blue sky here now the rain has gone!

  • I'm not convinced ice baths work, but it's an absolute test of human endurance. It's weird the pleasure I take from plunging into water with ice floating on the surface. I confess though, it's not a long soak in the bath!

    Don't start panicking guys, it won't change anything. What will be, will be. I've run 6 marathons now, and still struggle with insomnia a few nights before. Just accepting this makes all the difference. Being rested & relaxed leading upto the final week is so important to me now. You just have to go with the flow at this stage, and accept the inevitable.

    The bottom line is, that you are doing this because you want to, not because you have to. So don't forget to enjoy the experience. - it's more fun, and more rewarding than Christmas to me...
  • I wish there was a 'like' button on this thread.

    Some quality advice from all.

    No way ever ever ever am I getting in an ice bath!!!!!
  • Did a half on Sunday in new PB of 1:24. Today I did a gentle 8miles and feeling just beat now.. I suppose I should take a days rest tomorrow but I feel lazy even thinking about  taking a day off after training 6 days a week for the last 6 weeks solid...

    An ice bath might be the answer image

  • Neil I always have at least one rest day per week, sometimes 2  - your body needs time to recover so an extra day off after an excellent PB would probably do you more good at this stage of the training than going out for a run? Good luck with the ice bath!!image


    Just a thought people who have run this course before - I know there is a hill of sorts which is fine, but what is the down hill part like? Gradually going down??

    Also, how busy is it at the start - can you get into your pace fairly easily of does it take a few miles? I think I put down as an estimate time of 4 hours (hoping for under that though), so not sure how busy or which start area I'll be in. Any info much appreciated!

    Trying very hard not to get stressed, or overly controlling - but have already bought 2 Pound World waterproof coats today - one to wear and one to sit on, and printed off flight details and hotel details.......this is what happens when I'm on holiday - start worrying!!!


  • Jelleybaby wrote (see)

    ...but have already bought 2 Pound World waterproof coats today 

    Hah! I bought a couple the other day.  Top of the range, mind you.  £1 each!  Boy was I glad I had one at the start of the MK Marathon last year.  I had some very jealous stares from the bin-bag brigade.  If you've got it flaunt it image  

    7m recovery run today, with 6x100m strides.  I really needed the strides to loosen up my hamstrings.  Bit of DOMS since the Sunday MP run.  Tomorrow is 10m with 4x1m @ 5k pace, if I can still move my legs.  Just five more days before the taper!

  • Tenjiso -  bet yours aren't pink and yellow though!!!image At the GSR last year I had a spare one and another runner next to me was so cold I donated it to her.

    We have such good taste us runners £1.00 a go for a waterproof coat, what next!!!

    Good running as well not long to taper days!

  • Jelleybaby wrote (see)

    Just a thought people who have run this course before - I know there is a hill of sorts which is fine, but what is the down hill part like? Gradually going down??

    Also, how busy is it at the start - can you get into your pace fairly easily of does it take a few miles? I think I put down as an estimate time of 4 hours (hoping for under that though), so not sure how busy or which start area I'll be in. Any info much appreciated!


    Hi Jelleybaby

    The hills (nothing more than inclines honestly image) are gradual both up and down, seriously nothing to worry about at all.

    If you put under 4 hours you will be in the 03:45 - 04:00 start pen. There will be announcements at Preston Park calling runners to get to their start pen from about 8.30am (they are quite strict on runners going into their correct start pen as per their colour coded time). It won't take you any more than 3-4 minutes from the gun going to cross the start line if you're in the 03:45 - 04:00 pen.

    The first mile or so is a lap around the outside of Preston Park (there's a slight hill there) so you probably won't really get into your stride in that first mile but after that the road widens as you head away from the park so you'll be able to get into your pace easily from then. The bit through Kemptown (mile 4 - 5) is the only bit where the road narrows a bit but by then people will have found their pace and you won't be jostling from room.

    From then onwards you head out onto the seafront so the road is nice and wide, and then apart from the bit where you go through Hove (miles 14-18) it's seafront all the way.

  • My training plan has me doing a final long run (20) this weekend...

    Anyone else doing a long one this weekend ?
  • Thanks Barbie, don't mind going uphill it's going down that can be a problem! Having said that today was 2 lots of downhill and my knee was fine so I'm more positive now than a couple of weeks ago. Good info much appreciated!

    Neil - no my long run was last week of 22 miles, but don't panic everyone's plan is different!
  • Yes Neil I'm doing 21-22 on Friday then that's it for my long runs thank god haha!
  • Jelleybaby, your flight ticket printing this far in advance made me chuckle. As you get nearer, you'll be panicking that you've nothing to panic about. As barbie said, relatively flat course. I really don't recall much fluctuation at all?

    ??1 ponchos; love 'em.

    I see a new thread starting around the virtues of ice baths. (Good for keeping beer cold?)
  • I couldn't get out on the road or even to the gym because of the weather to do my LSR last weekend so will have to make do with 10 miles tomorrow evening after work then a nice long one of about 3 hours on sunday or monday.  Then another one Easter weekend followed by 90 mins a week before the 14th.

    Swervin Mervin - I doubt if I'll do a long run of more than 16 miles in training now so don't you fret either.  And go easy on speedy runs. I went quicker for a change once about 6 weeks before a marathon and just tweeked something close to my knee but it was enough to make me have to pull out . A lesson learned the hard way.

    Good luck with injuries and health at this late stage.  Nerves are part and parcel and just can't be avoided.

    In 4 weeks time we shall all be (fullfilled) MARATHONERS image


    Neil, I am doing 4 hrs at a very slow pace on Sunday, so something between 20 - 21 I reckon.

  • Neil - I'm still hoping to get in a 20 mile Run in this week sometime! Gas boiler was finally fixed at around 12.15 today image - decided to go for a run, but then realised I hadn't eaten since 7.30, and I had to get to the supermarket before the kids came home, so had some peanut butter on toast, shot out to Sainsburys, zoomed back, got changed and managed 5 miles, just beating the school bus back. Better than nothing! Gas man back between 12 and 2 tomorrow so may just have a short run tomorrow morning, and then try for a long run on Thursday after the plumber had been to short out the shower. I think my house is falling apart!
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