Fatman to Ironman



  • Gas - I hadn't thought about kit. For my super sprint I thought I would wear my speedos and put a vest on in T1. (I don't like spending money btw).
  • Hi Everyone!

    Many thanks for the welcome on this cold and very wet June 3rd. A quick note on a few of the questions / suggestions above:

    - Yep, will change the forum name image

    - Why Switzerland? Was planning on making the event part of a weeks holiday to see friends family and former work colleagues who live in the area. I've nothing against IMUK (although I have no real frame of reference) image

    - At the moment there isn't an IM distance event on Guernsey, the longest is a half distance event usually held in September. At the movement there's no word from the Guernsey Tri Club if they are planning to hold the race this year. If they do, I'll be there (not that I live in the Island anymore)

    - I was planning to ride a 127 miler today out of the Newbury Race Course although having lost 3/4 of a stone overnight with a humorous dose of GI issues I'll be spending the day on the Sofa wondering how long it will be before I can trust myself to break wind again....

    Anyway - all the best everyone. He you have a cracking Jubiliee holiday!
  • gastank wrote (see)
    Nope - everyone should know and understand their first priority is to the outlaw pirate feedstation UNLESS they're

    Racing in the outlaw
    Out of the country
    Working for one our blue light services
    Serving our country

    But you boys do what you need to do... Nurse what are u doing?

    I can't make it

    *hides behind sofa*

  • Hope you feel better soon ID & remember these wise old words.

    'Never waste a hard on & never trust a fart'
  • IronDonkey wrote (see)
     I'll be spending the day on the Sofa wondering how long it will be before I can trust myself to break wind again....
    Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

    *hides behind sofa*

    Careful hiding there NR image

  • So, training plan for the half ironman in 11 weeks.

    Follow Finks plan from week 19 onwards but half the times he sets out. Plus i'll have a century ride & two open water Tri's to incorporate.

    Will this be enough? Dosent seem like enough to me as it will be less training than i do now.
  • SausageDog - fine point about the timing of this one. I've no problems with the cycling or running aspect and yet the swim would more than likely be too much of a step up so soon.

    Back to reality.
  • 10k road run done this morning, pretty undulating.  Did it in 57:07, which is 6min faster than the last 10k I posted on here image.

    I had fairly major surgery in December and the road back to fitness has been slower than I would have liked (no patience with myself).  I've never been a fast runner and pre-op I was 9 - 9:30min/m, but since the op I have failed to crack 10min/m.  
    So I am very chuffed with my wee self today!

  • Well done Nurse image
  • ou'll be overtrained SD!

    What is the aim? Stick to mile or hour long swims. Worst case with a mile swim practise is that you'll need to pull 300m out of the hat. An hour's OW could be 2.5?

    Sounds like you're good with the bike. What is your running like? Are you hoping to bang out a good HM at the end, or just finish?

    After 22 weeks of Fink my HIM wasn't as hard as I expected (though we did a 5k run instead of a swim).

    Nice one NR.

  • I will stick to my weekly 1600m OWS & a couple of hours a week in the pool. The more i can practise FC the better.

    Based on my mile open water swims so far & adding another 300m i'd do it in 58 minutes.

    Bikes not an issue, i did a 60 earlier on this year in 3hrs 40min.

    I'm a slow runner, my 5ks are around 25 mins, 10k i did was 58 minutes

    Just looking to finish the whole thing in under 8hrs 30min image

    I'm thinking

    1 hour swim

    3.5 hour bike

    2.5 hour Run

    Gives me an 1.5 hrs for transition & any fannying about.
  • 10.5 miles run done. I was going to go out on the bike but it's pissing down!
  • Doggie Dog,

    Remember you never have to have trained exactly a half (or full) to complete one. My first half was 8:32 in brutally hot conditions, not very wll trained on a killer course that wasnt even measured right. I did a 76 mile half. You'll crush it!

    Did a nice 60 mile ride yesterday with a brick run. Saving my long run until tomorrow as part of a local event.
  • Mmm, do i even need to change the way i train now other than add in some bricks.

    Think i might be over complicating things.

    Sounds like some good training been going on today. Well done. I have done non.
  • Nurse - great going girl, well done at 20 stone that's epic!!!

    Spoons - good running but rain stops play?!?

    HalfSausage - you'll be fine, look at the plan perhaps work back from where it requires the half iron race and then see what it looks like or is that what you did? If so then perhaps you're overtraining matey - and make sure you're on the right plan they do differ i.e competitive/intermediate/beginner - like everyone else I think you'll be fine with your base already
  • Gas, ah, didnt think of doing it up to the Half IM stage. I just did it 11 weeks back from the end & halved the times etc.

    Cheers for your thoughts guys, appreciated, i'm probably over thinking it. Big thing for me & i dont want to muck it up image
  • Gas - "great going beardy bloke

    SD - relaaaaaaaax.  You're fit and strong, and you'll be just fine. 

  • SD - to be honest, I have bought Fink (other training manuals are available image) but haven't really looked at it yet, but from what I have read, I think Cat is right - you're going to overtrain. I would do a quick interweb search thingy for HIM training schedule, then adapt it to your needs (bringing in Fink if you feel its right) and see what happens! I'm sure you'll be fine - although 1.5 hours for T1, T2 and faffing is a lot of faffing!!

  • Maybe we could change his name to IronFaff, I mean the 1.5hr faff sounds like an event on its own
  • Gas - I don't like cycling in the rain.

    I'm a bit pissed..... image
  • Me too spoons, looking fwd to eventually finding somewhere to land the turbo trainer but it's not allowed in house... So some re-jigging of shed/garage will be required
  • Put waterproofs on and get out it the rain you nancies.

    What happens when it's raining for the whole 17 hours on our first Ironman event

    Morning all, IronFaff, image dont think i used the word faff but calling myself IronFann.. may be inapropriate.

    1.5 hours is my time cushion if things go wrong, punctures, having to walk a bit more during the run etc etc.

    I have been fairly quick in transitions, all but one anyway, although i will do a full change into cycle then running gear for this event. I dont fancy 56 miles on the bike in my Tri-suit.

    Plans today? 30 min cycle this morning & 45 min run this afternoon for me
  • Morning all

    Rest day image

    I hate cycling in the rain because the road was wet when I had my tumble, so now it scares me image

    "What happens when it's raining for the whole 17 hours on our first Ironman event"
    What happens is - I'll cry. 

  • I like my turbo, SD.  It's the only chance I get to train some days, but it can get boring, even with a good film on (mine's allowed in the house!).

    Have just found  http://www.thesufferfest.com/ , which is yet more cash (tri is a money pit) but I like the idea.

  • Am a big fan of the turbo. Perfect opportunity to train within a set wattage without getting the spikes and troughs associated with the stochastic nature of being on the road (hills, wind etc etc).  
    5 /6 hours? No problem. Engage legs, turn off brain and away I go..... (such a ride a little while ago http://lamarmotte2012.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/extreme-turbo-action-5-hours-100-miles.html)

  • NR, guess its ideal if you have little ones to watch. I sold my Turbo to a club member who'd just had a baby. She finds it difficult to get out now. My Tri club to sufferfest sessions in the winter.

    Each to their own i guess. For me Its better to get out in the crap, deal with hills & wind. Prepares you for rubbish weather & hills on an event day. Could make for an even more miserable day if your not used to it.
  • IronDonkey (and I do mean this in the nicest possible way), you are mental image

  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

    "What happens when it's raining for the whole 17 hours on our first Ironman event"

    why do think I entered Lanzaimage

    Although saying that, the Etape Caledonia was great fun despite five hours of rain and cold!!

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