London Marathon Knee Injury

hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you all an injury I picked up a few weeks ago, the background to the injury and your thoughts on this weekend's London Marathon and the possibility of me taking part.

I was lucky enough to get a Golden Bond place in December and was running specifically to support my Mum who had Breast Cancer. I am a beginner at running although physically quite fit and I spent January and February building up my miles.

Unfortunately, my lovely Mum passed away at end of February so I had to take 4 weeks out of training. On return I went a bit crazy with milage and was doing half Marathons when I previously had got up to only 8/9s.

On 20th March at lunch I went out for a 6 mile run and came back from that feeling fine. At the end of the day however I tried to get up from my desk and wham. I couldn't walk on my left knee.

That was 5 weeks ago. Lots of physio in between and an MRI scan. I am feeling great now to walk on it and was due to see my doc today to discuss the MRI and expected to get a cortisone injection. He told me I had a stress fracture at the top of my tibia. Classic classic overuse injury.

I'm devastated. He said I should definitely NOT run. My question to you guys is I am considering walking it. How easy/hard is this? And what is a sensible time to go for. Do many people do it? What is the experience being at the back of the field like? Walking is fine at the moment after lots of rest and recoup. The moment I feel any pain I will drop out but I really do want to complete this for my Mum and the many thousands of pounds I've raised for her. My heart is ruling my head.

I'm a complete newby to this forum lark so any feedback greatly appreciated.


  • Definitely not your best bet is to fully recover then book up another one for next year and build up slowly.

    Good luck.

  • I did my cruciate ligament  6 weeks before last years run. I was told not to do it, I still did and loved it. The adrenaline and crowd got me through with a mixture of walking and running. Id do it.
  • My heart and thoughts are with you and your family. Maybe your charity will let you defer? I received medical advice from my physio yesterday telling me not to run. I'm meant to run on Sunday too, so I understand the pull. That being said I was advsied by my neurologists not to run a marathon in September and I did. The pain was phenomenal, the consequences great but I sure am glad I did it if only to test my resolve and stamina. I've both in both positions. Whilst a substantial part of the marathon battle is mental, it is unlikely you are fit enough to withstand such a pounding and are risking further injuries and damage. You've been through a lot and that's before you even turn to the injury. You've raised the money and in my view, the training and preparation period for a marathon is an achievement in itself. Knee problem couple with tibia fracture is not something you can pop some painkillers for and push on through without serious damage to yourself.You should really consider deferring. There is no shame in that and you are not letting anyone down by not doing it. You will be upset, you will be disappointed and you will feel 'what if?'. I know I am, but I had a reason to push on last September and I'm still suffering from the fall out. That is why I think your head should overrule your heart. x
  • Do not even think about walking it with a diagnosed stress fracture, you will do yourself more harm than you will do the charity good.

    Contact the charity, they will have dealt with this before. I would hope with your connection to the cause nobody would be as churlish as to ask for their donation back.

    You want to do this thinking your mum would have been proud of you, not worried about you. If she were alive I am sure she would say no way so take her advice.

    The marathon will be there next year, you wont have the same stresses in training and you'll do her memory proud in 2013. image
  • Tickled Pink is completely correct, listen to her/his advice.  All the best.  KK
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