Fatman to Ironman



  • 5.5hrs done

    My will to live is following me home at a slower pace

  • " I'm doing lots of neck exercises" good girl image

    Well done on the cycling. Done just over 3 hours today. Didnt intend to do but due to hurricane head winds i was slowed down somewhat.
  • My avg pace dropped by about .5 mph today, it wasnt about speed it was about getting out there and JFDI   image

  • I did Chrissie's 97 minute Audiofuel session.  Can't get that Kings of Leon song out of my head, but I don't think their lyrics were "Your legs are on fire".

  • PS Good pedalling guys

  • lol Nursey - that's one of my favourite 'versions' of that song imageimage


    30 mins run at a very pedestrian pace - feel well knackered now, and at the "I can;t watch" stage with the rugby image


    most impressive cycling Melds image

  • I too am on the settee with a cushion  image

  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)
    Tired Badger wrote (see)
    When will the lakes open? I know the OW location by me is open all year but when will it be warm enough for swimming without gloves, boots, anything other than the wettie?

    First swim last year (end Apr) was advertised as 12deg, but was waay colder than that. 1 750m lap and I couldn't open my hands. There were rumours of days in the summer when wetsuits weren't needed but I didn't see it!

    Tri2O opens 21 April me thinks. And i swam a couple of times last year when its was 22 degrees...very nice, but a dim memory at the moment!!

  • Just laughed a great deal at this


    I think they just put all the posts on here together ... image

  • Well played Wales

    Scotland match should be good to watch !!

  • How's my position Brit? This? Or this?

    Brilliant image

  • loved the "z4 - yes"  image

  • Just bought myself a TT, hoping it will give me more then long enough time to get used to it before the outlaw.

    Britrisky... too funny image
  • TB - we need photos image

  • Top spending Badger !!

  • it's only a planet x mondeo so i'm sure no pics are required image, but it will hopefully be a great improvement over my current bike, not sure how long till its built and i get it fitted.
  • Planet Xare good .... image

  • Rode about 30 miles today, followed by a nearly 3 mile run.  First real long training day of my Ironplan so far.  Crazy weather here.  It was 22C today but the weather guys just posted a winter weather advisory for the overnight hours.  

    Tim:  I picked up Fears Unnamed. It was rather a random pick.  It will be next on my list after I finish up the King book.  The used book store I was in had several of your books, all for the right price too, so I'll probably be back for more later.

  • i guess thats why there are so many of them (not that i would know being my first iron distance event)

    How long does it take on average to get used to the TT position. I've been practicing with clip on bars on my road bike but i'm only up to about 1hr on them.
  • All depends on your flexibility and if the bike has been correctly fitted to you, once it is fitted then it should be relatively comfortable (although I rarely use mine) it gives you a change of body position .. that said if its an out n out TT bike you dont have many options image

  • TB:  I used a run/walk strategy to ease into aero bars.  Rode say a mile in aero, a mile sitting up, etc.  My last iron distance event, I went 5 miles in aero, 1 mile sitting up (did my eating and such while sitting up) for the entire 112 miles.

  • Ended up just 2 hours on turbo today instead of going out, busy family day. What a cop-out!  90 minute run scheduled for first thing tomorrow in the heavy rain, can't wait!

    IY, hope you enjoy that one, collection of 4 of my novellas. 

  • another silly question, i hvave a speed and cadence sensor for my garmin, can i get another one for the TT bike and pair it with the same garmin? googled answer image
  • Tired Badger wrote (see)
    another silly question, i hvave a speed and cadence sensor for my garmin, can i get another one for the TT bike and pair it with the same garmin? googled answer image

    Yes. My 310XT can have 3 bikes. However if you PX TT Mondeo is the same as mine the cadence sensors can be a bugger to fit due to the sharkfin on the chainstay.

    I turbo'd on mine over winter 2011/2012 then got it on the road about this time last year. All my long rides and turbos were done on the TT. Only shitty wet weather rides were done on the road bike. I had a Retul fit for mine.

    Currently using road bike for long rides and TT for turbo and racing. I loves it!

    You should run better off the TT too.

    Nice training IY and DTT. Must dig out one of your books DTT.

  • thanks cat and all, i plan to use my road bike as a wet / winter bike and the TT for everything else. Getting a Retul fit done too, thought it would be worth the extra from what evryone says about bike fits being important, plus it was half price with the bike purchase.
  • Morning all,

    firstly apologies for having abandoned the forum. After recurrent injuries (ITB) which forced me to take 9 months off trainig, I became fat (14 st. - 5'7"= BMI30!), lazy and stopped training completely. 

    After brain washing myself and seeing my parents back off to Italy after the xmas holidays, I had my last drop of alcohol on January 13th 2013 at 18:00hrs. I decided to prepare for the Portishead sprint tri on June 30th, thus strictly following the just finish program of the be iron fit book (I thought by having a schedule I will stick to it and the just finish would start em slowly...) 

    I am now on week 6 of the schedule and currently training 6 days a week as follows:

    1. two one hours swim sessions per week (one hour is with coach): 16 F/C length=10 min

    2. two cycle home sessions (13miles=55 minutes)

    3. three runs per week with HR @ Z2. 30-45m avg. 8.5 min/mi (so much better training by HR)

    4. one cross fit/boot camp session per week (one hour)

    5. I am currently on 1200 calories per day and weight 12st

    6. I love it!

    I am now considering purchasing a tri compression suit and have had a look around for reviews etc. It appears that the 2xu and the TRI400 skins are the most popular. Price range are similar (£110-£130). I have been using the skins TRI400 shorts and found them very good. Does anybody have any experience on which one is better/worth?

    It is good to be back and thank you very much for taking the time to read my post.






  • Welcome back Plinsky  good training going on there image


    I am seriously regretting my "run" yesterday - chest is feeling tight and I feel knackered walking up the stairs, obviously I'm not as over my virus thingy as I thought I was image   was planning a gentle ride today, but have put it off for a day. Thankfully this week is a 'recovery week' on the plan, so I should be able to get back into it easily enough.


    *awaits telling off by Nursey and Melds*

  • Fraggle,

    Make sure you get well over your virus. You could make yourself very ill and risk getting pericarditis: you don't want that as it would stop you training for 6 weeks!

    Take care

  • Oh Fraggle, Fraggle, Fraggle...


     No more of that exercise nonsense for you until you're better, young lady.

  • I've just put a new post up on my Ironman Wales blog. If anyone would like to have a read it's http://chasethepotato.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/so-far-so-good-so-what/


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