Fatman to Ironman



  • Free beer?? Where is this?? It might cost 50 quid to get there but if there's free beer...image

  • Spoons, 1st July, Norwich Triathlons!


    If you cant take part your help would be much appreciated by TriAnglia image
  • Oooh, Spoons, they're fighting over you!

  • I've just registered for the Ely half Ironman. Suddenly have a feeling of panic.
  • Nope - everyone should know and understand their first priority is to the outlaw pirate feedstation UNLESS they're

    Racing in the outlaw

    Out of the country

    Working for one our blue light services

    Serving our country

    But you boys do what you need to do... Nurse what are u doing?
  • Brave man SD, but then you are a little more experienced than the rest of us image
  • Does being in Wales count as being out of the country?


  • No.   image

    Rafi ... you can do what you like tonight, i'm not on duty  image

  • I'm behaving myself tonight as I'm marshalling Maidenhead Relay Marathon tomorrow...never good to turn up with a hangover image not when counting is involved!!

  • I shall be in Marlow on 24th, supporting the 1/2 IM I think ..

  • Stuart!!!!

    Right everyone about three pages back Stuart (bad name) introduced himself and we all missed it !!!!

    Welcome, come back we're sorry! We'll give you a new nsme and a home, but what's the Switzerland obsession?!? Be one of us stay local next year image
  • I thought you werejust shouting random names ...

  •  Gastank - Local?? really?? I best get my coat then.......

    M...eldy, you think you'll be in Marlow, or you think you'll be supporting the 1/2..or do you think you just need support....?

    Hi Stuart...

  • I will be in Marlow, I will be doing the supporting  image

  • No you're our designated ringer, carrying the newbie banner to Lanza on behalf of the poorer, less able or socially inept cabin people.., you're our pauper, you'll make us proud

    Of course if you really wanted the cabin personnel of year award you could do all three image
  • All three?!?!? I was planning on two.....maybe...

  • Hi Stuart, IMUK 2013 it is then.
  • Ur not much of a poster boy for the cabin personnel with that attitude, HTFU
  • Hi Stuart.

    Is there a Channel Islands iron distance? We could come in person and press-gang you.

    Had a look at your blog.  So get your forum name changed to Irondonkey!

    Was your big cycle this weekend?

  • You guys are better at this press ganging that me   image

  • Rafiki - I'm time keeper at Edingthorpe 5 tomorrow morning and I'm drinking. Is that wrong?

    Sausage Dog - are you a TriAnglia member? PM me with the details of who I need to contact and I'll help out at Norwich Triathlon. Be fun to go and watch and I'll know quite a few people there. Plus the cafe does nice cake.

    I've been doing heart rate zone testing this eveningimage
  • Did you pass?!

  • M....eldy, quick question please, it got overlooked earlier on the thread.

    Where are the cut off time points exactly on an IM & half IM please?

    Is it out the water within 2.20/1.10 or do you have to be in T1 or have cleared transition?
  • SD .. 2.20 is usually the cut off for the swims (1/2 IM may differ pro rata)

    I am not sure if that includes T1 or not but I would say that it is more than achievable with a bit of work,  you then will get a combined Swim and Bike cutoff and with places like IM Germany you will also get a mid way cut off on the bike as well, do your home work for the individual events I would say as they do tend to change

  • Meldy - I passed 100%. I have a heart rate and everything
  • Good news Spoons so you're all on track for next year then! Just swimming practice

    Better get your name down on the pirate kit thread list then don't forget to introduce yourself first image
  • Nurse, came late to this party but a bike fit is hardly ever a one time deal. Same happened to me. Got a fit and had wicked shoulder pain. The shop should adjust it as necessary especially in the first few months post fit. My adjustment was a much less aggressive stem angle.
  • I adjusted saddle & handlebars for nearly a year before i've got it as right as i can.

    Although i have now got rid of most niggles, i got an ache between my shoulder blades since the century ride last week.

    Reluctant to move things again as they are the best ive had & its not like i'll be doing 100 milers every week.
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