Fatman to Ironman



  • I'll tell you when you're old enough.


  • Heya SD, afraid i've been lurking for a while image 

    Hmm, both image

  • Don't be afraid.

    We don't bite

  • image

    Nothing wrong with lurking mate.

    I'd probably change your forum name before Gas creates a special one for you.
  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

    Don't be afraid.

    Thats usually said just before something bad happens! image

    Well, not necc IMUK but contemplating an IM in 2013 image

    Heh a special name huh? image could be entertaining image

  • Praps thats not his real name   image

  • Perhaps he was christened Rancid Dog and thought he'd go for something a little more mainstream

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Praps thats not his real name   image

    I am psudonym image

  • image

    So which one are you contemplating for 2013 then ?

  • Not sure, im kinda torn between branded and unbranded, if I only do one IM then i'd like it to be branded, but i'm also slightly on a budget image  

  • Yeah ... I think most people face the same dilema with the cost v branding

    I also think that very few people end up doing 'just the one' 

    I know that this has cropped up in conversation many many times but IM have certainly marketted very well if people *must* do an IM in order to label themselves for want of a word.  The branded one I think was important to me but I am not sure I can say why?  Having done a few branded and non branded ones now I dont really mind which ones because I have done THE Ironman ... all credit to the IM brand for creating something which when looking at long distance Tri everybody *must* do!

    *obviously I know there will be a string of people now saying that its not important to them blah de blah de blah  

  • Sleepy nursie image

    G'night all

  • I'm doing the swim leg of Outlaw in a relay team this year, might see about doing the full Outlaw in 2013...

  • I want my first to be branded after that not bothered image so that's IMUK and then Henley for me... Tom I wondered how long before I'd see you on a Tri thread, welcome!!!
  • heya gastank image yeah, was only a matter of time! almost decided to book my first tri - buxton sprint image

  • Tom .. if you are going to change your name, at least spell it right image

  • Better   image

  • Sorry Nurse, got 3 clubmates doing Celtman this year, so will let you know what they thought of it.

    The distance is the distance no matter what lable you put on it, although I totally get the attraction of the Ironman branding. Sat here wearing a t-shirt, socks and a finishers brand - I'm such a corporate slut.

  • If I’m totally honest (and as a newbie here), it’s the cumulative IM branding that has finally got me to act on my 10 year promise to move into the sport and away from a marathon & cycling back ground.

    While a tad shallow perhaps, I’m really bought into the brand and the sum experience of what it entails. Hopefully 2013 (Switzerland) will be the year for me….

  • Gastank - what's going on? I have a night off  and go the pub, leaving you in charge,  only to find M...eldy has found us in here!!! We're going to behave ourselves again - doh!!

  • Behave?

    You two?

    Now this I have got to see.

  • we did once I'll have you know! Worst two minutes of our lives!! image

  • Yep and I behaved for nearly five hours last Sunday....

    I think Raf, it's SDs fault... Not mine
  • Gas were you asleep for 5 hours on Sunday then? image

  • Not my fault. It's NR's fault for letting you out from under her stairs.

    Plans for week ahead then? Week off for me image

    Park run & 40 mile cycle tomorrow. Pool swim sunday, ows weds. Probably do some 20 mile cycles everyday next week, rest day sat & the Boudicca 100 a week Sunday.

    To become, doublecenturyDog
  • You see Rafi ... you snooooooze, you loose  image

  • I wasn't snooozzing...I was out drinking in Marlow (and hiding from you!!)

  • Yep .. but you left the gate unguarded didnt you   image

  • gotta get that lock fixed image

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