Fatman to Ironman



  • Hour's run in the mist this morning, lovely.  Juggling run and bike around this weekend cos of family stuff.

    Are you all members of BTF?

  • I used to be a meber .. but i dont realy race any more ... so no longer bother with membership

  • I'm a memeber of the Scottish Triathlon Federation! Mainly as I'm racing abroad this year, so the insurance comes in handy!

  • I'm a member - it reduces the entry fee for races and offers insurance (though never used it).  The cost isn't cheap so I suppose as WW says, it depends on how often you race.  I'm not a member of a running club so pay the extra unaffiliated fee for running races.



  • Well, swim didn't quite go to plan this morning. I am absolutely buggered after managing a whole hour of unbroken sleep last night as firstborn is ill.  However, I did manage 2375m in 1:05.
    Tomorrow's another day.

  • Rest day for me


    Just a trip to the physio .. for a bit work on my knee

  • I went ahead and registered for the 2 day, 3 race event in May.  Sprint on Saturday morning, Olympic later in the morning, and half iron on Sunday.  You only live once right?  $152 total for the 3 race bundle so can't beat the price.


  • IY, that looks fantastic!  

  • 3k swim today in about 1.09 - so nursey you win our virtual swim-off image   was a bit slow by my recent standards, but I'm still pleased


    IT - that looks plain silly image

  • IY that looks like fun

  • Good work IY. What a great weekend that will be.
  • Yanky that looks like a damn fine weekend if you ask me!


    Nice swimming ladies  image

    I went and did another run technique class which seems to be finally making sense and I can feel a change in my running, hopefully for the better !!

    5 hrs work to go and then off for a few days

  • although I shouldn't really be running, I have been doing short run/walks on the treadmill a couple of times a week, and concentrating on having a more mid/forefoot strike and it feels ok actually. I have only been doing a little so it isn't killing my calves eitherimage

    spinning class floowed by masters swim is lined up for this morning

  • Is one of those trendy pose/chi running things Melds ?

    Sinuses full of goo this morning image. Hoping its after effects of the long swim yesterday and not mr frag's manflu image

    Supposed to be long run and short ride today, am leaving it a while for my head to drain first...

  • morning all

    Snow, thats rubbish Nursey. it's been raining here all night so everywhere flooded. Made for an interesting park run. Cant wait to get out on the bike now. NOT. image


    However, knocked out a 21:59 park run this morning, another PB image RunningDog image

  • SausageDog wrote (see)
    However, knocked out a 21:59 park run this morning, another PB image RunningDog image

    Morning RD! Cracking effort! With IM training that will start to fall rapidly! Well done!

  • Fab running SD

    I have Audiofuelled with Chrissie for an hour.  Now have to mop the sweat off the floor. 

  • G'day all


    Just a wet and wintery 7mile run for me 

    Taking the dog to her physio session this afternoon

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I discovered today that if i remove my bike from the turbo trainer it can be used as a form of transportation. not sure it will catch on though.

    nice 48 miles, warmer and drier than was forcast and found a nice stretch of closed road where I could practice using the tri bars. too scared to use them at the moment when theres traffic about.

    oh, and at this mornings weigh in just 1 kg to go and I will no longer be a fatman.

  • Good work running dog image

  • Thanks.

    Just been for a grim 2hr 15min ride. Worst ride i've had in a long time. Taken me over an hour to stop shivering, cold & wet.

    Pleased i didnt bin the ride, despite thinking of it every 5 minutes.

    Honk, i was the same with my tri bars, you wont think anything of it after a couple of goes. If your way too wobbly though, just fit them a bit wider.

    Well done anyone who's making a training effort today, it's not nice.



  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Nice to know, sausagedog, I was much more confident after practice. Lot of potholes around though which I wouldn't want to hit on the bars.
  • its getting worse, temperature is 1.5-2C above normal-  damn mr frag and his germs - think it'll be a sleep for me rather than a run today image  (this is after sleeping for 10hours last night, should have known something was not quite right)

  • Now snowing in Norwich so i guess my ride could have been worse.
  • frfaggle - lots of rest and fluids, get well soon

    I have done a spinning class, masters swimming session and a 2 hour fast walk in the yucky weather

  • +1 to Mathschick there Fraggs ... dont fight it

    I am steeling myself for a long bike tomorrow although I am favouring a 3 out/2 in ratio of hours at the moment!

    Havent done anything day, just off nights and didnt sleep that well so had a lazy afternoon

    Should really be getting my ironing out of the way but I need surgically removing from the settee !!

  • I make a point of never sitting on the sofa until it is time to relax in the evening as I know I willl never get up again!

  • Unfortunately after nights is quite hard to get out of bed let alone off the sofa!!!

    I did have a nice wander up the village and I am watching th rugby so its almost active   image

  • Am not fighting it you'll be pleased to know. Wen ill I tend to sleep myself better, and am having trouble staying awake at the moment (Having had a power nap earlier!). If Ireland/France was more exciting I wouldn't be struggling so much....
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