Fatman to Ironman



  • No .... Just Northern image
  • Here's my Week 13 write-up. Becoming quite an expert at falling off my bike.  Isca duathlon was great.  And other stuff. 

  • I'm straylian DF3 Queensland Gold Coast
  • Ay up maras ... More northern for you?

    Steady day training wise for me today ..


    - 1mile steady swim at 52 strokes per min


    - 2hrs spin ... Including Spinervals 16

    - 30mins core work
  • Nice one Will

    Core and a short run for me today

    Long swim and a turbo for the morro I think

    Glad things aer looking up today Fraggle ... take it nice n easy

  • Evening all

    I enjoyed my training today ...


    - 5mile run with main set of 4mile tempo, accelerating each mile


    - 2hrs spin including Sufferfest : The Hunted

    - 15mins stretching
  • Tough swim tonight, lots of leg and toe cramps -- that doesn't usually happen!  Finished the whole hour, though.  

  • Tim .. Cramp when swim mining is a nightmare

    A good day for me, with my first long run of the program. All my runs this year have been in the 3-6mile range tonite a did almost 13 image


    - 2k easy paced swim (non stop)


    - Just short of 13 mile run ... Negative split

    - 30min recovery spin
  • Nearly the same as you will

    8 x 400 swim and then a 10.5 mile run  image

  • Great minds Meldy ... What more can I say image
  • Evening folks, hope everyones well & training hard.

    Cutting my training right down over the next fortnight ready for VLM.

    30 min bike & 1 hour swim tonight, all breaststroke as forgot my goggles. At least i know if my goggles get kicked off at IM i'll still be able to swim at least a mile without them image
  • Afternoon all

    Good training folks.

    My training plans for this weekend have been scuppered by my back deciding to play silly buggers.  Happened as I was getting ready to go to the pool yesterday.  It was bearable, so I decided I'd still swim but drive the 12 miles to the pool rather than bike.  The swim was a disaster since my back didn't want to be straight, so my hips were way too low, and using the pool buoy hurt.
    So I'm resting until Monday (when the kids go back to school and normal service will resume image !), and doing lots of back exercises in the meantime.


  • Bliddy hell Nursey, are you and Fraggle taking it turns or what !!

    No training for me today, work followed by the dentist and a lie down in a darkened run

  • Evening all. Looking for a bit of advice or reassurance. I know this is the best place for me to come image

    Marathon in just over a week, as you no doubt know i have a calf pain/ache/tightness issue. It does feel a lot better today though.

    Over the past two weeks ive done a 3 hour run and a 2 hour run. Obviously prior to that i'd done all my shorter runs as well. Plus my cycling and swimming.

    So, started to taper more than planned as i want to give the calf as much rest as poss so its good for the 21st. I now only plan to do 2 hours bike on Saturday, maybe park run. 30 min bike next tuesday, maybe another one on Thursday. If my calf its completely better i will probably throw in a little 20 min run as well.

    I should be ok for the marathon, shouldnt i?
  • SD - if it is starting to feel better and you don't do anything to make it worse, it will probably be ok, Have you been for a sports massge? That might help sort it out



  • Using the foam roller really helps. Cant afford the luxury of massages at the minute
  • SD - too be honest you will be fine, most importantly stay on top of that injury maybe ice it, I would avoid doing any speed work (a park run would count as this!) just go out on a few leisurely runs, see how you are, walk when needed... Mainly you will be fine mate!
  • lots of stretching too

  • I'm sure you'll do it, Sossige - I was in a similar situation to you and still managed Blackpool without too many dramas last weekend - just remember to enjoy it

  • Lots of stretching & rollering and cycling gently would be my aim, nothing that is going to overload the calf ie: no heavy gears !!

  • Super, thanks all. I can always rely on this board to make me feel better image

    Think i have a few pre event nerves creeping in. Last event i did must be nearly 7 months ago now
  • SD, I'm sure you'll do fine, take it easy and enjoy the day.  You've definitely got the fitness, so don't worry about that.  

  • SD ... you'll ne OK ... just enjoy it image


    Yesterday was my comute day, so just a short day training wise ...


     - Swim ... drills set

     - Lumpy run ... just short of 5miles



  • My (geeky) training dashboard ... for those who are intrested In week 5 of my 20 week prog




  • Nice going WW.

    Swam this morning, a sluggish 19 minute 800m then a couple of 200s.  Ran for an hour this evening, did some muddy trails and canal.  Lovely.  Currently having a pint of banana bread beer.  That's one of my 5 a day, yeah?

  • SD, I've personally found it's better to be a bit undertrained than over.  

    I did my 10 miler last Saturday with a goal of 1:30 but finished in 1:30:19(!!).  Darn hills right in the middle.  At my current physical fitness level, I think I left everything on the course and it's still a PR.  

    I've also started using My Fitness Pal with a goal of being under 200 pounds for the first time since....I was 16 maybe?  I really have no clue.  If I can hit 199, I will be at minus 80. The good thing so far as that my normal diet isn't terrible out of whack so that's been a positive from using the app.  I just need to be more careful about the munchies.  I go get a drink, for example, and toss my hand in a bag of pretzels or whatever, without thinking about it, way too often.  This has me at least paying attention.

    On the family front, my wife also did the 10 miler, completing the local Triple Crown of Running (5k, 10k, 10 miler), and we're scheduled for a half marathon in a couple weeks.  I guess it's getting a bit more serious and maybe she has the bug as last night she asked me to get her some compression calf sleeves for the half.  She also asked me to join her for a bike ride which nearly had me fall off my chair.  It must have been a funny sight seeing me on my tri bike and her on a mountain bike riding 9 mph.

    Planning a 50ish mile ride in the morning then a tri on Sunday, the last of the winter/spring series races near us.  400 yards/16 miles/5K.  

    19 weeks until IMKY!

  • image Everyone else is very fit and active.
    This old croc is nipping out to the shop for crisps and dip, for an afternoon in front of the telly watching the Melrose 7s

  • First centuary ride completed today...now sofa and vino are calling!! image

  • Good effort IY. Well done to Mrs Yank as well.

    Feeling happier with the calf situation. Did park run this morning. Intended just plodding, but wound up doing it in 23 minutes. Calf was a bit tight to start off with but ok once i got going. Stiff again now though but not particularly painful.

    1 hour swim tomorrow & a 1-2 hour bike then thats going to be pretty much it. Will do an easy 30 min ride on Tuesday & Thursday.

    Sorted out my plan for the weekend as well so stress removed from that part.
  • Well done Raf image
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