Fatman to Ironman



  • cheers guys, I'll stick with the 2014 Ironman date though.

    Build up to a half marathon in November, half IM & olympic distant Tri's next year

    Any reccomendations for a half IM venue?

    Doing this cheeky little number as well in September, The Great Barrow Challenge. 4 days x 125 mile cycle rides image http://www.greatbarrowchallenge.co.uk/

    ironholgs, legend, loved his book.

    I've just set up an FB page as well for those who go on there. Quite often find it a good platform for keeping up to date with stuff  https://www.facebook.com/groups/287319678021088/#!/groups/287319678021088/

    Only 38 hours till my first Triathlon, eeeek

  • Sausage, good luck with the East Coast Tri on sunday!

    Just looked at your list of events for this year, it's a big list! I never realised there was so many events around the area.

    "If you are in East Anglia, check Monster events, I did the half IM in Ely last year and it's a cracking event."

    Never heard of the Monster events before, I'll have to check them out. I never thought there'd be a half IM event so close.

    Quick forum newbie question... how do you quote another message? image
  • Lewis, have a look on trianglias website under 'events' tons of stuff on there.

  • Lewis11 wrote (see)

    Quick forum newbie question... how do you quote another message? image
    Use the quote " button at the bottom of the message you wish to quote, then use the quote " on the tool bar of your message box - just like cut and paste really image
  • doesnt work in chrome at the moment though lewis

  • or safari I.e apple products
  • Ah. I use safari on a mac, that'll be why I can't see the button!

    Time to switch to another browser!
  • Works fine on my Windows 3.1.1 - people telling me I should upgrade, but can't see why image
  • Completed my first Triathlon today image happy days.

    I've updated my blog for this week


    Havent got the timings for te event yet. Will share later.

    Hope everyone else has had a great weekend 

  • I think I've liked your Facebook page but not sure sausage...

    One of my friends from school finished IM south Africa today in 12hr19 mins and I'm soo inspired right now!
  • Hi SD
    I'm doing my first tri in July and aiming for IM in 2014 (now let's wait and see how long it takes gastank to try telling us we'll be doing it in 2013!!)
    So how did you find your first tri experience?
  • You two are cr@p at maths!!!

    2012 + 12 months = 2013... Got it yet? Really?!?

    At this rate you lot are going to be my sherpas...

    Now pull yourselves together and get with the programme

    P.S. have you bought you obligatory copies of "Be Iron Fit" yet?
    P.P.S. have u signed up to volunteer at this years outlaw?

  • Gastank, i dont think the FB page is one of those 'like' ones.

    Its, called The Ironman Journey. Heres the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/287319678021088/

    I think you ask to join group? I'm not great with FB though. Lewis from this forum managed to join though.

    Blimey, your mates good, i'll be just happy to get round in under 17 hours.

    High Nurse Rached. We will be on the same training schedule then image can you join the aforementioned FB group please? I'm hoping its another forum for support, advice & inspiration. Been trying to encourage some of my mates to take up the challenge as well.

    First Tri experince was great. I've detailed the day on my blog. I've done 2 dualathons this year & always struggle big time with the running. I was also dreading the swim. Did it all breastroke, didnt feel uncomfortable doing that in front of all the front crawlers, i thought i might. Best run so far, felt relaxed, no jelly legs & nobody overtook me but i went past 4 people. I guess improvements must be happening without me really noticing

    My next Tri is in May. Its an open water one next time as well. Really looking forward to it. Got the cheeky Norwich 100 cycle ride in May as well. Havent done a century ride yet so that will be interesting.

    Lol, it was only a sprint Tri today but i'm still buzzing, god knows what i'll be like when i do an Ironman. image
  • Whos doing an IM in 2013?


    Be iron fit? Not yet but i'll have a look. So far ive read IronHolgs book, halfway through Chrissies biography & have Year of the Ironman ouststanding

    I'm signed up for Norwich Tri on 1st July. Could look at volunteering for 2013 though
  • gastank wrote (see)
    You two are cr@p at maths!!!

