Aero road bike or TT bike

Probably discussed before but which way to go , I have a half decent road bike at the minute which I do sprint triathlons on and some sportives on aswell. But would I be better of getting a TT bike as I am going to do more triathlons hopefully leading to a ironman in 2 years. Any help would be great full


  • Better off in what way?

    I suspect 'being better off' is all dependant on your goals

    a road bike is far more versatile IMO than a TT Bike
  • I enjoy sportives but I am looking at getting faster over all the triathlon distances without giving up on comfort, especially the longer tri distances.
  • It would also depend on the courses you are racing over, sometimes a good road bike is more apt than a TT bike and vice versa
  • In my opinion as youve already got a road bike then a TT bike would be the next natural progression.

    However, youre only going to get the benefit from a TT bike if its properly fitted and you can maintain a good aero position for decent lengths of time.  As well as the bike, think about getting some decent deep rim wheels as these will cut through the air better and help you maintain speed.

    Very hilly courses may not be suitable for all riders on TT bikes but it depends how stong a cyclist you are. 

    The halway house is of course a road bike with clip on tri bars (do you already use those on your current road bike).
  • I am currently using aero bars.

  • I have a reasonable road bike + tri bars.....

    I now also have a shiney newtri bike

    1. Get a bike fit on a tt bike. I thought iknew what iwas doing but i was way off ( luckilly i bought the right size buti hadno real idea of the tt position i shouldbein - its different to a road bike.

    2 the tt bike is quick....., very quick, but only when you aredown on the bars

    3 but its a bit of a pain in a group ride

    4. If you are committed to tri buy a tt, otherwise buy a power meter

    5 alterntively, get a coach. Getting fitter will improve your bike, run and swim...... you could get 3 years coaching for the price of a tt bike.

  • a TT bike isn't the be all and end all to quicker bike times - a good road bike with tribars can be equally as good with a decent setup, deep rime wheels, woodpecker helmet etc.

    as OC suggests - decent coaching and developing a good engine is likely to be a cheaper alternative. if you have a good engine, then a TT bike will no doubt be quicker over some courses

    my tri bike is a road bike but customised for tri - and at my age and weight I'm still quicker than many on TT bikes. I'd rather spend the money for a TT bike on beer and fun

    think carefully
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
     I'd rather spend the money for a TT bike on beer and fun

    That would be one seriously good night out! image
  • I hate to think how many TT bikes I could have bought instead of beer over the years!!!
  • O.rangeCannon... No es in club de costura! wrote (see)

    5 alterntively, get a coach.  Getting fitter will improve your bike, run and swim...... you could get 3 years coaching for the price of a tt bike.

    Or liposuction! You could get pro-level lean with a couple of grand's worth of cosmetic hoovering.

  • So curt,

    What have you bought??
  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭
    Probably 24 cans of Stella image
  • imageAs appealing as 24 cans of stella sounds, i have opted for some tri bars. Just fitted and tested today pretty good , and more speed , but the proof will be tomoz at lincoln for the sprint tri that i am in.

    imageIf all goes well then a tri bike could be on the cards and keep my road bike for sportives and training on .

  • imagewent well at lincoln alot quicker with tri bars on and in crappy conditiions,

    imageAlso gonna get myself a coach aswell as i think i could do with it and its cheaper than a TT bike (at the minute anyway )

  • Degrades the thread with penis helmet suggestion....
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