Olympic TT course

I'll be doing two laps (~55mi) of the Olympic TT course on Saturday on the pointy bike. Aiming for a 15mph average.

Starting Hampton Court. If it's nice we can stop for vast amounts of coffee and cake by the river after the second lap. image

Feel free to join for one lap, or jump on/off the course at various points.

Course map.


  • I think I might be up for starting with you for this mate, but might shoot off a bit as I would like to see what the stealth can do now - not really had chance to test it yet unfortunately!!
  • Good stuff. 1030-11ish at Hampton Court? Or earlier?
  • I was thinking much earlier if possible? 8am or something like this if you can do that? It's the cycle show in eager so could be quite busy around those parts - though the sportive isn't until subday
  • Let me check the trains....
  • The trains do run early enough for me to get there at that time. 8am ish at the main gate to Hampton Court?

    I'll be in blacknyella on a black TT bike...could get confusing....

  • Sounds like a plan mate image Though might need to check the weather forecast regarding the TT, or could just MTFU! Let me know when your train gets there and I will be there

    Anybody else fancy this?

  • Yes, but you children would leave me for dead.
  • Don't worry about the weather. By lunch today I'll have worked out how to drain water out of the Stealth.
  • yeah but DB when you faff for 40 minutes at the start we're always going to get a bit of a headstart! image
  • image

    Right, I'm aiming to be at Feltham at 0735, and then do the 5mi or so to Hampton Court.

    If it looks like it's going to rain you'll need to:

    1. Tape round seatclamp to cover all gaps and the seatpost.
    2. Tape over drain hole near BB.
    3. Tape over drain holes on chainstays. One is under rear mech cable.
    4. Tape over drain holes on seatstays. Not far from rear drop outs.

    And your posh wheels will also fill with water. Consider it weight training image. My bike has stopped sloshing now.

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