    2012 + 12 months = 2013... Got it yet? Really?!?

    At this rate you lot are going to be my sherpas...

    Now pull yourselves together and get with the programme

    P.S. have you bought you obligatory copies of "Be Iron Fit" yet?
    P.P.S. have u signed up to volunteer at this years outlaw?

    Your maths seems perfectly OK to me Gastank - so that's two more joining us in 2013!
  • Well done SD - you're one ahead of both me and NR now and I have joined the group proper this time!
  • Thanks GT, whens your first one?

  • June - crap not that far... Lakeside Triathlon, but i'm getting ready to walk the Edinburgh Marafun first, so it's going to be a bit of crash course in the three weeks between!

    note - crash course being the operative word, I plan to learn how to ride with clipless pedals in that timeframe!

    Be Iron Fit - book by Don Fink, seems to be what most use to train for IM

    Both Raf and I hope to break our cherries on IM in 2013 (along with you GovtFunded, Nurse and HellsBells23)

  • SD - sounds as if you had a great day. I'm looking forward to July, in between the panic attacks. It's a sea swim and I've never, ever been swimming in the sea. Should probably get some practice in, which I'm sure will be a joy here in the tropical waters of The Holy Land.

    It is doing my confidence a power of good to realise that all you other mentalists weren't born wearing a tri suit, and have started out with the same limited ability as me.

    Don't have a copy of Be Iron Fit yet, but I do love any excuse to shop. Have any of you read Triathloning for Ordinary Mortals by that bloke whose name escapes me. Steve Jonas?
  • Oh, and why is it that despite having been running (slowly) for 3 years, the thought of running a marathon has never even remotely appealed, but doing it in an IM seems ok?
  • Strange isnt it. Marathon dosen't really appeal to me either but the whole IM challenge does. I did the London marathon in 2006 without proper training, due to a knee injury (running in crap trainers). Ruined my feet & didn't run again till last year. Put me completely off.

    It's the main reason why i have a long timescale till the IM, make sure i build up slowly & train properly.

    I will do a half marathon this year & a full one in 2013 though, be nice to know i can actually complete one without similar issues.

  • Right, that's my copy of Be Iron Fit ordered
  • That's my copy ordered too!
  • Once you read the book you will be signing up for 2013 image I missed the outlaw this year cause messed about waiting thinking I would sign up next week. When I went on it was sold out image I was shocked cause it never sold out the year before. So 2013 for me image doing Hellvellyn Tri in stead his year which seemed a good idea at the time now thinking other wise, still got till September 2nd.
  • Greetings Silver Trucker. 

    Hellvellyn Tri sounds intriguing. Hiked up it numerous times in my younger days, one of my favourite walks in the lakes.

    Best i order a copy of this book then.

    Just back from a 41 mile bike ride, Sunny when i went out, chucking it down and bloody freezing by the time i got back. Shorts was a bad call. 

  • SD that's the British weather for you lol. It's on Triharder events come and join me sounds like you know the route? Only £49 bargain image
  • Don't know about being your sherpa, gastank, but if you need a team nurse my rates are very reasonable

    SD, if we're on the same training schedule, you're going to be hard work to keep up with!
  • Bleedin' hell GovtFunded get that name changed and what's with the pic of a robin? Shouldn't it be an Alfred E Newman version of Tony Blair or Gordon or something

    Well done on ordering the book team, excellent... Let me know when you all have it do I can point out the important mathematical aspects to you
  • Wow, looks awesome. I note they avoid striding edge though, lol. One of my mates had a bit of a panic attack there and couldn't move for ages.


    I'm already doing north norfolk tri on the same day & waveney 2 the week after. Helvelyn will be on the cards for next year without a doubt though.

    Mind you, hard enough walking up it let alone running, lol

    Thanks for flagging that one ST
  • Results just through for yesterdays Tri. I came 42nd out of 120, really happy about that.

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