I got my medal thank you!!!

A big fat raspberry to Cougie and Sussex Runner (NLR)...I got my medal at the Brighton Marathon, no thanks to your discouraging comments!!  The marathon is the people's race after all, not just for those who consider themselves "serious" athletes.  Anyone who crosses that finish line in no matter what time deserves that medal.





  • Charming, did you run it all the way or did you run-walk it, like cougie suggested you try?
  • At 6 & half hours, she didn't run it.

    And is obviously trying to stir, seeing she's already posted this once on the original "woe is me" thread in Spring marathon.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Helen Liz wrote (see)

    There's no need for that. You may have finished, but that's no call to be rude to people who you asked for help, just because you didn't like the answer.

    You asked were you in a position to run a marathon, and were told that, no, you've scrimped on the training - you'lll not be able to run it. And your time tells it all. 6:26 means you can hardly be sitting thinking how well you did. You did half the training any person seriously thinking about running a marathon would do - and it shows.

    Get a grip, grow up and stop thinking you've "run" anywhere.

    Just reposting Helen's response.

    It seems like you followed Cougie's advice so why are you being rude?

  • I think a lot of the people in the "people's marathon" were serious enough to train for it and put in an effort to run a decent time. If you are happy with your walk then fine Sally but don't diss those who take it seriously enough to want to actually attempt to run it, no matter how fast.
  • I have never dissed anybody, I respect everyone who trains and puts in the effort for these events, because I know how hard it is.  I did as much training as injury and illness allowed me, and as I said I was happy just to take part and complete the run ( and I did a fair bit of running too).  I don't need 'telling off' from people like Helen who thinks I should be hanging my head in shame about my time!!!  I don't care about the fact it took me that long, I really enjoyed the event and the atmosphere of the day, I am so proud of my medal and glad I managed to raise some money for a charity close to my heart.  I know I will never be in the league of guys like you who take your training/running seriously, and that's fine, I admire your determination but I am just a casual jogger who likes a challenge now and again!  And ok, I'm sorry about the raspberries but I was at quite a low at the time of your comment and maybe took it too seriously, all I know is it knocked my confidence big time. 
  • Thank you Nick, you get what I'm trying to say.  Thank you!
  • I actually think I saw you at the marathon Sally. Were you the lady with varicose veins and the crunchy back? This is where some people would say Lol(but not me)
  • Well the "snobbery" seems to come from the organisers too who state that "it is not a walking event". I think that is a very clear statement. I'm sure lots of people ended up walking but not through intent. Did the lady ever have any intention of running this marathon?
  • I take back my apology about the raspberries......some people really have a mean streak don't they?
  • Sometimes you get Little sometimes you get Large. Cheer up Sally I thought the veins and the crunchy back might make you laugh.
  • I've read The Lore of The Brighton Marathon by Tim Hutchinson(?) who states that it is a running event. As the director of the marathon I would say that it is he who decides what is acceptible.
  • Yes Nick, I have flicked through the book!!!  It's very good. I actually followed a run/walk training programme, there are loads out there!
  • I don't think so, I promised hubby I wouldn't as he has to follow me around all the events I sign up for!!!  I've done the GNR, the Birminhgham 1/2 marathon last year and now Brighton is the cherry on top!!!  I'm happy with that little lot!!  How about you, any big runs coming up?
  • The ultra sounds like a big one, where is  that taking place? Is this one of these 'super marathons' I've heard about?!
  • Wow, I'm seriously impressed!!  Good luck! image
  • Really??? In Ultras everyone is walking after 26 miles? Could this really be true?
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Sorry, how many ultras have you actually run Nick?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    He hasn't. He walked them.
  • But that doesn't matter, you can walk the entire way and still claim you've run them.
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    Oh dear.  THis is all very disappointing isn't it.  I'm assuming the oldest person who has contributed to this thread is 15 years old?

    Can't people just let people be. Giving advice should always be constructive.

    I think people attempting to do 26.2 miles should be congratulated.  We all do it for different reasons: just to do it, or to compete seriously.  It really doesn't matter.

    I'm a musician.  But I wouldn't say that someone who plays an instrument for fun, or hasn't had proper lessons, or uses certain techniques to improve performance etc etc etc is any less of a musician than me.  I'm happy that people enjoy music and get positive things out of it.  Music, and running, can change lives for the better.  The more people who take part, the better, I say.

    Shame.  here's hoping you can all play nicely.

  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)
    This is 35 miles, and trust me after 26 no one is still running all the way

    I'm farily sure there are some runners on this forum who can knock out a 50 mile ultra in a quicker time than the OP did the marathon, without walking. Unless this ultra has some seriously steep climbs, or doesn't attract any serious runners...

    disclaimer - I'm not knocking anyone who walks parts of marathons or ultras, fair enough if that's what you want to do, but simply pointing out that this post is rubbish.

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    Absolutely right CB. Most ultra runners don't blow their own trumpets as that is not why they/we do it.
    As for Sally for sure be pleased with what you did and don't worry about comparisons with what others can/can't do.
  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)
    Charming, did you run it all the way or did you run-walk it, like cougie suggested you try?

    I don't see how offering advice born of years of experience can be deemed as being rude. The OP is the one who threw her toys out of the pram when both cougie and Sussex Runner confirmed her fears that she was not best prepared or trained to run a marathon and should adopt a run / walk approach.

    I certainly disagree with the comment 'the marathon is the peoples race' 

    I would not wish to attempt a race of any distance until I knew that I could give it my best shot. If I knew that I had not done the training then that would just reflect badly on me. I'm not about to boast about doing something that I refrained from putting the effort into.

    Too many times I have seen posts from individuals who don't want to listen to the hard truth. You can't expect to run a marathon on the back of next to no run training. It's just not going to happen for the most of us. Run / walk or just walk but run No. That's not being rude or discouraging, it's just offering the best possible advice under the circumstances.

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