My new blog...

Hey guys!

Don't know how many people will be interested in reading this, but today I started a blog which will follow my journey to becoming an Ironman. I'm only on my first few steps, but that's a few steps closer to my goal, right? image

If you're interested in reading it the address is:

One entry has been posted, I will update it a few times a week perhaps, or whenever necessary!

Thanks everyone!


  • Good luck with your blog and your journey to your Ironman goal.
  • Thanks very much, it means a lot!

    I must say, reading your book was another major influence on me for wanting to take part in triathlons and ultimately an Ironman!
  • you should come over to the darkside of this forum - the Triathlon section

    you'll get a warm welcome there - usually someone peeing over your legs.... image (joke btw - just in case!)

    there's loads of wannabe IM there - many at a similar stage to you.

    we even welcome famous authors over there - as long as he keeps buying donuts. image
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