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  • <runs off to find papoose thing for young one>


    Swimming dragging child in small inflatable boat - resistance training
    Cycling with child in rear seat, just like a couple of heavier hydration bottles
    Run with a stroller

    Sounds like great training

  • SoundOfMind
  • HellsBells it is! Although there is already a HellsBells out there somewhere (imposter!) so i've stuck my lucky number on the end. My friends have been calling me Hells Bells my whole life actually and found it hilarious when i married Mr Pells!

    Happy training everyone. Hope you all have a good weekend.

  • Hmm, Lewis Lugholes, or just Lugholes?

    Welcome Ironyank. (We had another one a while back, what happened to Keg Killer? Lovely bloke)
  • RafikiD wrote (see)
    Lewis11 wrote (see)
    I actually have my next loan going in on Monday, please don't tempt me gastank image

    Lewis - Gastank and I are going to the bike show tomorrow - come with us and we'll help you with some shopping - go on, you know you want to......image
    It'll be like kids in a sweetshop! image

    Welcome aboard all you new Ironfodder.More fresh meat for Surrey Hills!
  • Except kids with credit cards!! image
  • Oooooooh, gastank, if I thought for one second that small person would comply....................
  • ooh, Surrey Hills, must get a route sorted
  • "Hi Everybody!"

    Lewis (aka Budgie - did I miss where that nick came from?),

    I hope like Hells you don't mind me hijacking your thread, but I saw you post about the Kindrochit Quadrathlon - I am due to do this next July (2013) with a pal, and wondered if you had any thoughts or tips for me, btw "Don't Do It!" isn't an option, I've already paid!

    Thanks in advance all,

    Dr Nick.


  • DO THE QUADRATHLON! It's a fantastic weekend from start to finish and an amazing event on the day.  Can't say enough good things about it.  You'll love it.

    As far as training advice goes:  run up a lot of hills
                                                  practice kayaking
                                                  get good at eating chocolate cake 

    Oh, and get a hiking GPS thingy.  If the mist comes in when you're up there you'll be glad of it.


  • Hello Everyone, Hello Nurse!

    Thanks for your reply Nurse.

    I notice you don't say anything about the ride!

    We have done some open water swimming last year, and will resume when water warms up, and also been doing some swim lessons to perfect our stroke.

    We go out for night hikes on the local hills (we live near Aberdeen) to get use to the Hills and have GPS thanks for that tip.

    Plan to try a double sit-on kayak, but it is the ride I fear! 54km with 1000m height gained on the route. It's hard to replicate a ride like that anywhere around us!

    What was the ride like and how did you find it?

    Also, chocolate cake - is this for the finish, or on route?

    Thanks for your thoughts,

    Dr Nick
  • The chocolate cake is everywhere!  They feed and water you really well all way round.

    The bike was ok.  You'll be knackered by then , but you know it's the last thing you have to do. The worst of the hills were on the first half, but you get to stop for fish & chips after that bit so that's a good reward!

  • PS Hi Dr Nick!

    PPS it's the best fish supper you'll ever taste

  • Sounds great!  Have to say its great to have that goal to motivate you to get out and do the training!

    Looking forward to it - inparticular the F&C at Killin.



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