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    Including RPM and the 'best punk album ever' to get me going 

    Short workout then as it's got to be a fairly short album  image

    You heathen!! image

  • The play list was …


    God Save The Queen – SEX PISTOLS

    Neat Neat Neat – THE DAMNED

    Gary Glimore’s eyes – THE ADVERTS

    Top of The pops – THE REZILLOS

    Dancing The Night Away – MOTORS

    Wat Do I Get? – THE BUZZCOCKS

    Jilted John – JILTED JOHN

    I Am The Fly – WIRE

    Mongoloid – DEVO


    Whit Punks on Dope – THE TUBES

    Blank Generation – RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDIOIDS

    Marquee Moon – TELEVISION

    Psycho Killer – TALKING HEADS

    Stop Your Sobbing – THE PRETENDERS

    Is She Really Going Out With Him – JOE JACKSON

    Anarchy In The UK – SEX PISTOLS

    Ever Fallen  In Love – THE BUZZCOCKS

    Teenage Kicks – THE UNDERTONES

    Into The Valley – THE SKIDS

    New Rose – THE DAMNED

    Making Plans for Nigel – XTX

    Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – IAN DURY

    Sheena is a Punk Rocker – THE RAMONES





  • No Britney or Beiber?????

    Although, I was putting a play list together the other day for a longrun and realised that most of the bands had at least one memeber who was now dead (from 'natural' causes not ODs)...... and I'd seen most of them play live! Sudden realisation I was getting old!! image

  • Will, some great choices there.  Anarchy ... one of the best songs ever.  And Dury was a genius, read a biog of him recently.  

    Though I never train to music, interesting to hear what everyone else does.  If I'm out running I love the silence & sounds of nature.   

  • Will, like the playlist although I am not sure I would class all of those bands as punk

    I never take music out running - it just annoys me and I like to be aware of what is going on around me, both to appreciate nature as well as the security aspect of knowing if someone is coming up behind me

  • Always run with music during training, but never in a race....that's just rude!! And recently I've stopped listening to music when I ride..... apparently that's dangerous or something image (but then I only wear helmet when its cold!)

  • I never listen to music whilst training outdoors, but usually listen to something when I'm stuck in the gym. My dissertation at university next year is actually about the effects of music on athletic performance, looking forward to researching the area and doing some tests!

    Will I find that listening to Bieber makes us all faster? 

  • When i was member of a gym maybe 8, 9 years ago I do recall the gents used to run and cycle faster when Can't Get You Outta My Head came on.

    Probably more to do with the video... 

  • Audio books are good for realy long runs when on your own image

  • Evening all.

    Not the best week for me. Had to sack the running due to injured calf. So, done extra cycling to make up the time.

    Now suddenly come down with a freaking cold yet again so had to bin tonights swim as feel like $hite. Was all going so well. Only 25 days till VLM. image
  • This is going to sound mighty strange but today was I think my first real swim workout ever.  Yes, that's after 3+ years of doing this.  Yes, that's after 2 Ironmans.  

    It was my 3rd or 4th session in a group swim training group and I recall a comment I made last week to the coach (who's also been working with me separately since before Christmas), "Why do we get so much rest time in-between 25s, for example? I don't need that much rest time."  She replies, "Then you aren't working hard enough on the given distance."  So today, after about 1200 yards of various things, she has us do 20x25, leaving on 30 seconds.  

    This was new to me, and I was told that we would start a 25 every 30 seconds.  I think to myself, "Hmm, I can do 25 yards in about 25-26 seconds normally so shouldn't be a problem."  Well, by about the 6th or 7th of the 25s, I was begging for a little rest.  I made all 20 but holy crap, I was wrecked.  Obviously, it's going to make me a better swimmer and I now know how to better push myself.  

  • Mathschick .. I thought exactly the same,ace soundtrack Will but not what I would call punk, love The Ramones  image

    Yanky that sounds like a damn good swim session!

