Fatman to Ironman



  • Top name suggestion, SD

    So, gastank, are you tearin' up the toon?  Been to the Pubic Triangle yet?

    Sorry, of course, silly me - you'll be tucked up with your Ovaltine by now.

    Have a good one tomorrow.

  • Errr lots of diet coke and a night cap of J2O


    We're staying in the PT, interesting part of edinburgh glad we didn't bring families...

    Looks like lots of places offering massage, that would be good for the legs after the race ?!?

    T minus 3.5 hrs...
  • Have you finished yet Gas?

    Nailed my first century cycle ride today image


    Blog update


  • Great job CenturyDog!
  • Done image

    4h45'02" first marafun completed... Yeah baby
  • Great work SD and Gas. 

    Its a good feeling when crossing that line image

  • Killer, Mr. Gas! Wrecked?

  • Well done Gas, was a scorcher for doing events in today.

    Wasnt so bad for me on the coast road as there was a nice cool breeze.
  • Thx guys, I was an emotional wreck from mile 25, awesome experience!! My legs are "tender" have physio booked for Wednesday, so hopefully that will help a bit
  • I still remember that feeling. A special day & a great achievement for you.
  • CenturyDog, did you practice your nutrition during the century? It's been 3 years of tri and I'm still learning.

  • Coffee, Porridge & two slices of toast for breakfast.

    Ride eating

    Hour 1 energy gel

    Hour 2 flap jack

    Hour 3 energy gel

    Hour 4 tuna & cucumber sandwich (was a damn fine sandwich)+ flap jack & cup of tea @ 20 min rest stop

    Hour 5 energy gel

    Hour 6 flap jack

    I also ate a bag of jelly babies on the way round. Drank every 15 mins, water or energy drink.

    If i'd had to eat another gel i'd probably have thrown up.
  • Well done gas & SD

    Gastank, I can't imagine how you did it in that heat.  Brilliant.

    SD, how numb is your bum?

  • Bums fine. Got a bit uncomfortable between 70 & 75 miles but after a 5 min stop for water all was good again.

    I've been making sure my sit bones are are in the right place on the seat & i have a little move every now and again. Stand on the pedals more when going up hills as well. Seems to reduce discomfort.
  • As far as gels wanting make you vomit, welcome to the club.  I can only take about 3 hours of sweet then I'm ready for something savory.  Not sure if you can get them over there, but I'm a big fan of ProBars.  


  • Nurse thx u - don't think it's going to be much of a training week this week image
  • What? No easy recovery run?  image





  • Not today, might try one tomorrow with a swimimage and then maybe some open water Wednesday, Fink Swim on Thursday, proper run on Sunday maybe
  • Good, good, pleased to hear you're not slacking image

  • Slacker!

    Did a 28 mile bike ride this evening. Felt fine. Couldnt resist going out when the weathers so nice. Got an ache at the botom of my neck between my shoulder blades. Guess a few aches are to be expected after yesterday.

    Probars look good IY, i'll have to see if theres anything similar available here.

    Do my first run in 10 days tomorrow. Was going to do 50 minutes, my last one was 45 mins. Do you think i should maybe do a shorter one though as i've not ran for over a week or will it not matter?
  • I'd say go for the run.  It's not as if you've spent the 10 days since your last run doing nothing!  

    I'm going to jump on the treadmill for an hour this afternoon.

    Went to swimfit on Sunday night and, after my great swim earlier in the week, was monumentally crap image.  For some unknown reason, I just couldn't get my breathing right.  Ho-hum, onwards and upwards.

  • lol, i've had a few times like that NR. Think i've cracked the FC then have a rubbish one. I bet your back on form next time you swim

  • Well done Gas and SD.

    A few things:

    1. Scotland has it's own Irondistance race, google CELTMAN
    2. Ely in EA has a half ironman, run by the monster triathlon people, there was talk of turning it into an ironman.
    3. Bolton entries usually open about a month after the last race, and usually doesn't fill up for a few months - and I think last year they signed a contract for 2/3 more years? I think.
  • A line from the CELTMAN site

    You must pack extra underwear!

    Sounds like a tough race

  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

    I'm going to jump on the treadmill for an hour this afternoon.

    you'll probably find it easier if you switch it on rather than just jumping up and down on it....but each to their own I guess image

  • image Yeeeees, funny man.

    Thanks Ironholgs, will have a look at Celtman image

    The hour of running ended up as 50 mins, due to my faffing.  Still, did 15 min @ 8min/m, 20 @ 7.5, 15 @ 8.

    Then went for a pub lunch and undid all my hard work image.

  • Celtman - I'm up for that!  Anyone fancy joining me?  Might do a slightly flatter one next year, just as prep.

    Maybe for my 50th - give me time to train!

  • howold are you? 21? image

  • I'm a little confused (as normal) but Celtman with T1, T2 and T2a.....is that where the extra underwear come in handy....??

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