After the Brighton Marathon


 I'm new here, i've got a question i did the Brighton Marathon yesterday it was my first one, i can't believe that i did it. My time was 4hr 15min 2 sec, i've been told that is a really good time for a first marathon!!

 Is it enough time for my body to recover if i'm thinking of doing the Corsham 10k this Sunday?? I would love to carry on and do another little race but i don't want to over do it. I couldn't face to eat or drink the right things yesterday, it took me 2 hours to eat a sandwich!!

Hope anyone can help. x


  • If you really want to, then why not, but I wouldn't race it. It's too much and will be terrible for your body, especially as it's your first marathon. If you want to race, at least wait until May- although a month would be a better idea.

    Well done on your stonking time image
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    WOW!  Congrats.  SOunds like you had a brilliant day and you must be feeling fantastic if the thought of doing another race this weekend is something you are thinking about!

    I'll swap you your Corsham 10k for my VLM this Sunday?image

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    well done, I think you should give yourself a mental and physical break for a couple of weeks and then put your hard earned marathon fitness to use by targetting some shorter races. You are right to be proud of yourself.

    You are doing well to be thinking of running a 10K already, I can barely walk for about a week after a marathon.

  • Thank you for all your feedback, well i am having trouble walking up and downstairs!! The trouble is i'm thinking that i'm gonna turn into a big fat blob by the weekend if i don't do some more running but when i suggested it to my husband about the 10k even he said ARE YOU MAD?? I think also coming down from such a big high makes me want to just jump straight back in, i'll be watching London this weekend cheering everybody on. image

    I've got the Bristol 10k next month and even the Keynsham 10k the week before that so i think i'll just stick with those. 

     Thanks everyone. 

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