Is there a comprehensive list / website that shows forthcoming events?

As I imagine all races - Aquathlon, Duathon & Triathlon, - are run under licences from BTF or similar is there a list of races somewhere that I can find rather than my current method or randomise google searches?

My DD would like to find another Aquathlon or her first Children's Triathlon but I am struggling to find any in a non labour intenisve fashion.

Many thanks in advance for your help.



  • the british triathlon website usually has a good search function.....
  • take that back..they have changed their website and its not easy to navigate the new one.......used to be really simple.....
  • right the events finder on the english one wasn't working but if you go on welsh triathlon and use the event finder you can put in any english region and the type of race you want and it will give you the choices
  • Your a Star thank you.
  • also try the events finder on - perhaps even more comprehensive than the BTF site as it lists events that aren't BTF sanctioned as well.
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