PhD research on the Runner's world forum

Dear Members
My name is Byung Seok Kang, and I am a PhD student in the School of Sport and Recreation at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand.
My PhD is focused on how people use online sports communities such as Runner's world Forum. If you are over the age of 20 (a university requirement), I would like to invite you to complete my survey. It should take 15 minutes to finish.

In the survey, you may notice a small amount of repetition. This is quite normal for scientific research. All of the questions have a purpose. If you have a spare 15 mins, I would appreciate you using it to complete the survey.

Click here to start:

Many thanks in advance for your valuable participation.

Yours sincerely
Byung Seok Kang


  • Hi Byung

    I have completed the survey and thought I would provide some quick feedback in case you want to correct a couple of things. Firstly, on how often people post there is no option for more than once a day, take a look on here and some post hundreds of posts in a day! Secondly, on the ethicity question I put details in other and the questionnaire will not allow me to progress without ticking an option from the list (so I ticked don't want to say but provided details).

    Good luck with the research.

  • Done. image

    Can I just congratulate you first off that your approach and initial outline of the research is a damn site better than some half-@rsed introductions by some student folk here.  You've told us who you are, where you study, who your supervisors are, and have given a nice outline of the purpose of your work.  You've even given confirmation of your ethics committee approval which is great to see.  Well done!!!  image

    Same feedback as Maxpower on the question on posting frequency.  An option of "more than once a day" may inmprove your findings.

    Good luck.

  • I would recommend adding a free text comment box at the end of the survey
  • Done
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    How are you planning to address the site users who don't use the forum? I know it's unthinkable but I have heard that it's possible.
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