Injured b4 Manchester Marathon


I am doing my first marathon and started training mid January 2012 and got up to half marathon in 2 hours 35 minutes and then got injured in Mid March with a medial ligament strain. Strain is easing but i may struggle to get another run in before the event on 29 April 2012.

My aim was for approx 5 hours completion. Anybody had any similar issues or have any advice other than not trying it.

My main concern is getting through the Dunham Massey exit - do the rules mean you have to hit that point in 6 hours or some other time.




  • Join the club - got piriformis syndrome on 4th April and I'm going to be lucky to be running by the middle of next week at this rate.image

    If you want to try it, do; just be prepared to slow down/walk if you need to.

    Regarding the exit, either telephone the organisers (I've found that they answer the phone after 9.30 and that  if you are polite, they are helpful) to check about this and/or ask on the main Greater Manchester Marathon Thread (under Events) and someone who knows the area better than I do may be able to explain.

  • thanks good luck with the recovery
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