Custom Orthotics London, any suggestions?


 I am currently living overseas however will be in London next month for one day and hoped to go somewhere for a full bio mechanical assesment and get orthotics made on the same day.  I will be at Gatwick airport and would appreciate if anyone can advise where I should go?

I have been running for about a year now and have recently developed Plantar Fasciitis and ITBS all in the past 3 months. My physio said I should go see if I can get fitted when I am away. I am living in the UAE and there are no reputable people here : (

Any suggestions would be welcome.




  • Hi John,

    I'm a mobile massage therapist and I normally get glowing reviews from my clients after they visit Feet On The Hill, in Hampton Hill, TW12 for their orthotics. 

    If you speak to Tess on 020 8977 7556, I'm certain that she will be able to help. 



  • Can't recommend profeet in fulham highly enough - I was impressed with their assessment and the orthotics they made for me
  • If you are need a biomechanical assesment and gait analysis and are hoping to get bespoke custom orthotics made quickly by a Podiatrist while you are in London, I would reccomend Optimotion Camden. They are in Camden Town, just off Camden Square. The Orthotics are made using the AMFIT CAD/CAM system. The website is or

  • I'd highly recommend Norbert at Foot Factor. He hand made my orthotics while I was there (it's a real craft!) and they've made a huge difference to my running and also everyday life. No more pain, very comfy, just feel more supported and stable and I'm sure my posture is much better.

    I went for a free consultation before I booked in which was really helpful. Worth giving him a call.

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