    I swam today as well, just the hour and a mixtures of 400's on drills and pace and anything else I could think of!

    Off to Devon for the Easter break tomorrow but will look in when I can, planning on some nice bike rides hopefully !!

  • Well Punk / New wave

    Evening all ... A good day for me


    - 45min trail run at a steady 10m/m pace


    - 8k swim as 8 x 1000m .. Struggled with cramp the last 2k so they were a bit of the pace ... Also found I swim faster when there's another swimmer in my lane
  • You struggled with cramp when you did the 6k Will, time to relook at the plan ?

  • But this time it it started 2k later ... So that's progress ... Method in my madness
  • 8k swim you are some special type of crazy image
  • Method my arse Willum  



  • I may do a couple of 10k swims this year .plus I've too almost 2mins off my 1000m TT tis month
  • I'm obviously nowhere near as old as you lot. Never heard of anyone on the playlist. 

  • I have ear ache. Swimming related I'm guessing. Any suggestions?

  • Do your strokes with your arms, not your ears?

  • I'm like dumbo in the water....

  • Andy, look after yourself, a cold will give you enforced rest.  Hope you shake it soon.  Been to physio about the calf?

    IY, good swimming mate!  I'm loving the tri club swim sessions now, really looking forward to open water swimming in May (once we've hacked a hole in the ice).

    WW ... 8k.  Respect. 

  • Spoons ... Ear plugs

    Happy holidays everyone image
  • Hi everyone, I normally post on the mums running thread but in the last year have been lurking on the tri threads...........I'm looking for advice from you guys as have been offered a free place on the highland warrior tri at the end of May. It's held in Fort William and is a 1.2 mile sea swim ( 2 laps), 56 mile road bike & 13 mile run. The only ( large) problem is I have never done any OW swimming yet ( but it was this years plan!!) & my only two tri's I have completed is last September & last weekend, both 400 metre pool swims!

    In the past I have completed 3 marathons ( slowly) and in Jan. I did the strathpuffer24 as a solo rider.

    I just don't know if I would manage it or not, what do ya reckon??
  • Running free you will be fine best thing too do is get down too your local open water swimming venue and get practising... Sighting is very important! And build up to at least 2k in the pool as well as this will bring confidence! Best of luck!
  • Hi and welcom Runnin' Free


    It sounds like you have a good base, but what is your fitness level like at the moment?


    The first thong i wold say is have a look at a gouod miidle distancs paln, something like this one ..


    Its a 20 week plan and you only have 8 ... so look to se if you can adapt it to your needs , so you may need to do somethin like week 6,8,10 then 12 onwards sort of thing


    Then I would aim to get in som olpen water training in as soon as sencible ... probably going to be begining of may looking at the long range forcast





  • I know I can swim a mile in the pool, I have done it a couple of times since Christmas in about 42 mins.

    Fairly fit at the moment as did a 24 hr MTB event end of Jan. and was building up my cycling for a sportive end of May. Run a few times a week but mostly with the buggy or intervals on the treadmill.

    My aim was a full ironman maybe in a few years but maybe this will be the push I need. Just worried about swimming in the sea, what if I can't do it and panic, oh and the cold, dark, deep, freezing aspect slightly worries me!!!!

    Will have a look at that's plan later thanks WildWill. Thanks. Kids to sort out now.....
  • Hi runnin' free. "... the cold, dark, deep, freezing aspect slightly worries me!!!!" You can't possibly be any more scared than me, so if I can manage OW swimming, you can too! Get yourself along to a group session, where you'll be looked after, and you'll be fine.

    I was in the pool yesterday for the first time in a fortnight, and it showed! Doing a 90 min long, steady swim tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.  My knackered shoulder isn't very happy, so I'm torturing it with some tennis ball massage.

  • Just an intervals run and some stretching befor work for me today.


    Got my long drive home this afternoon

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