Fatman to Ironman



  • Good training, well done Tim.

    What is it with clowns who turn up for a lane swimming session & twat about in the lanes. Winds me right up, lol, had some guy playing with his kid in a full 50m swim lane last night, throwing her up and down etc.

    But that seems to be perfectly acceptable with the hitler youth, power tripping lifeguards, look out though if you turn up with a pair of training fins though.

    Grrrrrrrrrrr, sorry rant over.
  • I've blogged a few thoughts about where I am with IM training ... http://www.runwalkcrawl.com/step-back/

  • Great training SD!

  • " I still eat crappy food. I do eat good food, and quite a lot of it. But there are cakes, and biscuits, and crisps with my name on them"

    Haha, we are peas in a pod mate, lol. I'm not cutting down on crap food though, ive quit smoking, not had a drink since new year. I need some pleasure image

    Have you tried mountain biking when the weather is really crud? You notice a big difference going back to a road bike after doing some decent MTB rides
  • Mountain biking is excellent for crap days  image

    I managed a swim today and then ignored the gym and turbo session, was a tad tired and still have a night shift to get through so feel a little better for it

    Still managed a sub 7 400m TT and the end of an hours swim tho image

  • Meldy, great swimming, 7 minutes is a great time!  

  • Swam yesterday (but not as fast as Meldy), short brick today - 45 min bike & 20 min run.

    Pay day tomorrow so I'm going to treat myself to a foam roller.  Although I'm thinking 'treat' may not be the case.

  • run done for me, just 3 miles, and have also been to the physio who is *very* pleased with progress on my foot image  still have to keep to short runs, but short run is better than no run in my book image

    kettlebells class later, and I'm moving up to heaver weights image so won't be able to move tomorrow, which fortunately is a rest day image

  • Good stuff, fraggle!

    Nice hour's run today through woods and along canal.  NEWT swim later.

  • You take it easy with those weights Frags!

    I am on a quick turnaround at work so very little sleep and back at a desk already ...
    Looking forwards to the Tri show on Friday, may need to keep the bank cards locked away!

  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

    Swam yesterday (but not as fast as Meldy), short brick today - 45 min bike & 20 min run.

    Pay day tomorrow so I'm going to treat myself to a foam roller.  Although I'm thinking 'treat' may not be the case.

    I hate my roller. Best thing I ever bought, though markedly the least exciting and it completely lacks any carbon image.

    Could do with it now for the ITB. Wine bottle it is then!

  • Good man - empty the bottle and you won't feel the ITB

  • Evening all, good training. Blinding swim Melds, thats over 3 minutes quicker than my 400m thing i did, lol.

    Foam roller is one of the best things ive bought. I use it daily on my calfs, hams, quads & IT band.

    Tried to do my back with it but nearly snapped my neck, so be careful with that one!
  • Just looked and next week is week 1 of my IMCH training plan image


    It goes like this

    MON AM - 40min SWIM include 1kTT
    MON PM - 1:45/0:20 BRICK
    TUE AM - 35min slow SWIM
    TUE Lunch - 40min trail RUN
    TUE PM - 2:00 BIKE(inc Sufferfest)
    WED PM - 50min BIKE followd by 3k easy SWIM
    THU AM - Insanity
    FRI PM - 1:00 easy RUN
    SAT AM - Insanity followed by 10min tabitta(sp?)  BIKE 

  • How long it the plan Will?

  • 21 weeks .... well its a 20 week plan with a down week when I'm on holiday at easter

  • I though it seemed quite intense for week 1, but as its a 20 week plan, have you followd 20 weeks before, how do they compare with the 30 week plans (fink)?

  • I don't like Fink ... I always do 20 weeks I normally average 10(ish) hours per week training for a few weeks prior to the plan, have a week or 2 off then start the plan.


    I base my plan on the ones on BeginnerTriathlete, but have to heavily modify it due to my lifestyle.

    My PB was Regensburg 2011 when i Managed to get (reasonably) close to what i planned

  • 2.5km swim this morning in 52 minutes with a 400m time trial at the end in 7:47.

    Need to beat Meldys sub 7......

  • Crack on Spoons, 6.38 to beat!!!
  • Sorry, that is my pb

    End of session pb was 6.50 which prob means I'm not trying hard enough on my pb attempts!
  • image you keep this speed work up Meldy.....it'll just give me a wheel to aim for on the outskirts of PdC! image

  • Talking of which, do you have an excuse for Saturday? Me & Barlos are cycling
  • Evening all.

    Big progress with the billateral breathing tonight. May not look pretty but i managed to do my last 20 lengths of tonights 84 doing billateral image

    Did some alternate stroke/breathing lengths as well

    2 stroke then 3 stroke then 4 stroke then 5 stroke. Then back to 2 again and so on.

    Well pleased with tonights progress.

    Did a 6 mile run as well, starting to feel quite fit (as i sit here munching skittles) image
  • Well done sossige . swimming that is, not eating skittles image

  • Thanks, find it hard to believe how far the old front crawl has come.

    Might have to finish my sessions with a 400m TT, see if i can catch you and spoons up. My best so far is 10:19 i think, so a way to go yet image
  • It can be done   image

  • I must get back in the pool at some point. Got carried away with duathlons and tapering. Next Monday perhaps...

    I reckon the key to overtaking Melday at IM is a speedy T1image

  • For this year's IM, I thought perhaps I was ready to jump to a more serious training program after using a modified "just finish" type program for the last 2 years.  So I decided to give the Fink Intermediate a go.  I've changed my mind.  I'm 25 weeks away from IM #3 and already feeling time crunched and a bit overwhelmed.  Maybe it evens out later but I can't handle being that far away from my big race and doing 2 hours of training on a Tuesday. 

    I've created a rudimentary Excel sheet with both the Just Finish and Intermediate programs side by side and will be using some combination of the two over the next 24 weeks.  I'm afraid that if I'm already feeling frazzled, I'll be absolutely cooked by the middle of the summer and will end up hating triathlon.

  • Must admit, following the Fink competitive plan i have had a few days when i've felt absolutely beat. Normally after the weekends. Mind you, ive had to incorporate extra running intomthe plan for London Marathon as well.

    I guess i will notice the benefit of pushing myself now when taper down pre events. Hopefully image
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