Fatman to Ironman



  • Farm boy, stop kicking. Concentrate on long slow strokes and gliding. You wont get out of breath. As that gets more natural and easy start slowly increasing the amount you use your legs.

    Not sure if thats great advice but worked for me image

    Spoons, home made Norfolk ice cream. Lovely, went down well after all the pizza. Now off to park run to burn some off image
  • Time has been a bit tight today, but I have managed to squeeze in 1hr15min on the bike.
    It was frrrrrrrrrrrreezing.

    Any recommendations for toasty thermal gloves?

  • What ever gloves you get .. buy a pair of silk liners to go underneath  image

    I think I have some Altura ones

  • Good effort Nursey

    Busy one for me today

    Took wife to work

    Did park run

    Took arleya to karate

    Picked wife up from work

    1 hr 10min bike ride

    Now cup of tea image
  • nice ride today64miles, cold though hope to get a run in tomorrow night after taking my eldest for her birthday treat. Roller skating eeeek wish me luck.
  • Good luck, nice ride
  • Good mileage for this time of the year Badger

    I hope for a short run when I get home tonight and then a swim tomorrow before work
    Its all rock n roll here image

  • Morning Melds, dont know how you live such a rocknroll lifestyle.

    Just been out for my run. 45 mins, few snowflakes coming down. Was quite nice running round the city before 9am. No people or cars image

    Now off for my first of 4  bike maintenance lessons, they emailed to say wrap up warm? Not liking the sound of that.




  • I know I know ... its a hard life but somone has to fly the flag

  • Watched last year's IMUK highlights again last night.  Not many goatees in triathlon, are there?  At least my family might be able to pick me out in the swim...

  • Did Fink swim #18 followed by 30 min run this afternoon.  Had even made a pot of soup beforehand so I wouldn't come home and raid the kids Christmas chocolate (yes, they still have some left because we are evil parents and we ration it!).
    I am feeling very pleased with my wee self image 

  • Well done Nursey ... did the swim fit the time allocated?

  • I did the swim in 50 mins

    How much of a space cadet does one have to be to lose count doing 100m reps? image 


  • Easy done .. one length is much like the next one in the pool !

    Get a lap counter, cheap n cheerful and gives you some stats to look at  image

  • 200 wu, 8x50, 5x100, 8x50 100cd?   Did you feel like you had worked hard on the 100's?

  • Erm, if I'm honest miss, not hard enough image.  That's a mile swim in total and I can swim a mile in the pool under 40 mins.

    I have a Sportcount because I'm so crap at counting, but forgot to take it with me today.

    Are you sure you know what you've let yourself in for.....................?

  • I had a quick look at Fink just to see what the sets were .. I need to study in more depth to see what the intensity is/should be but I would gues if its sets of 100 with 20 secs rest then you should be upping the pace a tad  image

    You have a sportscount so you dont have to remember to count and you forget to take it with you ??    image

  • image I know, I know

  • Do I need to write you a little check list ?  image

  • No, just keep your size 10s handy!

  • Well done Nursey

    1 hour coached swim session tonight. Used a kick board for the first time in over a year. Last time i used one i went backwards so managing to complete 100m with it was a surprise tonight.
  • Finished my swim set 4 min earlier than usual (progress!), so treated myself to a little blast in the steam room - bliss image

  • Nice work Brit, and well done on the forward movement SD!

    Planned outdoor cycle has been knocked on the head today, so I'll turbo instead.

  • Just got an e-mail from a friend in New Zealand recommending Holgs books.  The influence is spreading.................................

  • People in New Zealand can read?

    Blizzard conditions in Norwich at the minute. Should make tonights MTB /run brick interesting


  • He's Scottish


    And don't even start on that one image

  • My 24 week Outlaw plan starts next Monday, almost finished writing it image

    Been suffering terribly with a bad chest last week, so did no training after Wednesdays abandoned run session which still saw me run 7 miles, although the last mile ( uphill ) was almost 15 minutes image

    Anyways went out for a gentle plod at lunchtime, very icy underfoot in places so pleased with 3 miles at av pace of 8.25. Was supposed to be doing a half mara this Sunday but won't be fit enough. Will train instead.

    My first book at least ( no idea on 2nd one yet ) has sold really well in New Zealand and Australia, which still amazes me.

  • Holgs - started your second book. Had forgotten all about Zoe and 'Sunshine on a rainy day' - that was blast from the past - sitting in the Quad outside the Union bar in the first year of my undergrad! Happy Days!

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