Fatman to Ironman



  • yes well done Raf
  • 14 miles run .... in wind and rain 

    Longing for some sunshine  image

  • Well done Raf

    And good running MeldyMentor

  • Why thank you madam ... wasnt quite what I had planned but turned out ok as they say!

    Off for a day trip to Brighton tomorrow to hurl abuse at pirates

    Mrs Yank sounds like she is on a roll !!

  • You guys killed it today.  Centuries? 14-15 mile runs?  Too soon for that image

  • too soon?? Only 34 days, 9 hours and 57 minutes till I'm standing on the start line of IM Lanza..... not that I'm counting!!

    You not running tomorrow then M..eldy?

  • Nope .... I am on borrowed time with regards injury so I am more than happy with 14 today

    Popping down to support tomorrow

    Yank .... as the man says, 5 weeks andcounting  image

  • Top job Raf!  Working up to my first century ride.  

    Good training everyone!

    Ran 8 miles in heavy rain today, quite enjoyed it.  Looking forward to a bit of sun, though.  

    Hoping to bike in the morning, but weather forecast is, surprisingly, shat.

  • Ok, ok, I'll let you lot off then.  I'll be doing the same in 2014 when CDA is in June.

  • Glorious sunny 18 degree day in good old Norfolk. Pity i also pulled something in my hip at the allotment yesterday so not sure if i can go too far on the bike now, grrrr.

    Hoping a little swim will loosen things up.

    Think i'm just going to have to stay indoors wrapped in bubble wrap till next week to avoid any further injury.

    Tim, crack on mate. Someone said to me 'if it aint raining, it aint training'. Did think that was holox myself but there you go image
  • Wonderful work everyone.  I on the other hand have had a few weeks of easiness due to work trips overseas and other stuff that's taken me on an 8 hour round trip commute.


    Thankfully I still have 21 weeks until my half so there is still plenty time to loose the weight and get fit.


    In truth, my head is already thinking about 2014. Will it be Germany, Austria or Switzerland?  Oh the decisions!


    On a different note (and most probably on another thread) does anyone here have any mentor / mentee experience? Am interested in anyone's thoughts on the subject.


    Enjoy the warmth people image

  • You've made a good decision there SD. Your fitness will not increase in that time frame. It's also a good reminder to myself.

    I've been running this week, but the Achilles is still not right and after this weekend I'll swap the running for swimming. Though there is the small matter of a local 10km on the 6th May...

  • Donkey ... In answer to your question, yes, both! Every year image
  • Good morning to you all image

    Its the start of week 6 of my training plan and its the first week planned of what I consider real voume ... so i'll see how that turns out

  • Some idiot knocked me of my bike this morning (don't panic the bikes ok). Helmet came of on impact and I then banged head on the kerb.currently at hospital waiti g to be seen (and waiting and waiting ...)
  • (((Fraggle))) Hope you are OK

  • Fraggle, be well.  Did the idiot stop?  

  • The idiot was also on a bike, he pulled out onto the road in front of me without looking then went straight across the road into me. I shouted 'look out' but 'twas too late.  he did stop (briefly), said 'sorry I didn't hear you I'm off to the doctors' then b*ggered off image


    anyway, have been seen and sent home with a list of 'what to look out for if you're concussed'. My gp wants to see me back at the end of the day to make sure I'm ok, so i do at least feel well looked after by the NHS


    got a huge headache mind........

  • Oh Frag, how crap.  (((((((Fraggle))))))). You're not alone tonight, I hope? Recover quickly.

    Good news here - went for a swim today and not a single grumble from the back.  It's feeling good, apart from a bit of stiffness first thing in the morning.  Looks like the sportive this weekend is on after all.

  • Great news you're ok, Fraggle - heads and pavements are not a good combination
  • Nursey I have company so you need not worry. Bruising is going down remarkably quickly on my head now, but it's sitting down that's the difficult part despite all the natural padding I have image

  • fraggle - hope you are ok, that sounds nasty

    Nurse, glad your back is starting to feel better

  • honestly .... one  meeting with me and she's throwing herself at traffic !

  • image

    mr frag has given the bike the once-over and either the rear mech or rear mech hanger is damaged image  so more money down the Tri drain! image


    going away for a few days as my uncle is having his op tomorrow; was going to take my bike, but I guess it'll be cozzie and trainers instead now.

  • Evening all

    Wk 6 D 1 ...


    - 2k swim ... As 5 x 400m acceleration set


    - 3hr spin ... Spinervals 13: Tough Love

    - 20min core and stretch
  • Frags is in the wars again... I don't suppose you happened to see my wife & kids in A&E did you? Seems they were there today too.

    Heal well (again!)

  • Feeling distinctly at a low ebb today, maybe because I know it's going to be a poor training week (lots on with family and a weekend at a writing convention).  Could also be because I watched an hour of the Boston tragedy last night.

    Determined to get out for a run later.  Some mornings I just can't seem to get out of bed...

  • I'm with you Tim. Too much Boston coverage here. Watched a video of people looting race gear in the middle of the wounded last night that made me want to vomit. To top it off, I get to say goodbye to my uncle today, the only father I've ever really had.

    Fraggle, concussions are no joke. Make sure you take it easy and also get a new helmet.
  • (((Yank))),  a tough day for you.


    My turbo wheel appears to have a slow puncture, so that's some tube changing practise lined up.

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