wimbledon 10mile

How do we register for this race?


  • Call 020 8870 1196 and they will fax you a form.

    Good Luck - hope to see you there

  • Hi guys, I am a local and a few of us will definitely be running, possibly slightly worse for wear after Saturday night. Has anyone run this before? How big a field will it be and I also wondered if this was mainly for club athletes as it is associated with Wimbledon AC?
  • Jonathan. It is a fun run and you are meant to go in fancy dress. Best get a gorilla suit or something.

    p.s. Where are we going drinking on the Saturday?
  • You can enter online as well:


    I've entered, but it'll be my third race in three weeks (following Nike 10k and Windsor half), so I'm not expecting great things. But I think 10 miles is my favourite distance, so I couldn't miss it.

    Are many others of you out there going to be doing it?

  • A-ha - great to see you on here Gordon McKirdy.

    I was tempted to go in fancy dress, I was thinking of going as a motorcycle courier with my outfit including the motorbike. I think an impressive time will be seen!

    I think a post match beer is also a good idea - maybe somewhere in Wimbledon center?
  • Going for lunch with Jamie, Cathy and Dave after the race. You're more than welcome to join us.
  • Cool, are they all running? I am not sure if I should eat a large lunch after the run. I feel I could manage a few beers though.
  • Jamie's running (or flapping his lanky legs about - which I think more fairly describes what he does).

    Beers are a fine plan. P&P!!!
  • Excellent - sounds good.

    Does anyone have prior knowledge of this?
    The run - not the pub!!!
    Is it a large field size, fast/slow course/ do we hit wimbledon hill etc?
  • looks like around 120 if similar to a couple of years ago
  • Excellent news - so my worst case scenario is finishing in 120th place in a renowned road race!

    Ha, ha, this is brilliant.
  • That's if you finish mate.
  • I really enjoyed the race yesterday (after recovering from the pre-race beers).
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