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Hi All

Could anyone help? I am starting in the Red Zone and would like to get close to 3 Hours, Will i be able to do this in this Zone? Any tips on how to get as close to front as possible? sorry this is my first london marathon




  • Hi dan, I did London last year and also was concerned about being in a pen which was further back than I ideally wanted. However it made no difference and you will have no problem in doing whatever time you want even in the blue pen. The whole event is so well organised that you will be a cross the start line before you know it!
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    You will be allocated a starting pen on the red start Dan and this will be determined by the predicted finish time you put on your entry form.  If you said sub 3 you'll be in pen 1.  If you said sub 4 you'll be way back.  Its the same on each start (red, blue and green).

  • Thanks, I have said 3hrs to 3.30 is there anyway I could get this changed?
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    I think you could only enter one time?  I've heard it can be changed if you can take proof of times from recent races but not sure.  I would imagine they will put you in the 3:30 pen, perhaps 2 or 3 which shouldn't be too bad.
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    Your pen number will be on your running number that you collect from the expo.
  • It will be too late to get this can go back a pen but not forward as I recall. However I wouldn't worry about soon as you get going you will be able to do whatever time you want.
  • Thank you for your help
  • Not a problem. Really hope you enjoy the day and get the time you want. It is an amazing event!? Good luck!
  • Just whatever you do, do not try to go too fast in the first mile or two. Unless you are in pen 1 or maybe 2, you will be held up a bit in the first mile or two especially. Just relax, go with the flow, and use the first 2 miles to get warmed up, and into the correct pace. Trying to go even a minute a mile faster than those around you at the start will take much more out of you than you think because you'll be dodging left and right, accelerating and slowing. Once the first couple of miles are over, you'll find it is much easier to steadily overtake. The fact is that if you are starting with people who will take 30 minutes more than you to finish, you are going to end up overtaking about 4000 people during the race! It is quite doable if you take it easy and overtake about 1 every 3 seconds.
  • Thank you for the advice image
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