Tapering for vlm

Tired, letahrgic and feeling slight aches and pains....is this normal during the taper phase?




  • absolutely.

    although there are things you can to reduce this:

    1) KEEP Running - taper just means we should reduce intensity and distance, but you need to keep the frequency- if you were running 4 /5 times a week you need to keep that up.

    2) Eat properly - Carb loading shouldn't mean we stuff ourselves with food - the amount you were eating to sustain your training before will be sufficient to load to glycogen now you're tapering - lots of fruit and veg is just as important

    Good Luck

  • Everybody has there own taper plan....and some crazy folk dont bother tapering.

    How your body reacts to it can sometimes be misleading. The miles are in the bank now and the speed should be there.

     What i tend to do is keep decent frequency, keep intensity and cut volume. 60% two weeks out, 30% from a week out.

     Giddy up!!!

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